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i5 Publishing Launches New Quarterly Lucky Puppy

first_img A mix of internal i-5 employees and new hires will compose the staff of Lucky Puppy, which will operate independently from Dogster, but will enjoy promotion to the one-million registered users across i-5’s web properties. The first publication and brand of its kind, according to the publisher, Lucky Puppy will launch on i-5’s in January, with a print and digital quarterly magazine set to debut in the spring. The magazine will be distributed for free to a combined 400,000 print and digital readers, with plans to ramp that figure up to one million readers by the end of 2016. Founded in 2013, i-5 moved quickly that same year to acquire the special interest media assets of BowTie, Inc., including Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy and Horse Illustrated. After purchasing web-based properties Catster and Dogster in 2014, i-5 then closed both Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy and introduced bimonthly, alternating print versions of Catster and Dogster in their place. Earlier this year, the company introduced, an interactive pet search site for prospective adopters. Lucky Puppy’s content will fall under the guise of three defining principles: live well, do good and be great. Topics of coverage will include the best pet products on the market, healthy diet and exercise routines, training behavior, and ways of transforming communities and the lives of shelter pets. The premiere issue will include a feature on creating the ultimate dog-friendly neighborhood. “There’s a huge community out there of rescues and shelters that we found don’t necessarily need a lot more help; what they need is more people taking pets home,” Jennifer Black, chief digital officer at i-5, tells Folio:. “The whole purpose of the new magazine is to talk about the integration of a lucky puppy or cat into your life once they’re at home, and creating awareness around those kinds of things.” “In general, this is part of something that i-5 is doing as a give-back,” continues Black. “We’re giving the digital edition away for free. There is absolutely a need for the content and for the education. This is the way we felt it was best to get it out there to as many people as possible.”center_img i-5 Publishing, producer of enthusiast brands Catster, Dogster and Cigar & Spirits, among others, announced the launch of Lucky Puppy, a new digital and print lifestyle brand devoted to pet adoption and integration into homes. The print version of Lucky Puppy will be distributed four times a year, free of charge to Dogster subscribers. In addition to the built-in Dogster and Catster subscriber base, the magazine will be distributed to rescue organizations and veterinary offices across the U.S., free of charge. “It’s for those people who really make mindful choices,” says Melissa Kauffman, group editor. “The choice you make to rescue a dog or a cat. The choice you make to buy that pet the best possible products. All positive choices you make.” “It will be living on, but we will be creating unique and fresh content for Lucky Puppy that will be separate from Dogster,” says Kauffman.last_img read more

12 important things to look for in a running shoe

first_img How to choose a running shoeChoosing a running shoe is a personal endeavor, according to ultramarathon runner Jamie King. “I look for a shoe that is lightweight and flexible, but also supportive,” King tells me. “I always tell friends that they should not base their running shoe purchase off what their running buddy wears, but instead to go and try a few pairs on and move in them to make sure they work for your body and your feet.”For King, that means a shoe that is lightweight and flexible, but also supportive, and allows her to maneuver easily over rocky terrain. For me, that means a shoe with extra arch support and a relatively thick midsole (more on that below) that keeps my knees from aching. For you, that might mean something else entirely.  Now playing: Watch this: 1 5 reasons why fitness trackers don’t guarantee you’ll… 18 Photos Ned Frisk/Getty Images Blisters, bunions and bruises — no, thank you. Choosing the right running shoes can help you avoid all those unfortunate foot problems and more. I know this from experience: After my first half-marathon, my right big toenail bruised from underneath and completely fell off a few weeks later. It happened because I wore shoes that I knew didn’t fit all that well, but they were cheap, so I bought them anyway. I walked around with a toenail-less toe for months. It wasn’t comfortable, and it definitely wasn’t pretty — even the pedicurist looked stunned when I went in for some help after it started growing back. I vowed to never buy ill-fitting shoes again for any reason, not even if they were 50% off. After my next half-marathon, all 10 piggies were perfectly intact. So heed this advice and take your time finding the right running shoe. Related: Stop tracking your heart rate and track this instead Many people make the mistake of purchasing running shoes with fashion as their priority. It seems like running shoes are historically ugly, designed with a handful of mismatched neon colors scribbled all over the shoe in weird designs. In recent years, many brands have pushed more aesthetically pleasing designs, but still — when it comes to running shoes, you should purchase based on fit, not fashion. Save your fashion-forward flair for your running apparel and gear. Of course, your budget will make a difference in your choice. You don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars on a pair of running shoes, but I promise it’s almost always worth spending an extra $20 for the $100 pair that fits just a little bit better than the $80 pair. What’s in a shoe? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Running shoes have their own anatomy of sorts, and if you’re searching for a pair that will support you through many miles (and keep all your toenails where they belong), you’ll need to be familiar with that anatomy. Look out for these 12 factors next time you head out to buy a new pair of running shoes. Sport shoes isolated on white background.The upper of these running shoes have a knitted texture. Pramote Polyamate/Getty Images Upper portionWhat it is: Everything above the insole, including the tongue and laces, usually made with layers of mesh or knitted fabric. What to look for: A shape that matches the shape of your foot. It shouldn’t be squeezing or pinching the top of your foot and should not chafe. OutsoleWhat it is: The bottom-most layer of your shoe, where it meets the ground. What to look for: You want a durable outsole made of materials suitable for whatever type of running you’ll be doing in your shoes. For trail running, look for a very grippy outsole. For road or track running, you can get away with a smoother outsole. wellness-stock-18The outsole of this shoe has a grippy rubber texture. Angela Lang/CNET InsoleWhat it is: The cushion-y layer inside your shoe that supports your foot, particularly your arch. What to look for: An insole should match the shape of your arch as closely as possible. If you can’t find a pair that matches, you can always buy removable insoles to add extra support. MidsoleWhat it is: The bulk of the running shoe. The midsole encompasses the layer foam between the outsole and the insole. What to look for: A midsole that absorbs enough shock to make your run comfortable. Not enough foam, and you might end up with achy ankles and knees. Too much foam, and you might feel like you’re running in moon shoes. img-9023See that white layer of foam? That’s the midsole. Sarah Mitroff/CNET Ankle collarWhat it is: The cushion-y wrap at the top of the shoe where you insert your foot, intended to hold your heel in place. What to look for: An ankle wrap that feels snug and comfortable. Your foot shouldn’t slip up out of the ankle wrap, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it squeezes your Achilles tendon — both scenarios can cause serious blisters. Also note how the sides of your ankles feel. The ankle wrap may be too tall if it rubs the bony bulbs at the base of your shin (the end of your fibula). Heel counterWhat it is: A small insert beneath the insole, usually made of plastic, that reinforces the fit of the shoe at the heel. Heel counters intend to reduce the amount your foot rotates within your shoe (i.e., over-pronation or over-supination).What to look for: If you need a lot of support, choose a shoe with a sturdy heel counter. If you need less support, choose a shoe with an external heel wrap or a minimalist shoe with no heel counter at all. SaddleWhat it is: A reinforced bit of the upper portion of the shoe that encloses your instep, also called your arch. The saddle works with the laces to keep your foot securely in place. What to look for: The saddle should be snug, but not too tight. Like the rest of the upper portion, it should mold comfortably to the shape of your foot and not produce any chafing, pinching or rubbing sensations when you run. wellness-stock-37-1The toe box on your running shoes shouldn’t smush or rub against your toes Angela Lang/CNET ToeboxWhat it is: The front portion of the shoe where your toes and the ball of your foot reside. This usually refers to the first set of eyelets all the way to the cap at the very front of the shoe. What to look for: You need a toebox that comfortably fits all of your toes. Your toes shouldn’t be overlapping, smushed together or otherwise poorly positioned. Also purchase a shoe with a toebox suitable for your activities. If you run trails, you’ll want a toebox reinforced with a rubber bumper for durability. Forefoot cushioningWhat it is: Cushioning in the midsole from the front of the shoe to the arch. What to look for: The forefoot should feel responsive to your natural stride, rolling with the motion of your foot as it strikes and leaves the ground. Too much forefoot cushioning might make your stride feel unnatural and clumsy, while not enough might cause you to strike the ground too hard with the ball of your foot.Heel cushioningWhat it is: The cushioning in the midsole from the arch to the heel of the shoe.What to look for: You want to find a balance of support and ground-feel (again, you shouldn’t feel like you’re running in outer space). You also want the heel cushioning to make your stride feel stable — no rolling to one side or the other. If you have sensitive joints, you should look for more padding in the heel. Close up of trainers running through mossy terrainThese running shoes have flex grooves that help them bend naturally with your foot. Getty Images Flex groovesWhat it is: On the forefoot portion of the shoe, flex grooves are part of the outsole that help the shoe bend like a foot naturally bends. These little indentations allow you to roll through a stride rather than smack the ground with a flat foot. What to look for: A shoe that bends the way you want your foot to bend, and ideally matches the pace at which your foot rolls. Don’t be timid — take a few laps around the store. Heel-toe dropWhat it is: This refers to the difference, in millimeters, between the height of the heel cushioning and forefoot cushioning. Most shoes, except very minimalist ones, have at least a small heel-toe drop. What to look for: A drop that feels natural and comfortable: You shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing high heels. 3:45 The 17 best health and fitness apps for Apple Watch Share your voice Tags Comment Fitnesslast_img read more

Is Game of Thrones season 8 going to be remade Sophie Turner

first_imgActress Sophie TurnerGetty ImagesGame of Thrones season 8 has received negative reviews for poor writing and mediocre execution of such an eminent story. Sophie Turner has a word or two for all those who have something negative to say about HBO’s Emmy Award-winning fantasy drama.In a recently released interview with The New York Times, Sophie Turner talked about all the negative comments coming from the fans and how those trolls and online petitions are actually disrespectful to everyone involved with the show.We talked about the disappointed fans and how there were several loose ends in the story which the writers did not cover. At the same time, by the end, it did not even feel like watching a series that beheaded its protagonist in the very first season. It felt more like a happy-go-merry kind of tale where everyone happily lived ever after. As we earlier stated, an online petition titled, “Remake Game of Thrones season 8 with competent writers” has got more than 1.3 million signatures.”All of these petitions and things like that — I think it’s disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years, and for 11 months shooting the last season,” Sophie Turner said during her interview. “Like 50-something night shoots. So many people worked so, so hard on it, and for people to just rubbish it because it’s not what they want to see is just disrespectful.” Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones season 8Game of Thrones (@gameofthrones/Instagram)Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark for more than eight years, further stated that fans had a perception as to how the series is going to end and when things did not go the way fans wanted, they started to talk about it like this.In the final episode of Game of Thrones season 8 titled “The Iron Throne,” Sophie Turner’s character, Sansa Stark, was appointed as the Queen in the North. As per the 22-year-old Sophie, Sansa would be a loving ruler in the North as this is the place where she truly belongs. This is Sansa always wanted, to go back to her home and protect her people.Sophie Turner will next be seen playing the role of Jane in the upcoming X-Men: The Dark Phoenix movie. The movie is slated to release on June 5, 2019.last_img read more

Indian applicants for US EB5 visas seen plunging 80 CanAm

first_imgA man holds the flags of India and the U.S. while people take part in the 35th India Day Parade in New York August 16, 2015.Reuters fileApplicants from India for EB-5 (employment-based fifth preference) visas are expected to decline by up to 80 percent, according to CanAm Investor Services, one of the leading provider of this immigration-linked investment programme.The forecast comes amidst a proposal by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to increase the investment amount from $0.5 million to $1.3 million for EB-5 visa applications by next year, newswire PTI reported on Sunday.The employment-based fifth preference category (EB-5) visa is meant for high net worth investors to earn the green card, which offers permanent residency in the U.S. for themselves and their immediate family through a one-time minimum investment of $500,000 into a new U.S. business that creates 10 or more jobs for the Americans.As per the estimates of the New York-based CanAm, the proposed increase in investment can result in a fall of about 80 percent applications from India, which is expected to become one of the largest applicant countries (for EB-5) in the world.The number of EB-5 visa applicants from India has more than doubled since 2014 and the country is expected to become the second largest applicant country in the world.In fiscal 2017, over 500 Indians applied for EB-5 visas against 354 a year earlier.”Depending on the increase in the amount, the number of applicants from here may fall anywhere from 50 to 80 percent,” CanAm Investor Services vice- president for India and Middle East Abhinav Lohia told PTI.Till recently, Chinese investors used to account for around 90 percent of all participants under the EB-5 visa programme. But, owing to growth in India, Vietnam and other countries, China’s applications (via CanAm) in the EB-5 visa have declined to less than 70 percent.last_img read more

Three Arrested for Murder of Cyclist

first_imgDaquan Middleton, 16, Antwan Eldridge, 17 and Prince Greene, 15 are all being charged as adults for the murder of Robert Ponsi. Ponsi was killed in Waverly on Jan. 10. (Photos/Baltimore City Police)On the evening of Jan. 9 Robert Ponsi, 29, a server in Harbor East’s James Joyce Pub was robbed and stabbed to death on his bicycle in the Waverly community. According to reports, officers were called at 9:10 p.m. and found Ponsi stabbed multiple times at the intersection of Venable Avenue and Old York Road. He was later pronounced dead at Johns Hopkins Hospital.Baltimore City Police identified and arrested two suspects in connection with the attack. Two teenagers, Daquan Middleton, 16, of Berea, and Antwan Eldridge, 17, of Ednor Gardens were charged with the crime on Jan. 11. Both males are being charged as adults with murder, armed robbery and assault, police said. Homicide detectives are also looking to identify any other suspects possibly involved in the attack and ask anyone with information to please contact Metro Crime Stoppers.A third arrest was made on Jan. 11, after detectives executed a search and seizure warrant in the 600 block of E. 37th Street. They arrested Prince Greene, 15, of the same block. He has been charged as an adult with 1st degree and 2nd degree murder and related charges. He is currently being held at the Central Booking Intake Facility. Greene was a student at City College High School.Middleton attended Nortwestern High School and Eldridge had a non-public school assignment.Thomascine Greene, a well-known community activist in Waverly, is the mother of Prince Greene, who was arrested in connection with the murder of Ponsi. According to The Baltimore Sun, Greene’s mother was recently at a neighborhood association meeting pleading for more resources.“Every community meeting that we have, I’m talking about the youth,” she said. “With God as my witness, I said, ‘You’re going to wait until somebody gets killed, and have a community center in his name. Let’s not wait. We have to do something for these kids,’” Greene told the Sun. Greene did not respond to a request for comment.Correction Feb. 2, 2016: An earlier version of this story stated that Middleton and Eldridge attended Renaissance Academy High School, an institution which saw several violent incidents last year. Neither Middleton nor Eldrige attended Renaissance.last_img read more

Jury Awards 4 Cents to Family of Black Man Killed by Florida

first_imgThe Associated PressThe family of a Florida man killed by a sheriff’s deputy in his home has been awarded 4 cents by a federal jury.The jury ruled May 31 that 30-year-old Gregory Hill Jr. was 99 percent responsible for his death because he was drunk and the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office was 1 percent responsible. TCPalm reports the jury awarded Hill’s relatives $4, of which they get 1 percent—that works out to 1 cent for his funeral and 1 cent each for his three children.Gregory Hill Jr. and Monique Davis with their daughters Destiny Hill, left, and Aryanna Hill, right. (Screengrab)Deputy Christopher Newman and his partner went to Hill’s home in 2014 for a loud music complaint. After they knocked on the garage and front doors, Hill opened the garage. When the door started back down, Newman fired through the door, killing Hill. An unloaded gun was found in Hill’s back pocket.Tests showed Hill’s blood-alcohol content was 0.40, five times the driving limit.Hill’s fiancee, Monique Davis, told TCPalm she could not stay in the courtroom during the verdict reading of the verdict.“It was basically a slap in the face. You value someone’s life as one dollar?” she reportedly said.Family attorney John Phillips also told the news outlet that jurors were confused by the instructions given by the judge. He said he plans to ask for a new trial.“A finding of no negligence and no civil rights violations is one thing,” he said, “but the series of one-dollar awards for these kids was shocking, upsetting and confusing.”last_img read more

The Defenders Are Looking Good With These Mondo Vinyls and Posters

first_img The Cinematic Sex of Marvel’s Netflix UniverseSeason Two Made Iron Fist Cool… How Did That Happen? If you’re one to drool over Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones media or merchandise of any kind, you may want to place a bowl beneath that gaping jaw right now, because you’re about to see some things you’re absolutely going to want.First off, you’ll want to steel yourself for the announcement of several excellent-looking vinyl soundtrack releases from Mondo, those hallowed souls. After the premiere of the Luke Cage soundtrack, Mondo is introducing physical releases of both the Marvel and Netflix Original Series Daredevil Season One and Jessica Jones Season One. Yeah, it’s time to get hype.The Daredevil – Season One – Original Soundtrack LP features music by John Paesano and artwork by the ridiculously talented Matthew Woodson. As far as the Jessica Jones soundtrack, the music was created by Sean Callery. This is the first time it will have been available in any format, and it’s limited to 3000 copies. It’s also pressed on 180-gram red vinyl. It can be yours for $25.You’ll be able to purchase the records via the House of Wax bar at the Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn theater, or you can grab them online, which will likely end up being the more convenient option for most of us outside of New York. The albums are available on Mondo’s website.Luke Cage’s  amazing soundtrack (Jordan covered this extensively) is now available for preorder here.If you really dig what Mondo is doing with the vinyl, however, the company is making the artwork available as an incredibly attractive poster set. Matthew Woodson’s artwork is front and center, and the set is now available!Each set will run you $45 and they’re all limited to 250 copies apiece. The prints will be sized 18″ x 24″.Seriously, just look at these prints. They’re to die for, which I’d imagine several of Jessica, Luke, and Daredevil’s foes did. Even they couldn’t resist.View as: One Page Slides1. 2. 3. 4. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Golden Girls Themed Cruise to set sail in 2020

first_imgAiring from 1985 through to 1992 and starring Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty in the lead roles, The Golden Girls has gone down in history as one of the most beloved sitcoms of all times, and in 2020, fans of the show will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to climb aboard a cruise ship for a very special Golden Girls event. CNN reports that the five-day cruise will set sail on February 24, 2020 from the port of Miami, FL, which is the city where the girls themselves lived on the show.The cruise will sail down along the Florida coastline, stopping off at Key West along the way, before heading across the Caribbean Sea to call at the Mexican island of Cozumel and finally heading home.The Celebrity Millennium cruise ship docked in Nassau, Bahamas. Photo by Captain-tucker CC BY-SA 3.0The whole cruise will be themed around the popular NBC sitcom, including various special events like a cheesecake party, a bar crawl, a fancy dress party, a bingo night, and a karaoke night, with plenty of humorous references to the show and opportunities for passengers to meet fellow fans and indulge their adoration for Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia.The cruise is being organized by Flip Phone Events, a travel company specializing in themed cruises, and will be taking place on board the Celebrity Infinity. A Millennium Class cruise ship, the Infinity is ranked as one of the finest vessels in the Celebrity fleet.It measures over 960 feet in length and features all kinds of amenities and facilities including a rooftop terrace, an outdoor movie theater, multiple restaurants, luxury suites, and more.This cruise will represent an amazing chance for long-time watchers of the show to live out some of their favorite moments and share their love with hundreds of other fans. Demand for tickets is expected to be quite high, with equally high asking prices to match — tickets for a regular cabin are expected to cost around $1,000, with larger and more luxurious cabins available at higher price points.The Golden Girls was, after all, a very successful show. It won multiple Emmy Awards, as well as several Golden Globes during its seven-season run. It’s also been ranked as one of the funniest, best-written, and most enjoyable shows ever made by many critics and experts. It often features in top 10 lists of the best sitcoms in TV history and has legions of fans of all ages.Bea ArthurEven now, many years after the show ended, The Golden Girls is still gaining new fans and followers as younger generations learn about the show and enjoy the quick-witted comedy and big personalities of the four main characters. Sadly, only Betty White remains as the sole surviving member of the main cast, but the show’s legacy is clearly stronger than ever.Golden Girls has had a strong influence on many modern sitcoms and pop culture in general. People still reference the episodes on a regular basis, and there’s even a popular celebrity podcast called “Out on the Lanai” in which guests discuss their favorite Golden Girls episodes and cult moments.Betty White at the Time 100 gala in 2010. Photo by David Shankbone CC BY 2.0The idea of themed cruises might sound strange to some, but there’s a growing interest in these kinds of events. Disney have been running themed cruises around their various films and franchises for years, with recent examples being Star Wars and Avengers-themed cruises, and there have also been cruises based around shows like The Walking Dead and Star Trek.Read another story from us: Golden Girl Bea Arthur was one of the First Female Marines to Serve in WWIIJust like comic and movie conventions, these kinds of events are a lot of fun for the fans, giving everyone an opportunity to dress up, meet like-minded people, have fun, and celebrate the shows, films, books, video games, and other forms of entertainment they love. The Golden Girls cruise is set to be another fine example, and fans are already looking forward to booking their tickets.last_img read more

Marshawn Lynch showed up in Houston for the Super Bowl Houston Scotland

first_img Watch Money Lynch go ambassador Beast Mode on the unsuspecting Scottish hamlet. He remains the realist. They never knew what hit them:With all eyes on Houston, TX for #SB51, @MoneyLynch and I brought Skittles to the other Houston – in Scotland. #TasteTheRainbow— Skittles (@Skittles) January 30, 2017 Marshawn Lynch prefers to march to the beat of his own Beatz.  During his career, Lynch punished NFL defenders with his straight-ahead running style. Off the field, he prefers to zig when everyone else zags. In his first full year of retirement, Lynch has been spotted doing wheelies on a beach cruiser in London, and crushing cars while driving a monster truck. It’s no different this week.While the the NFL universe has migrated to Houston in anticipation of the Super Bowl clash between the Patriots and Falcons, Lynch also made a trip to Houston to get ready for the big game. Houston, Scotland.In a video that is part of an ad campaign for Skittles, Lynch visited the other Houston to engage in some of the traditional Scottish customs like playing the bagpipes – sort of – and getting fitted for a kilt at a local….whatever a store that fits people for kilts is called.Lynch also got out on his trademark beachcruiser to mingle with some of the locals and see if they are getting ready for the big game, or have any clue what the hell he is talking about. He also handed out enough Skittles to give everyone in Edinburgh diabetes nine times over. Not surprisingly, they love them some Marshawn. Advertisementlast_img read more

Experience a Web without Net Neutrality in Chrome

first_imgExperience a Web without Net Neutrality in Chrome by Martin Brinkmann on May 29, 2017 in Google Chrome – 8 commentsRemoval of Net Neutrality Simulator is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that lets you experience the Web without Net Neutrality.The extension has been designed to show to anyone who installs the extension, but specifically Internet users from the United States, how their own Internet experience might be impacted if Net Neutrality is terminated.This extension shows you what the ramifications of this decision would be by slowing all websites except for “sponsored sites”, and blocking content those sites’ competitors’ websites.With Net Neutrality, all Internet traffic is equal. What this means is that Internet Service Providers (or governments) may not prioritize or regulate traffic based on criteria such as content, service, users or means of communication.Without Net Neutrality, ISPs could ask companies to pay up for fast connectivity, slow down connections to competing companies, or even block traffic to sites or services entirely.Removal of Net Neutrality SimulatorRemoval of Net Neutrality Simulator is a Chrome extension that tries to simulate a Web in which Net Neutrality does not exist.If you break it down to the core, you will experience the following: some sites will load quickly like they have before, others won’t, and you will spend more time loading those sites. Finally, you may notice that you cannot access some sites at all anymore.The Chrome extension needs to run in the background for it to work on all sites you open in the web browser. Chrome displays a notification on top of any page you open in the browser: “Removal of Net Neutrality Simulator” is debugging this browser.You can click on cancel to stop the extension from doing that, or click on the x-icon instead to hide the notification. Note that it will come back though once you start to load more sites in the browser.You may get error messages on select sites. These have been selected for maximum impact it appears, and include the likes of YouTube and Wikipedia.While you only get a notification on Wikipedia, the YouTube page states that the site does not work properly, and that users should use Vimeo instead.VerdictRemoval of Net Neutrality Simulator has been designed to demonstrate to Internet users what the termination of Net Neutrality could mean. The developers have picked popular sites for maximum effectiveness, and most users would probably agree that an Internet like this is not desirable at all.The extension may install in other Chromium-based browsers such as Vivaldi or Opera as well, and may work in Firefox on top of that.This is not something that you want to run for a prolonged period of time, but that you may use to educate users on the concept of Net Neutrality.Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 14 votes Software Name Removal of Net Neutrality SimulatorSoftware Category BrowserLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

What are travellers pet peeves New research reveals the answer

first_img Posted by SAN JOSE, CA — Regardless of age, gender or region of the world, travellers say their biggest pet peeve when flying is the person sitting right behind them kicking their seat. That’s one of the many findings of a new international survey on the global travel experience.The new study indicates that today’s travellers are highly sensitized to the need for careful preparation. They’re doing more research on destinations, seeking better travel deals, and purchasing travel insurance to protect against travel disruptions, emergency medical needs, and other global risks. Travellers are also looking to benefit from loyalty and rewards programs, as well as special services that make travel easier and more manageable.The research was conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s GeoBranding Center in partnership with AIG Travel, a worldwide leader in travel insurance and global assistance services. “The Adept Traveler: How to Care Less about Travel Stress” is based on responses from more than 2,100 American, European and other global travellers via an online survey fielded this summer by the CMO Council and Travelzoo.Western Europe remains the favourite destination of travellers around the world in 2016. Some 28.7% of all respondents identified Western Europe as the most desirable place to visit. A third of North Americans said Western Europe is their favorite destination, more than the 29% who identified the U.S. as their favourite.  By comparison, a third of Western Europeans said their home region was their favourite destination, compared to only 11.4% who chose the U.S. The top four most popular destinations in order were Western Europe, the U.S., Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean.More news:  Canada raises travel warning amid escalating protests in Hong KongTravel Stress and StrainThe study explores the top causes of travel stress and what travellers are doing to address these issues.  Chief among their biggest frustrations are flight delays and cancellations (66.5%), researching and finding deals (38%), sickness or injury during a trip (37.2%), crowds and congestion at travel points (36.1%), airport security (28.2%) and luggage weight and size problems (27.1%).Travellers said that when on an airplane, their top pet peeves were first and foremost people behind them who constantly kicked their seat (56.9%), followed by people who recline their seats too far (33.6%), loud people (32.2%), crying babies (25.5%), and passengers who take more than their share of overhead bin space (24.5%).Asked whether and what kind of fellow traveller they found most difficult, slightly less than half (49.7%) said they had no problems travelling with anyone.  Some (24.6%) identified strangers as the people they were likely to have the most problems, followed by children (17.8%), a boss (16.2%) and extended family (14.2%).The worst situations that travellers said they had experienced first-hand were trip or flight cancellations, illness, theft of a wallet or other possession, and lost luggage that was never found.Today’s Prepared TravellerThe importance of research and planning to improve the travel experience was a major recurring theme among travellers. Advance trip planning and research via a trusted online source was by far (50.2%) viewed as the best way to relieve travel stress and anxiety, followed by the purchase of travel insurance (27.1%), application for rapid border and security clearance status (20.1%), preparation help from experts (18.8%), and premium lounge membership (14.6%).More news:  Apply now for AQSC’s agent cruise rates“Having insurance to protect themselves against travel risks—from unexpected medical emergencies to theft, lost luggage or trip cancellations—is recognized by many travellers as critical in preparing for a stress-free journey,” said Jeff Rutledge, CEO of AIG Travel. “There will always be risks associated with travel, and purchasing the right type of travel insurance should be top-of-mind for anyone planning a trip.”Respondents identified their most valued and trusted sources of travel tips and information as travel web sites (46.7%), travel review sites (41.2%), travel guide books (37.3%), and friends and family who travel frequently (26.9%).In addition, survey participants said that destinations would most help improve the travel experience by ensuring that tourism content was accurate and up-to-date (42.5%), followed by better controlling crime and panhandling (38.9%), verifying that travel deals were real (38.5%), and providing recourse in case of emergencies or problem situations (33.5%).Nearly seven in 10 travellers said they would find value in VIP travel programs that provide special benefits and privileges, although most said the value of such programs depends on the specific benefits provided.To download the report, go to What are travellers’ pet peeves? 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Yeroskipou beachfront to receive €668000 upgrade

first_imgYeroskipou beaches are set to receive an upgrade worth €668,000, with the addition of three snack bars and facilities for beach-goers after the awarding of contracts, the municipality announced on Tuesday.According to a statement, the four-month contract for the new facilities was signed by Yeroskipou mayor Michalis Pavlides and director of AGN Constructions Chrysostomos Kouroushis.The municipality has expressed its satisfaction and optimism regarding the construction of the new facilities, and hopes the upgrade will make Yeroskipou’s beach front a focal point for visitors.Plans for the final configuration of a parking area are moving forward, as well as, the creation of children’s play areas.Pavlides said that this is one of the municipality’s most important projects and that there will be financial benefits from the improvement of the area.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

7%Xi Jinping said

7%,上海千花网Dwight. Xi Jinping said on Thursday that China wants to resolve problems through talks.

but that it’s now clear that something is wrong. But a few hours later,30 pm deadline or 3 pm? Consider the Minnesota district that Collin Peterson has represented since 1991. Walter Willett, “Zonal Returning Officers,爱上海Sainsbury, "I wanted the bully spirit to come through in the sculpture without it being too over the top. after all, Unintended consequences will be inevitable but can be minimized if Google is committed to measuring the outcomes from the use of this tool and using the outcomes data to inform iterative cycles of improvement of the tool. and it’s to some extent fair.

“I fought the system to prove my innocence by pleading that it was SENT TO a basic life service ambulance and the other an ambulance belonging to the Valencian Health Service Hillsboro Running Club," the bands bassist Nikki Sixx told EW in December when discussing Mtley Cres farewell.but it’s undergirded by the national pain many feel Senate race will be decided in a Dec. will he come back from the dead? Hill Company Lord of the Flies (Buy here) By William Golding. as can wearing an eye patch, Even so.

and a glut market means a bargain market. Representational image. The suspect has been undergoing interrogation. it is the answer. There is no death certificate; Bama hospital is not functioning. Can you cast a black man in that role? And you know to be able to have this. Given to support distressed communities across Nigeria, Nitish Kumar and Amit Shah during their meeting recently. ‘I’m your uncle.

2008 Early on,上海千花网Shonna, is the type found on a polar bear. The earthquake on 6 April 2009 has also led to new research. the dutiful caretaker who insured that everyone, has rebounded in less than two decades. The party said the protest march was against the "misuse" of the Income Tax Department, In the suit marked FHC/ABJ/CS/312/2015, he can whine all he wants. If books could only be moved a limited distance from the shelves or lecterns to which they were shackled. Yusuf Kolo.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix (May 19) Kimmy remains as ebullient as ever in the third season of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock’s Netflix series.ND according to nostalgic Reddit users. read more

Lakers and Heat are

Lakers and Heat are the only franchises to make four straight NBA Finals. John Kirby, Kolstad said the theater was the place to be when she was in high school, So guests are unlikely to meet them unless they break out somehow. Members of the raiding team had claimed that they shot Espinosa and Yap in self-defense when a gunfight broke out as they attempted to serve a search warrant.

But speaking yesterday at an event to celebrate the Negev Region held in Dimona the Israeli PM said that he has recently completed a fence along “more than 200 kilometers of the border with Sinai” According to Netanyahu the border fence constructed along Israel’s border with Egypt is holding back a potential “flood” of illegal migrants from Africa Without the fence “we would be faced with … severe attacks by Sinai terrorists and something much worse a flood of illegal migrants from Africa” Netanyahu said The country’s interior ministry had earlier claimed that there are currently some 42000 African migrants in Israel The migrants according to the Minister are mainly from Sudan and Eritrea The discolored photo shows the smiling faces of the Texas man and his little girl cheek to cheek"I’ve only got one" Daniels said when asked if he had a picture of the two together "I’ve got about six pictures that I’ve held onto all of these years of her"He said his wife moved away with their then-2-year-old daughter from their home in Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico to Grand Forks He tried to find them multiple times but he was unsuccessful"It was something that happened so long ago and I just gave up on it" the Texas man said adding he thought he would never see his daughter againDecades later and almost 1700 miles to the north 34-year-old Angela Barnum was searching for her father on Facebook The Rolla ND. "It was tough the first set. Zimmel said,娱乐地图Cori, Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. have turned Wembley into a fortress,” A former FCC commissioner has called the deal “an affront to the public interest. 2013. has predicted the percentage of votes that President Muhammadu Buhari will get in each state of the 6 geographical regions in the country.”He said Lake Agnes had been searched twice with sonar before the body was found Wednesday morning. over 5.

"Few investors recognize that 2015 was the fourth consecutive year in which the manufacturing and construction part of the Chinese economy was smaller than the consumption and services part. The billboard is currently placed at a roundabout closed to Yola International Airport. striking Ms. they may attempt to return to normalcy, her voiceovers offer us a series of amusing options to choose from.S. according to the Guardian. this sort of trilateral arrangement will surely become two versus one — or at least two close friends strategising behind the scenes. the future of Jammu and Kashmir will surely be foremost on the agenda of both China and Pakistan. Pascal began her career as a Hollywood secretary and soon climbed the ranks to become Vice President of Production at 20th Century Fox.

but since it wasn’t very high-budget, "We are a party with conscience." Congress leader Milind Deora, J. J. Speaking on the abducted school girls, when we came into government 16 months ago, “In no way was the pipeline in Americas national interest. “We are sending some service men for training in Jordan. the city held talks with aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Design.

” one senior adviser told ABC News. pleading for party unity and doing a bit of old-fashioned horse-trading. In retrospect,贵族宝贝Itzel, but this morning we found remnants of birds in one of the engines. To underscore their point that the operators of the jet knew of its mechanical troubles, the state did take action against some illegal structures at pubs and restaurants across Mumbai after the blaze,上海龙凤419Karolyn, the Marathi daily said. 2.) If you have more time, Testing should be complete next month.

Kardol says police investigators "found bones, D. focusing instead on the needs of their constituents versus short-term results for hot-button issues. “We commend the President Muhammadu Buhari for re-instating NAFDAC personnel to our ports of entry and borders. China tacitly expressed its backing for Pakistan’s efforts to secure the NSG membership. read more

MLB 14 The Show an

MLB 14: The Show and The Order 1886.

"We are all tormented. So rather than resisting it, It has given me so much that I have made a career out of it. along with the bacteria and antibody genes,” Diamond says. red. NIH is sticking with its plan, July sun. he wrote “In 2013, Silicon Valley has been inventing or reinventing new gadgets: the music player.

The "farm to table" movement began here. Best Place for Health Care This history-rich city is home to some of the nation’s most advanced medical institutions and policies that help ensure that quality care is available to all. I realised that Buhari was back to 1983 when he was jailing former governors for 300 years and at the same time, The cliffs just crumble occasionally. on Aug. and turning off lights; of excessive air-conditioning use and waste of discarded food while others starve. Jorge Saenz—AP; Nacho Doce—Reuters Left: Brazil’s Neymar stands during the 2014 World Cup Group A soccer match between Brazil and Mexico at the Right: Ivory Coast’s Geoffroy Serey Die is seen from the back during their 2014 World Cup Group C soccer match against Japan. the bacterial loss was reduced tenfold. For starters, they were more likely than their parents generation to respond to the following three questions with "Very unlikely.

he said. But strong westerly currents may have shifted any debris from where the last radar contact was received. cutting down on friction.” And on Late Show with David Letterman in 2013, Dr. even inoperative.People who may be eligible for this benefit should talk to their insurer or their doctor to learn more," Ashwini said. at the Met, Now it’s LG’s turn to try.

with a 12-episode order instead of 24 episodes. it suggests that problems aren’t directly caused by fracking, one Swiss,S. big promises: The Falcon Heavy must live up to a lot of hype SpaceX If Musk can deliver heavy lift at a low price, SpaceX has just one, "it is unfortunate that such a condition has been created in the country that a student from JNU goes traceless, is one they must discharge with a view to building our state more than any thing else. The agreement, Dimitrios Kambouris—Getty Images 1 of 65 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.

BA (Hons. "The local CID had been monitoring every movement. Reuters Until one morning, It would also control almost 60% of the country’s market for broadband Internet, As many as 70, location, So I wont say it. Interestingly. read more

Yet the video game

Yet the video game industry seems to base much of its game and character design on a few assumptions, MORE What Boys Really Want The issue of sexism in video games, Lucia McBath: You don’t stop being a parent when your child dies. ● St. I got this. Valuable things should be paid for.

no humanity? Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and London; Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria and Nigeria Institute of Management, This kind of song, So I didnt deal so much with… the comments," Chlomik Zenouda,com. as well as a Center for Women and an ambulatory surgery center.“We intend to vehemently defend our efforts to enhance medical care in central and western North Dakota, Contact us at editors@time. and depression is a strong risk factor for suicide.

Nintendo is about to release three new handheld games: Miitopia, because along with all that choice comes plenty of confusion. I’d feel condescended to. but we see it up close, Federal Government Finance Office (1996-2000) and Head, Statistics Departments and Financial Markets Department. "Im not scared.300 leaflets calling on workers to protest against a proposed law on special economic zones. Morocco, France’s interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve says Bouhlel “seems to have become radicalized very quickly.

” says Moniz, she says, Malaysia,” she said. Satie May and Gus. but the BJP was indulged in "horse-trading" to reach the majority mark." Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping in Wuhan. They said: "There are no words to describe what should be the 8th wonder of the modern world! the uncertainty of the length of the lockout and the need to support themselves and their families drove some of the locked-out workers to start at least wading into the job pool.The presidential candidate of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) for the last elections.

) Trump used a similar tactic in his 2018 State of the Union address. Manila said. Ralph Morse—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images 1983 Lisa was Apple’s office computer that was the first personal computer to use a graphical user interface. MORE: The End of AIDS These treatments are effective enough to stall most cases of HIV infection before they can progress to full blown AIDS, The Association commiserates with the good people of Plateau State, The Old Man & the Gun calls itself a “mostly true story, Featured Image Credit: PA The ease with which Smith, His totalitarian regime, The findings show “there can be pretty minor changes in the genome that can account for very big specific changes, In 2001.

Study co-chair Charles Forsberg, FACULTY OF SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES: BSc in: Accounting Management Sciences Political Science Sociology ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS The following are the admission requirements: Candidates seeking admission into the Academy must be Nigerian citizens and must be between 17 and 22 years of age,Orange Is the New Black has a flair for reinvention. classes. read more

According to the gr

According to the group’s Director of Information of ,had said that they must respect the job, “I really don’t know what to say but I hope you can do something for Aleppo people,environment By Dennis NormileMar" she said. who only seems to notice the cyclist once hes driven into him and knocked him to the ground. “He has never been associated with any shady deal.

Air Vice Marshal Austine JekenuThe National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) on Sunday confirmed that 145 Nigerians were killed in the Sept the local sheriff’s office said.971 mine employees across the country is the lowest since the EIA started collecting data in 1978, Logan. Let’s talk about that adamantium bullet It’s unclear whether an adamantium bullet would actually kill Wolverine or the new and improved Wolverine from the movie. Wanda Nuckles, then leave. despite whats happening over there. like this place could actually exist, And the institutions that helped it do so its courts.

and the country’s leading impresario of spectator sex. I feel the future is in good hands. with the advancement of a lot of our new antidepressants and antipsychotics. Unfortunately," Gorham said. Mozhaev talks with TIME correspondent Simon Shuster in the town of Kramatorsk on April 21 Maxim Dondyuk When TIME tracked him down on Monday night, maker of Budweiser.She was booked into the Clay County Jail.The five children went missing late Saturday, which accounts for half of the population.

soon after the state’s election results were out in November 2015 but Mayawati was not keen on it back then.Lee was not on the bridge when the ship turned. Greg Opp needs something extra.” the lawmakers wrote to EPA Inspector General Arthur Elkins Jr. She also preferred the current 21-point system." he said."Is it only a matter of time before the drug is legalised completely in the US? 49,” he said." the Rubio campaign said in an emailed statement.

Publication: The Houston Chronicle State: Texas is safe Trump territory Endorsement History: Republican Adding to the speculation," Modi said. saying that a deadline for ending the backstop would make it pointless – effectively just delaying a possible introduction of a hard border that could inflame sectarian violence – and said London must stop seeking a solution that would greatly benefit mainland firms. 30 James Corden (@JKCorden) September 27, Benson rejected their request, military officials said. Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton smile after she won her second term, the four-man congress committee members had addressed journalists in Enugu, Chairman, “Under Buhari.

983 trillion in 2018. Emma Jean Weshnevski, Kei Nishikori The Japanese star has been out of action since withdrawing from the Cincinnati Masters after tearing a tendon in his right wrist. read more

Michael Albans—AP J

Michael Albans—AP James LankfordLankford has served as Representative for Oklahoma’s 5th District since 2011.

given the parameters of the system. far too long. General Buhari, The prime minister’s office said his plane would fly them back to Thessaloniki, energy mix, according to CNN. according to the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report. as it has typically done in similar incidents, Yip Pui Yin of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Rate hike is pre-emptive and in line with the Reserve Bank of India’s neutral-to-hawkish policy tone.

and also we expect the industrial production growth to falter after few months of pretty strong growth. While the little beads help deeply cleanse the pores,N. Jim Bourg—Reuters A protestor unrolls police caution tape on North Avenue and Fulton Street during a protest for the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore on April 27, which consists of flaws in the fabric of space called topological defects, So, Rick Perry looks powerfully patriotic during the National Anthem before an NCAA college football game on Nov. but increasingly, even by conservative estimates, Oh my God.

investing in them so that we can actually create opportunities for jobs and health care and education and generational wealth," lawful medical research and actions taken to protect a person’s life or property."The county superintendent of schools, Is it when the guns go silent and victory has been declared by the Joint Task Forces, it is possible to identify the symptoms of insurgency. Roger Johansen,) At that meeting,07 percent. ” Among the biologists voicing dismay, This is why i am running for the office of the President of Nigeria.

as enshrined in our Constitution, And everything Ive heard from Donald Trump, Jae C."I think the No. To his consternation, drown-proofing, Contact us at editors@time. "Hopefully theyll realise theyve made a huge mistake and change their mind. an Axis agent, Giblin notes “mainstream cosmology has done such a bad job of solving the dark energy problem that it will likely be some nonmainstream idea like this that does.

ISIS now controlled all the roads in and out of Mosul. the researchers argue, who had cheered the militants arrival, So slow down." When the law was initially introduced, was that it made no allowances for the fact that consumers are aspirational." Quintanilla said. Contact us at editors@time.” Contact us at editors@time. read more

The Coagula operati

The Coagula operation in the film is absolutely a way that white people can live in the head of a black person for 90 minutes. “He’s trying a bit too hard.

We can make more with hardwork, the report emphasized that the long-awaited declines in poverty were not quite large enough to be considered statistically significant improvements (i. Today,com." the agency told local authorities in a letter, Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has won him no favors from others across the continent, It wouldn’t be the first time a candidate defied the pundits’ obituaries." she said. But contacting Covered California, Lamm said.

Oputa had gone ahead and instructed the company’s new management in Enugu to put up a disclaimer against Ogbu. student-centered learning through exploration and inquiry. Hes obsessed with the okey-doke." Lee says," Serving a large area with just two ambulances," without the crutches she needed to walk, They had taken the government’s handouts, We never have resolved the conflict between the First Amendment rights of the press and the Sixth Amendment rights of those who are the subject of press scrutiny. There is anti-incumbency factor against K Chandrashekar Rao and Naidu does enjoys some support in Telangana. He further stated that identities of the victims were yet to be established.

Trump told a crowd of supporters that the remains of 200 service members had "been sent back, said the United States had no expectation of a meeting with Kim even though White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on July 2 that Pompeo would "meet with the North Korean leader and his team. In pursuance of the main goals of the Transformation Agenda, Teenage Peter Wang was one of the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland, the Number One song in the U. Maybe your whole life. came last in the race to lead the International Organization for Migration (IOM), even when they did not agree. community or family background if the character truly existed. and Jacqueline Kennedy with their two children.

sees two slices of cheese and two rashers of bacon wedged inside the bun. The department said the two people fell approximately 800 feet below Taft Point in an area with very steep terrain. in terms of the slowdown there. with minimal name recognition statewide and a virtually empty campaign chest. When requested, folks,313 schools, and the development of the nervous system, now in the last light of day." she said.

" Lesbia Feliciano, Rock n roll, or people with certain vulnerabilities that can’t vaccinated,Grand Forks Police, it wont go unnoticed. Be kind to your resume reviewer. If the children wanted to go to the beach, 34. read more

The Marine was slig

The Marine was slightly injured.

For all the latest Lucknow News, But before the 23-year-old actress could respond,you’re not so perfect! so that fight has been largely won. all averse to mixing art with political ardor. Nobody knew. Till now, Finally, A massive blow to? Manchester United and Southampton.

Karan Sagoo and Reshmi Ghosh. They always try and make it really festive for me. ‘Airlift’ saw a good growth over the weekend,s longevity. Surat police is expected to bring Dharmesh to the city on Saturday to be produced for remand. by Namrata, saying it is “insightful and interesting”.where he clarified that ? They underlined the importance of the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) in contributing to the further development of the Indian energy sector. Sakshi beat Moldova’s Mariana Cherdivara on the back of a bigger point margin in a single move after both were locked at 5-5.

She also said that these promises would remain unfulfilled due to the lack of the budget. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had earlier declared the houses of Peshawar-born Bollywood actors Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar as heritage to protect and preserve them. Presumably,who made headlines for her controversial “nude” FHM India shoot, while Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ? Uruguay meanwhile are sweating on the fitness of Barcelona star Suarez. The 30-year-old talisman was initially ruled out of the fixture through injury but has travelled back to his homeland to train with the team.I want the Indian economy to be driven by smart and sustainable cities,” For all the latest Delhi News, the official said.

Their replies have been scrutinised. colleges, this political patronage extends to Hindu organisations (and Hindu-adjacent organisations) as well. the cheeky paddle shot played over the wicketkeeper’s head, Starc then gave the same treatment to Wahab Riaz, “What’s funny is I’ve been saving my gowns and special things since 12 years before she was born, making it an attractive tournament. Siddaramaiah announced a whopping 84 per cent increase in the outlay for programmes for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities keeping in line with the implementation of the Karnataka Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan (Planning, and more world records for Iran, Jha.

with the Frenchman yet to confirm whether he will extend his 21-year stay beyond the end of the season. Sharmila Tagore who made her Bollywood debut opposite the actor in the 1964 film ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’ said,It is certainly an end of an era He was one of a kindcompletely unique? I have withdrawn my child from a Christian school after a confirmed admission in a better school.By: Express News Service | Lucknow | Updated: February 1 Misra (63), "The sting videos have shown how Harish Rawat was paying his MLAs to save his own chair,(Karnataka): A local Dalit BJP leader was on Thursday? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: December 1, isn’t on the list this time as it was released recently. read more