first_imgSatiricus was in awe at nature’s fury. He looked at the pictures of the Atlantic waves hitting the sea wall and careening 30 feet into the air and fell mute. As he ambled over to the Back Street Bar, he just couldn’t shake the image from his mind.“Imagine if that wave fell on my head!” Satiricus exclaimed as he sat down and accepted a beer from the waitress.“Me know yuh a think ‘bout dem wave pan de sea wall!” grinned Bungi. “Da jus’ Gaad a play Phagwah wid dem Wes’ Coas’ people!!”“Well if Gaad bin a play Phagwah, look like he prappa vex!” observed Cappo, who hadn’t quite gotten the abeer out from his hands and face.“Yep!” said Hari. “He’s saying ‘If you want water, tek water!!”“Talkin’ about ‘vex”, a wha’ mek Rum Jhaat suh vex de adda day?” Bungi asked Satiricus, who was polishing off his beer.“You mean when he told those reporters, ‘Hall yuh ass’?” asked Satiricus with a smile.“Yeah,” answered Bungi as the other fellas looked on with interest.“Budday! I told you fellas before,” said Satiricus. “The man isn’t angry when he uses that term!”“C’mon Sato,” said Hari. “You know he was teed off at those reporters asking him an inconvenient question.”“Naah!” said Satiricus, who was in a good mood after the Holi festivities. “Rum Jhaat is a highly trained lawyer and that is a Latin term.”“Na mek joke wid abee,” said Cappo scoffingly. “De man cuss dem reporta!”“Yeah,” affirmed Bungi. “’E cyaan tek crank up!”“OK, Sato,” said Hari resignedly. “What did Rum Jhaat say in Latin?”“Well, the word “ass” is an abbreviation of the Latin word, “asser”, pontificated Satiricus. “Meaning ‘bar”!”“Suh Rum Jhaat tell dem reporta fuh “hall dem bar”?” asked Cappo incredulously.“That’s right!” announced Satiricus. “Rum Jhaat was going to his car and they were “barring” his way!”“What about this Latin, Sato?” laughed Hari. “You and Rum Jhaat full a Sh*t!!”They all drank to that.last_img

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