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Letter J is Making West Chelsea Style Officially A Thing

first_img How to Make Loco Moco, a Hawaiian Staple Dish West Skincare Is the Best New Grooming Product Line for Active Guys Best known for its art galleries, nightclubs, luxury condos and High Line elevated park, West Chelsea has long been regarded as one of Manhattan’s under-the-radar, albeit best-dressed neighborhoods. Open since March, Letter J, located at 557 West 23rd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, looks poised to make the stylish status of the neighborhood official.Designed by TZA Architects, the firm behind Baccarat and J. Mendel stores, the brick-and-mortar store brims with modernity, with a polygonal centerpiece, glass display for accessories and denim wall in the back. There’s a lot for the eye to take in, not just because of its fresh mix of casual and edgier contemporary American, Italian and Japanese designer brands, but also because of the way brands are displayed so you can easily scan, feel and compare product.Yet however eclectic the assortment may be, Letter J feels refreshingly unpretentious and of the moment. Founder Jason Somerfeld, a retail veteran, explains he wanted to create a store “with the vision of a relaxed guy who appreciates unique novelty dressing that’s chic.”Six months later, Letter J seems to be hitting the customer on the nail, attracting not only gallery crowds but newer residents to the neighborhood and tourists rambling around the High Line—at all hours of the day.The store has also become something of a destination, by filling the void left by Barneys New York after that retailer vacated its 17th Street premises several years ago. Promising exciting new deliveries each month, Somerfeld clarifies that there’s a “buy now, wear now” point of view to the store, which has its official grand opening this September. To wit, on a warm, typically muggy August day in the city, this editor was grateful to still be able to find summerweight printed tees and loungy shorts and browse a surprisingly chic assortment of brands such as Etro, Band of Outsiders and Lucien Pellat-Finet. (Note to style hounds: Letter J will be the only place in town carrying Z Zegna this season.) As Somerfeld puts it, “We believe in accessibility.”Brands: Etro, Band of Outsiders, Stone Island, Z Zegna, Ghurka, Lucien Pellat-Finet, Freedom Artists, Aviator Nation, Hartford, Orlebar Brown, YMC, Herschel Supply, amongst countless others.  Editors’ Recommendations 8 of the Coolest Indie Bookstores in the United States How 2 Brooklynites are Reviving an Iconic Midwestern Supper Club 12 Reasons South Dakota Deserves Your Attention last_img read more

Dubai Microguide

first_imgThis Middle Eastern wonder of a city may a bit daunting to navigate, but once you’re there you’ll find that there are several fascinating places to see.STAYVIDA Downtown DubaiDecorated with contemporary Arabesque design throughout this intimate boutique hotel, and situated within minutes of the Burj Khalifa, the Vida Downtown is a tranquil and luxurious place to stay in Dubai, and it also has one of the best restaurants in town.Mohammed Bin Rashid BoulevardThe Old Town, Downtown DubaiDubai+971 4 428 6888EATFlookaFor fresh fish and mediterranean mezze, as well as stunning views of the Persian Gulf, head to Flooka, where you can try dishes like kibbet samak nayeh, fish and cracked wheat shells filled with seasoned minced fish and onion, deep fried as well as a seafood biryani.Dubai Marine Beach Resort and SpaJumeirah RoadJumeira 1Dubai+971 2 441 8244SEEAlserkal AvenueFor a taste of both local and international culture, pay a visit to Alserkal Avenue, where you’ll find the region’s first black-box theater, a number of galleries, a concept shop, a cool café, design shops and more. Numerous events also take place here throughout the year.Street 8Al Quoz 1DubaiDOBurj KhalifaHow could you visit Dubai and not see the world’s tallest building? Grab a ticket and take the express elevator up 125 floors and find expansive 360-degree views of the entire region.1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid BlvdDubai Learn Guitar (and Don’t Give Up) With the Fender Play App 1. The Burj Khalifa 2. The Vida Downtown Dubai 3. Alserkal Avenue 4. Flooka Sip On the Original Stormtrooper Beer While You Wait for the Next Star Wars Movie America’s Oldest City Has a Super-Modern Dining and Drinking Scene center_img Editors’ Recommendations This Black Boathouse Is a Luxurious Retreat on a Small Island in Norway The Best Campgrounds Near Major U.S. Citieslast_img read more

8 Bad Fashion Trends That 2016 Can Keep

first_img 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Editors’ Recommendations All 21 Six Flags Parks in the U.S., Ranked In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. What we’re trying to say is – 2016, you’re out.Some trends from 2016 will continue into this year, but others were one hit wonders that 2016 can keep.We saw oversized fits grow in popularity, distressed denim jeans and jackets, and the return of the classic turtleneck sweater. We were all pleased by 2016’s best, but we were also repulsed by some of 2016’s worst.We can’t wait to see what is in store this year for fashion, but before we do, lets look back on some trends that 2016 would like to forget.Adidas Yeezy SPLY – 350Whether you like him or dis him as a rapper, Kanye West has proven himself as a creative with his Adidas Yeezy fashion line. These sneakers, however, missed the mark. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 was released in September of 2016 and sold quite well, but how? We’re not going to sugar coat it – These are an eye sore.Biker JeansBiker jeans were a big hit midway through 2016. They quickly faded, however, once everyone caught wind of the trend.  It’s just like when your favorite underground band goes viral and now everyone is listening to them. They just aren’t as cool as they used to be. That’s kind of what led to the demise of the biker jean craze. Real-life bikers called. They would like their jeans back.Obscene PrintsWe all love our graphic tees. After all, prints are in – Like this one. But, some designers have gone a little overboard with the trend. For example, Scott Disick (pictured above) is wearing a Middle Finger Kimoji Sweatshirt designed by none other than Kim Kardashian herself. Lord Disick shows flashes of being a style icon, but he’s taking two steps back for this cringe-worthy print. You can do better, Lord.Overpriced Gildan Tour MerchandiseKanye’s “Life of Pablo” tour may have come to a shocking end last year, but not before it made a big impression in the fashion industry. People flocked to his concerts not only to experience one of Pablo’s thrilling shows, but to get their hands on one of his tour t-shirts. The very same t-shirts that are made by Gildan. These basic tees normally sell for $4, but slap a tour logo on the chest and back and you have yourself a $50 Gildan t-shirt. Some even sell for over $100 on eBay because of the high demand. These tees are cool, but are they $100 cool? Maybe in 2016, but not in 2017.Souvenir JacketsThese satin, Japanese-inspired jackets made a lasting mark in fashion in 2016 – not a good one, at that. The satin look and material cheapened the jacket’s appearance and the prints looked like they were straight out of a Pokémon cartoon. There was no middle ground with the souvenir jacket. You either loved it or you hated it. It was popular on the runway, but that wasn’t enough to make it one of 2016’s best.BandanasBandanas made a brief run, and thank God it was brief. It was a bold and creative look for 2016, but it was an accessory that failed to make sense to most men. Why wear a bandana when you could just not wear anything around your neck at all? If you think about it, they kind of make you look like one of the Italian gondola rowers.Wide-Leg PantsThere’s nothing better than a well-tailored suit, but don’t tell that to those in the fashion industry. They wanted to make 2016 the year of the wide-legged pant, otherwise known as the super duper relaxed fit. Thankfully, they failed. The only pro to these pants we can think of? They are perfect for skydiving! Who needs a parachute when you’re wearing parachute pants? Lets just forget these ever happened.The Term: Dad HatThe actual hats are cool. We still love the classic snapbacks and flat brims, but the curved-bill, dad hat made a lasting impression in 2016. The problem – Why are they called dad hats? Who deemed them as dad hats? Since when were dads cool? So many questions and very little answers on the term “dad hat”. Urban Dictionary defines it as a hat that your dad wears at a barbeque even though he doesn’t know how to barbeque. Thanks for clearing that up, Urban Dictionary.Featured Image Courtesy of Upscale Hype The Absolute Best Rye Whiskey Brands for Under $50 The Best Black Jeans to Have You Stepping Out in Style Madewell Men’s Fall Collection Has All Your New Favoriteslast_img read more

Survival Medical: Cleverly Curated First Aid Kits for Any Situation

first_img How to Treat a Snake Bite When You’re Stuck in a Worst-Case Scenario Editors’ Recommendations Those of us who find ourselves in sudden need of first aid are seldom pleased by the occasion. Oh, sure, slicing open a finger, twisting an ankle, burning a forearm, or being repeatedly stung by wasps sounds like fun, but anyone who has suffered these and other common types of injuries knows it’s actually no picnic. Especially when you suffer said injury while on a twelve hour hike from the nearest road, let alone the provider of any medical assistance. If you do suffer an injury, ranging from the minor to the major, your experience will be a bit less wretched if you planned ahead and brought along a first aid kit from Survival Medical LLC. What you can expect from Survival Medical is, in short, good stuff for bad times.Now listen here: When you’re at a restaurant or mall or movie or whatnot, you can safely assume the establishment has medical supplies on hand (if they like being in compliance with OSHA regulations, at any rate), and it’s probably safe to assume your place of employment has emergency gear ready (never hurts to check), but as for your own home, your vehicle, or your person when you’re out hiking, camping, or back country skiing, it’s your job to prepare for the medical emergencies you might face. Fortunately that job is made pleasantly simply thanks to the curation efforts of Survival Medical. Examples? Sure thing.Say you’re a serious boater; you and the gang spend countless hours each summer out on the water catching fish, sipping drinks, towing tubes, and, oh, let’s say searching for sunken rum runners. If you want to be ready for the many maladies might come with life near the water, you’ll want the Survival Medical Coastal Kit tucked into boat’s hold or stashed near the dock. This 100% waterproof kit was assembled “for the coastal cruiser, serious boater, fishing guide, [or] savvy sailor.” It has all the standard wipes and bandages, tapes and antiseptics that you’d expect, along with multiple waterproof wound dressings, sunscreen, a water filter, and other clever components that might just come in handy (if not life saving) aboard a boat.The outdoorsman, on the other hand, should give some thought to their, well, their Outdoorsman Kits. These are first aid kits carefully designed to suit various types of back-country activity, with weight being the decisive factor behind content curation. The Horse & Rider Kit, for example, is bulkier than the Backcountry Ultralight Kit, the former being designed for a saddlebag, the latter intended to be carried in a hiker’s multi-day pack.If you’re securing first aid gear for your home, my advice is to spend the money and do it right the first time, then you can rest assured that you and your family (or roommates or butler) will be ready for almost any emergency that arises. And I mean anything… seriously. When you get a Survival Medical Bravo Bucket, for example, you can deal with burns, infections, cuts, and oh so much more. Without even worrying about the individual components found in each of the kits inside the larger bucket, just take a look at the names of each of the Bravo Bucket’s included packages:Bleeder Kit LiteBurn Kit LiteGerm KitInjury Kit LiteTool Kit LiteWound Kit LiteThe careful design behind each kit makes it easy for you to respond to each particular type of horrific accident with aplomb. Friend has a savage wound that’s gushing blood? Grab the Bleeder Kit and make good use of those pressure dressings, stretch gauze, and tourniquets! Someone needs a bit of minor field surgery? Good thing the Tool Kit Lite has two kinds of forceps, medical shears, and gloves. The Germ Kit’s biohazard waste bags, N95 respirator mask, and other components will help during a viral and/or zombie outbreak. And so forth,Yeah, a lot of that sounds pretty serious, and you likely won’t ever need CPR shields or a burn sheet. No one wants to need this stuff, but when you do need stuff like this, Survival Medical is the company you want in your corner. Which is to say in your glovebox, on the garage shelf, or in the office break room.“But wait,” you might shriek, “I already have a first aid kit in my car/backpack/bunker!” Good for you, you should. But when was the last time you checked on the viability of any of its components? It’s probably safe to assume that gauze bandage is going to as useful in ten years as it was on the day you bought it, but the alcohol wipes and burn gel in that there first aid kit of yours? Why, they likely dried out ages ago. Most first aid kits are designed with a limited shelf life; they need to be replenished or replaced regardless of whether you have used up their components. The folks at Survival Medical know that’s a hassle, and more to the point, they know most of us won’t do it. Thus their kits are not only intuitively designed, but are designed to last.These medical kits are sealed in airtight, durable packaging “engineered for long term viability.” So while you’ll pay more than $40 for, say, the On the Move Kit Lite or the Backcountry Kit XL — and yes, that is more than some ostensibly similar Johnson & Johnson kit costs — you can rest assured that your Survival Medical first aid kit will be ready when you slice, burn, bruise, or break yourself next week, next year, or sometime farther down the trail. If You Haven’t Visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, What Are You Waiting For? How to Identify, Treat, and Survive a Spider Bite An Introduction to the Fine Sport of Bouldering How to Clean a Fish: A Quick Reference Guide last_img read more

Mexico Just Created an Illinois-Sized Marine Park Off the Baja Peninsula

first_img 12 Reasons South Dakota Deserves Your Attention Photo by Randall RuizBaja California is Mexico’s most beautiful coastal destination. It’s home to the country’s most charming resort town. The Sea of Cortez off the peninsula’s eastern shore is the most biodiverse marine habitat on the planet, making it a top choice for divers (and safari-goers). Now, Mexico is giving us all one more reason to visit by creating the largest ocean reserve in North America.Less than 250 miles southeast of the tip of Baja California lies the Revillagigedo Archipelago. This tiny chain consists of just four uninhabited volcanic islands, but is surrounded by some of the most pristine ocean waters in the northern hemisphere. The islands themselves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the waters in which they lie are the foundation of an ecosystem that includes hundreds of unique plants and animals. As a home for more than 350 species of fish, dozens of shark species (including the whale shark, the world’s largest), dolphins, rays (including the manta ray, another of the world’s largest), humpback whales, sea turtles, lizards, and seabirds, it’s a bucket-list-worthy destinations — an “ocean superhighway” that’s so species-rich, it’s often referred to as the “Galapagos of North America.”President Enrique Peña Nieto proved that he’s seeking to keep it that way. On November 24, the Mexican leader carved out a massive swath of 57,143 square miles — roughly the size of Illinois — that includes the islands as North America’s newest and largest marine reserve. The area has long been popular with fishing fleets attracted to the waters which serve as a breeding ground for some of the most commercially profitable species like sierra and tuna. Now, all commercial fishing will be prohibited within the park’s borders.President Nieto has affirmed that his government is taking the park’s protection and its future success seriously. They’re tasking the Environment Ministry and Navy with carrying out ongoing surveillance and training activities within the reserve. They will monitor the waters in real-time to help map out and understand commercial fishing within the park, educate local fishermen, and sanction any offenders.The park’s creation is a vital step toward helping local fish populations recover from commercial overfishing. It joins the ranks of similar reserve projects in the United Kingdom, Palau, and Chile. It’s already been widely praised by many, including the World Wildlife Fund. Get to the Choppa! For $15,000, You Can Play Navy SEAL For a Day in Hawaii How to Identify, Treat, and Survive a Spider Bite The Quietest and Loneliest Roads in America Editors’ Recommendations Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms last_img read more

You’ll Be Barking All Summer Long for Booze Dogs

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Booze DogsWhen you think of the words “booze dogs,” one thing probably comes to mind: Saint Bernards. You’re not wrong to think of those Alpine heroes, but there’s a new association you can make when you hear that phrase — and we think you’re going to like it.Booze Dogs, a relatively new company based in Greenville, North Carolina (and winner of a 2018 FedEx Small Business Grant), makes liquor-infused bratwursts. They’re available now and they’re perfect for any summertime activities you might be engaging in.Booze Dogs/FacebookThe company is run under the guise of Mr. Hughes, a dapper AF boxer who just wants the world to enjoy good smoked meats (who also happens to be the pet of real Booze Dogs owner Joe McGowen).Booze Dogs come in three different flavors: Jolly Rover Rum, Prime Ginister, and Bourbon Bluetick.  All Booze Dog brats are made with pork and smoked in small batches after being marinated in actual spirits. They are pre-cooked, which means all you need to do is thaw’ em out and pop’ em on the grill (or however you’re cooking them).Booze DogsFrom the outset, you can tell these dogs have booze in them. The nose upon opening the packages isn’t overwhelming, but it is there. This carries through cooking and, of course, eating them. Never is the taste overpowering — with fake flavors, or when food has been soaked too long in alcohol, you run the risk of that being the dominant seasoning. Instead, the boozy taste blends with that of the smoked pork for a pleasant experience from one end of the brat to the other.Of the three flavors, our favorite was, by far, the bourbon. With a nice smoky body, these dogs were great with just a swizzle of spicy brown mustard on a lightly toasted bun. The rum came in next, thanks to a hint of sweetness and molasses that was accentuated by some baked beans. The gin, we admit, we were hesitant about (who thinks to pair pork with gin, after all?), but were pleasantly surprised with the lemony notes and some herbal flavors that played off the smoked pork. We served the Prime Ginister dogs sliced in a pineapple fried rice. No matter what flavor you get, you’ll be in for a treat.For the philanthropic folks out there, a portion of all sales is donated to Best Friends Animal Society for the well-being of Mr. Hughes’ (and man’s) best friends.You can buy Booze Dogs online here. 4 Punch Recipes that Won’t Give You Frat-Party Flashbacks The Manual Spirit Awards 2019: The Best Craft Liquor Made in America 7 of the Best Drink References in Music Atomik Vodka Is a New Spirit Distilled From Chernobyl-Grown Rye The Lazy Man’s Guide on How to Make Hard Apple Cider last_img read more

What Are Hops? A Deep Dive Into the Beer Essential with Jim Koch of Sam Adams

first_img The Best Fresh Hop Beers to Celebrate the Hop Harvest Mezcal Unión Takes a People-First Approach to Making Spirits Editors’ Recommendations Hops and Terroir: Why the Beer World is Embracing the Wine Term 5 Most Expensive Coffees in the World Why Fresh Hops Are Essentially the Magic Sauce of Craft Beer Without hops, there is no beer (there would be gruit, but not beer). In fact, according to the 1516 Bavarian Purity Law known as the Reinheitsgebot, beer is and can only be made of three ingredients: water, barley, and hops. (Brewers at the time did not understand the role yeast plays in the fermenting process; the rule as issued more than 500 years ago by Duke Wilhelm IV was later amended to allow yeast and wheat. It stands to this day, albeit in a largely ceremonial role.) Hops give beer its delightful bitter, often floral, piney, or citrusy flavor that balances the malty sweetness of the grain. Hops also serve as a preservative, keeping beer fresher and safer to drink for a longer period of time. (India Pale Ales, for example, are so called as they were brewed and then sent along from Britain on the long passage to India. Their high hop profile is today a matter of preference, but was in the Age of Empire a matter of preservation.)A crowd gathers at the hop market in Nuremberg in the early 1900s. Deutsches HopfenmuseumBut what are hops, anyway?If you really want to know, there’s no better place to go than to the Hallertau region of Bavaria. It is the single largest hop-growing region of Germany and is home to some of the oldest and most celebrated hop varieties on the planet. In the Hallertau, head to the town of Wolnzach, home to the German Hop Museum, a one-of-a-kind attraction devoted entirely to hops. There, you can learn about the long history of this beloved plant, its many varieties, how it was harvested, traded, and processed in the past and how brewers use hops today.No time for a trip to Bavaria? Then here are some quick facts for you.What Are Hops?The hop plant (the plural, “hops,” refers to the cone-shaped flower) is a vine-like plant from the hemp family (yes, there’s a relation to cannabis) that is known to have been grown and harvested by humans since the 700s BCE, though their use may well predate the 8th century. And where were the first known hops grown? You guessed it: the Hallertau.Dirk SpathThe traditional hop growing season spans from the late spring to the early fall. During the growing season, some varieties of the fast-growing hop bine (hop plants are not technically vines and are properly called bines, FYI) can climb as much as six inches in a single day. All hop plants grow by curling upward in a clockwise pattern. Modern hop farmers use massive trellis systems linking thick wires down to the planted rows of hops, while in the past growers encouraged the bines to grow up and around trees. While the length of bine that grows above the earth is harvested almost down to the ground each season, an individual hop plant has an average lifespan of over two decades, though some plants have survived for more than a century.An individual hop plant has an average lifespan of over two decades, though some plants have survived for more than a century.When broken down during the brewing process, the yellow-colored lupulin powder found within the hop cones impart a bitter flavor and preservative quality to the beer. Depending on which hops a brewer chooses, hops impart flavors ranging from citrus fruit to pepper and spice to pine and give beers aromas ranging from floral to grassy to earthy to lemon and beyond. Brewers have created many new hop varieties in recent decades (it takes about twenty years to develop a distinctly new variety), much of which activity has taken place in the United States, in particular on the West Coast.And while many of the newer hop species are bold and exciting, such as the very recent Lemondrop strain or the modern classic Casdade hops, there is much to be said for the legacy varieties grown in the Old World.Hops, much like wine grapes, are deeply influenced by their growing conditions; the same plant raised in two different regions will not produce the same flavor and aroma profiles. Thus when brewer Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company, better known as Sam Adams, set out to brew a lager based on an old family recipe, he knew he couldn’t use just any hops available. A sixth-generation brewer, Jim was committed to getting it right, so he had to get his hands on Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops.Sam Adams and HopsThe year was 1984, and the legend in the making was Samuel Adams Boston Lager, the beer that still defines the craft brewery that has played a pivotal role in the return of great American brewing. Year after year since then, Jim Koch has traveled to the Hallertau along with his lead brewers to hand-pick the hops that will be used in Sam Adams beers the next year. By carefully selecting from among dozens of batches of Bavarian hops, the Boston Beer Company brewers ensure a consistent flavor and aroma profile in their beers each and every year.Owner and lead farmer of the Stanglmair hops farm, Stefan Stanglmair. Dirk SpathOne major reason they can always achieve that consistency? The Stanglmair family. The Stanglmairs have been farming hops on the same land since 1722, though in fact their heritage as hop farmers dates back more than 500 years, albeit with a few changes of surname through the centuries. Today, Stefan Stanglmair is in charge of daily operations at the farm. He is an ebullient man in his mid-40s with a barrel chest, a ready smile, and, more often than not, a beer in one hand. Herr and Frau Stanglmair, Stefan’s parents, are still alive and well, but it is Stefan who will proudly show off the farm’s operations to a visitor. These operations include, of course, the growing of hops on many acres of rolling farmland, the annual September harvest, the drying of the hops, and then their packaging into dense plastic-wrapped bales.The Stanglmairs have been farming hops on the same land since 1722.For many years now, almost the entirety of the annual Stanglmair hop harvest goes to Sam Adams. In the 1990s, Jim Koch came to realize that while on their annual hop selection tour, his brewery without fail selected Stanglmair farm hops (they also source hops from many other farms, for the record). He decided to forge a direct relationship rather than working only through a hop broker, and thus the deal to essentially buy out the entire Stanglmair harvest was struck, ensuring beer drinkers worldwide would always taste and smell the same hop profile in their Boston Lager (and numerous other beers now, of course).How to Select HopsThe hop selection process is laughably hands on. It starts with a few ounces of a given hop varietal spread out on a sheet of royal blue paper produced expressly for the purpose of hop inspection; the deep blue-purple shade makes the bright green hop cones stand out starkly, enhancing the first part of the process, a visual inspection. During this stage, you look for flaky cones that fall apart too easily, windburn or sun damage, and, of course, “aphid shit … you don’t want to see aphid shit,” Jim Koch advises. Too much of it, and you can be assured of insect damage to the cones.Founder of Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch, explains the subtle variations he looks for when sourcing hops for Boston Beer Company beers.Then comes the heart of the matter — the real test of the hops. It essentially consists of grabbing a handful of hop cones, grinding them down between your palms, and then shoving your face down into the flaky, oily mess you’ve made and breathing in the aroma and essence of the hops. Jim described the end of one long hop selection session in which his hands were actually bleeding and his clothes permanently stained with the oily lupulin released from countless handfuls of hop cones.During this scenting process, an expert brewer can identify the flavor and aroma elements that will contribute to a finished beer’s profile, determining which hops suit, which do not, and which must be blended together to achieve the desired result. If you want to learn more about the specifics, talk to Jim Koch, but make sure you set aside some time after you ask him a question. This man is passionate about hops. Nay — fanatic. Care for an example? When a journalist asked Jim a quick question for an on-camera segment, he answered the initial query, thus delivering the soundbite, but then seemed to entirely forget a camera was rolling, launching into a ten-minute off-the-cuff education about the chemistry of the hop flower and more.And later, at a lunch served by Frau Stanglmair, as Stefan Stanglmair raised toast after toast of fine German beer, Koch and one of his lead brewers, Jennifer Glanville, remained outside grinding and sniffing hops, seemingly unaware that the rest of the group had switched to dining and sipping.last_img read more

2013/2014 Sectoral Debate: Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, the Hon. Anthony Hylton

first_imgMr. Speaker, I rise in support of the motion in this truly historic 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate.The successful negotiation and signing of the 4-year Extended Fund Facility Agreement with the International Monetary Fund, has now shifted the nation’s attention from issues of macroeconomic stability, to growth and development.This focus on growth and development is critical, if the country is to defeat the cycle of stagnated growth and poverty, and experience a new future of sustained robust economic growth with vastly improved standards of living for our people.Jamaica’s economy has failed to achieve sustained levels of economic growth for over three decades. What has emerged from this is a continuing fragile economic environment with considerable underlying vulnerabilities. This has contributed to a high public debt that now imposes an enormous burden on our fiscal capacity. This situation constrains the public investment programme, required to support the growth and economic transformation, to improve the economic livelihood of our people.The recently approved IMF Agreement calls for strong pro-cyclical fiscal policies, designed to meet the country’s debt obligations, and focuses on the goal of fiscal consolidation. But, Mr. Speaker, since that alone cannot solve our problem, we must follow up with a growth and development strategy that changes our present reality and transforms the Jamaican economy.Download Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, the Hon. Anthony Hylton’s Contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral DebateSo Mr. Speaker, these growth plans along with other critical measures are needed to achieve this transformation. These measures include structural reforms, improving the implementation of projects, significantly reducing the misuse and misallocation of government resources, increasing total factor productivity and, competitiveness of our firms, as well as facilitating greater asset mobilization.Mr. Speaker, in this mission, WE must remain resolute and stay the course until we achieve the transformation that leads to a sustainable growth path that will once and for all enable Jamaicans to realize their dreams.In my presentation this afternoon, I will therefore outline key elements of the growth agenda, which are required to achieve economic prosperity through sustainable development, investment and job creation.Mr. Speaker, the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce plays a pivotal role in the drive to achieve the Government’s growth agenda. The core components of this drive are strategic investments, improving the business environment, macro-economic stability, entrepreneurship and innovation, energy efficiency and human capital development.So my presentation, Mr. Speaker, will deepen the understanding of the strategy to achieve growth and showcase the Ministry’s plans to diversify the economy and stimulate wealth and job creation…READ MOREDownload Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, the Hon. Anthony Hylton’s Contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral Debatelast_img read more

Farmers Urged not to Overuse Pesticides

first_imgThe Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) is urging farmers not to overuse pesticides on crops during pest outbreaks.“I want to remind farmers that they are to be guided by the recommendations on the labels,” Senior Plant Health & Food Safety Specialist, Francine Webb, told JIS News.She said that excessive use of chemicals can lead to the consumers, fieldworkers and others in close proximity becoming ill.Ms. Webb said the warning is timely, given the recent beet army worm (BAW) outbreak, which has been pushing many farmers to misuse chemicals in a bid to get rid of the pests.“If the manufacturer’s recommendations are not adhered to, too little or too much will lead to induced resistance in the (pest) population, which can cause insects like the BAW to stand up to the chemical,” she mentioned.She further said that when the pest resists the chemical, the farmers sometimes double up on the dosage, or mix several chemicals, which is dangerous.Ms. Webb also urged farmers to use the proper gear and equipment to spray chemicals on their farms.She noted that failure to follow the safety instructions on the label could lead to fieldworkers inhaling noxious fumes, especially if they do not wear appropriate masks.“They (farmers) must also be mindful of the pre-harvest interval, which is the time from the last spraying to when the food can safely be harvested for consumption, so that we don’t encounter any food-safety issues,” she said.Ms. Webb also pointed out that excessive use of pesticides will affect the environment.last_img read more

Growth in Agriculture Subsectors

first_img Mr. Shaw made the announcement during his presentation in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (May 1). Mr. Shaw reflected on the achievements of the Ministry in 2017, under the leadership of the former Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Karl Samuda.“We developed the following policies and tabled them as Green Papers in the House during the last fiscal year – the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise (MSME) and Entrepreneurship Policy, the National Quality Policy, the National Seed Policy and the Craft Policy,” he said.In the area of legislation, Mr. Shaw said the following were enacted – The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority Act, 2017; The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Regulations, 2018; The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (Cess) Regulations, 2018; The Agricultural Loan Societies and Approved Organisation Act, 2017; The Fishing Industry (Special Fishery Conservation Area) (Amendment) Regulations, 2017; The Animal Diseases (Importation) Control (Amendment) Regulations, 2017; and The Companies (Amendment) Act – Global Forum Requirements.Also passed were The Processed Food (Amendment) Act and Regulations, 2017; The Protection of Geographical Indications (Amendment) Act and Regulations, 2018; The Trade (Prohibition of Importation of Refined Sugar on Retailed Trade) Order, 2017; The Trade (Prohibition of Importation) (Used Tyres) Order, 2017; The Coffee Industry (Amendment) Regulations, 2017; The Trade (Dealer Disclosure) (Pre-Shipment Certificate) Order, 2018 and The Trade (Scrap Metal) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulation, 2018. Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Audley Shaw, has reported that there was growth in seven subsectors in agriculture in 2017, when compared to their production in 2016. These subsectors are corn, plantain, banana, pineapple, dasheen, coconut and milk.center_img Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Audley Shaw, has reported that there was growth in seven subsectors in agriculture in 2017, when compared to their production in 2016.These subsectors are corn, plantain, banana, pineapple, dasheen, coconut and milk.Mr. Shaw made the announcement during his presentation in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (May 1).“Notwithstanding an overall decline of 3.8 per cent in agriculture, we have seen growth in specific subsectors with a 7.9 per cent increase in the production of corns, including hybrid corn, which grew by a substantial 14.9 per cent. We also registered an increase of 6.1 per cent in plantains, 10.4 per cent increase in the production of bananas, 2.2 per cent increase in pineapple production, 13.3 per cent increase in dasheen, 24.9 per cent increase in coconut, (and) while milk production increased by 10.6 per cent,” he noted.The Minister pointed out that Jamaica also recorded growth in poultry production for 2017.“Once again, we have broken record in relation to the production of chicken meat, which in 2017 stood at 128.4 kilograms, representing nearly a two per cent increase over the 2017 figure. Egg production moved from 174.2 million in 2016 to 184 million in 2017. That is a 6.1 per cent increase,” Mr. Shaw said.“The increase in chicken meat and eggs further reinforces our self-sufficiency in these two critical protein sources. We’ve also had growth in exports. We exported 35 per cent more bananas, 18 per cent more yams and fish, more baked goods and 11 per cent more meat and meat products,” he added. Story Highlightslast_img read more