first_imgOn the first tee and playing right on schedule, our groups were around the course unimpeded as other than a couple other 4-balls, the course was empty.  Millionaire’s golf as some will say!  However it should be noted that our final group must have been enthralled with the excellent condition of the course and the great weather as they somehow lost four holes to the group in front.  Guess with no one pushing from behind on an empty course it is easy to doddle along.  Needless to say they were put on notice that this was not to happen again.  Enjoy the day but please, move along and keep up with the group in front.Back in Pattaya and all tucked into food and drink of choice, the results were tabulated and announced.  With two flights today the winners were Dick Warberg with 36 points in “A” flight and Reg Cochrane on 34 points in “B” flight on a tight count back over Nigel Perry.  Well played guys.  We then bid adieu to Reg who was returning to Perth in a day or two and thanked Khun Lek and the BJHL staff for their fine service.A Flight (0–19)1st Dick Warberg (19) 36pts2nd Mark West (14) 35pts3rd Landis Brooks (9) 33ptsB Flight (20+)1st Reg Cochrane (27) 34pts2nd Nigel Perry (26) 34pts3rd Kurt Ebentheuer (35) 33ptsNear Pins: Nigel Perry, Doug Maiko (2), Reg CochraneNote: The Tropical Golf Group generally plays every Tuesday and Friday, meeting at the BJ Holiday Lodge, Beach Rd, Soi 3, for breakfast and transport arrangements.  Please stop by and check the bulletin board for particulars. PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf GroupWednesday, Jan. 7, Treasure Hill – StablefordWednesday?  What?  We golf on Tuesdays and Fridays, right?  Sometimes we just must do things a bit different.  With the PSC Club Championship set for Tuesday and Friday, we decided to provide a scheduled day of golf for those not competing in the PSC event.  So, 21 hardy and hopeful souls gathered at BJ’s Holiday Lodge for a bite of breakfast and transport arrangements before setting off up the 331 for Treasure Hill. We were up that way the week before during the holiday period and the road was basically empty.  Not so this day, what with all the industries and schools back in full swing.  However, all made the trip in about an hour and check-in went smoothly as the course management allowed a reduced green fee rate for the day.  Very much appreciated indeed!Reg Cochrane (left) and Dick Warberg (right) with Lek.last_img

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