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Definitely them reaching out Calgary Chamber of Commerce on upcoming Morneau speech

first_imgScheduled one day before the critical May 31 deadline on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, the head of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce said it is no surprise tickets for an upcoming speech from Canada’s finance minister sold out fast.“The fact that it came together so quickly is a strong indication of the voice and the impact, of particularly, the Trans Mountain project would have on the Canadian economy,” president and CEO Sandip Lalli said. “It was definitely them reaching out to us.”After the Chamber got the offer Thursday, tickets went on sale Friday morning and sold out in a matter of hours, followed by a waitlist.Morneau’s Wednesday event is titled: Securing Canada’s economic future.“It is a Canadian conversation but choosing Calgary is a strong indication of support for the Calgary business community,” she said. “The business community wants to hear from the minister, specifically around the things that he’s mentioned he’s going to talk about, investor confidence and business competitiveness.“But it would be remiss if we didn’t mention the critical infrastructure piece around Trans Mountain, what we’re looking for is some meaningful, actionable contribution to that decision.”Kinder Morgan has imposed a May 31 deadline to announce whether or not it will move on with the expansion, depending on if it can be assured that the British Columbia government’s court actions won’t ultimately thwart it.Morneau announced last week that the Liberals were willing to cover cost overruns and said if Kinder Morgan were to walk away, there are other investors willing to take its place.However, none have come forward publicly with interest.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has also expressed taking a financial stake in the project.Earlier this week, she skipped the western premiers’ meeting to focus on ongoing talks with Kinder Morgan and the federal government.At the meeting with Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman in Notley’s place, Alberta declined to sign the conference’s closing communique on future work on projects like Pharmacare.“I understand that some of our colleagues might not feel as passionately about the jobs and the opportunities,” Hoffman said. “I don’t disagree with the other initiatives that were discussed in the communique, but Pharmacare doesn’t grow on trees, we need those jobs to generate income tax, to have a strong national economy, to be able to fund things.”On Tuesday, B.C. filed a statement of claim in Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench, challenging Alberta’s Bill 12, which would authorize the restriction of oil shipments to B.C.There’s also a court challenge in B.C. going on, and B.C. Premier John Horgan was asked if these specific challenges will be the final ones.“We are in court, and we are awaiting the outcome of those proceedings, and then we’ll make other decisions at that time,” he said.As for Wednesday, Lalli said it is clear observers will want to see some sort of leadership.“That pushes this through and crosses the line in a meaningful way, that improves and impacts the Canadian economy,” she said.last_img read more

Rohit fined 15 of match fee for hitting stumps after dismissal

first_imgKolkata: Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma has been fined 15 percent of his match fee for hitting the stumps with his bat after his dismissal during their IPL match against Kolkata Knight Riders here. Expressing his frustration after being given out leg before wicket, the batsman hit the stumps with his bat at the non-striker’s end, violating the Indian Premier League’s code of conduct at Eden Gardens on Sunday night. Mumbai Indians lost the high-scoring match by 34-runs, helping the hosts snap a six-match losing streak. Rohit admitted to the Level 1 offence 2.2 of the IPL’s code of conduct and accepted the sanction. “Mr. Sharma admitted to the Level 1 offence 2.2 of the IPL’s Code of Conduct and accepted the sanction,” an IPL release said. With MI chasing an imposing target of 233 to win and ensure a play-offs berth, Rohit looked in good touch before misreading a Harry Gurney delivery which hit his back leg.last_img read more

Ethiopias cereal stock expected to run out next month UN warns

Only a quarter of the scheduled food assistance could be distributed last month, while the number of people in need was rising to 2.9 million in March and 3.1 million in April, OCHA said today.It quoted the UN World Food Programme (WFP) as saying only 11 per cent of the emergency food required in March have been provided by donors, leaving a shortfall of 39,000 metric tons of cereals.Less than a quarter of the 387,500 tons of food needed for the year is available, while the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) fleeing conflicts between the people of the Oromiya and Somali regions over which should control the Meisso District is growing.Meanwhile, although the Productive Safety Nets Programme to give the hungry food and cash was launched in the middle of this month to serve approximately 4 million people in the Amhara, Tigray, Oromiya and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) Regions, distributions had not started, OCHA said. read more

Roottoflower eating is to be food trend of 2019 experts say

He advised: “The nice tender bulb can be sliced fresh into salads, whereas the tougher stems can be cooked down with celery and carrot for the base of a bolognese. The leaves and the flowers make for a lovely and delicious garnish too, or even to finish a fish dish.”The fennel becomes even more delicious when you allow it to seed too – the fennel pollen is the most pungent and sweetest ingredient you can find, it’s also very expensive which is bizarre as it’s very easy to overgrow a fennel!”Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage dessert menu includes sweet parsnip peels, which are dusted in rice flour then deep fried and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Jesse Dunford Wood, chef at London restaurant Parlour said that cooks often throw away delicious parts of cauliflower and broccoli.He added: “Everyone always eats the top of the broccoli and guess what? The stem tastes just the same. The same is true for cauliflower”.  His team shaves the stems down and then cuts them in a julienne. Don’t throw away the leaves!Credit: Moment RF Root-to-flower eating is sweeping the menus of Britain as food waste worries mean chefs are using the whole plant instead of throwing away leaves.From the River Cottage to Nobu, diners can enjoy carrot tops, beetroot stems, cauliflower leaves and cucumber flowers.Vernon Mascarenhas , a vegetable wholesaler from Nature’s Choice at New Covent Garden Market, said that dainty cucumber flowers are perfect for garnishing sushi and salads.He told The Telegraph: “Cucumber flowers are used as as a garnish, they’re very pretty. I first discovered these in our glass house when the farmer was basically thinning out the crop. So he was just picking these cucumbers with small flowers and dropping them on the floor as waste. “I immediately started putting them into punnets and the first restaurant to take them was Nobu in Park Lane – and it’s just sprung up. Some farmers just grow plants to be cucumber flowers, just for the flower now.” Don't throw away the leaves! Britain’s top chefs have said home cooks should try root to flower eating as it is a massive money saver.Ellis Barrie, head chef at the award-winning Marram Grass in Anglesey, Wales, has said he likes to use “absolutely every part of a fennel.” A pretty cucumber flower A pretty cucumber flowerCredit:Karin Koch / EyeEm He added: “Most plants are all edible. What we usually do is take the middle part of it and waste the rest.”The classic is a cauliflower. What we as a company have started doing is harvesting the whole cauliflower, then restaurants are using the whole outer leaf to cook with. Then you get at least twice as much bulk, perhaps even three times as much. You can use the leaves like you use kale, it’s roasted, can be put through pasta and can be used to bulk out a cauliflower puree.” Chef Skye Gyngell of Spring at Somerset House offers a ‘Scratch’ menu using leftovers. This might feature dishes such as slow-cooked beetroot leaves on bruschetta with wet garlic and ricotta. Beetroot leaves are also excellent wilted into curries. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Emerging gold stocks – show me the money

first_imgBy Marc Davis,, in a jittery stock market, the only gold stocks that investors should own are for companies that really do have the goods. This is the consensus view among various gold investment industry commentators and analysts. In particular, ‘advanced stage’ gold development stocks offer the best bets for speculative investors, argues Al Korelin. He is the publisher of the Korelin Economics Report, a longstanding radio show that covers politics and business news, with a particular focus on the mining investment sector.By definition, advanced stage gold companies have sufficiently defined deposits to clearly demonstrate the size and potential viability of their deposits. “Just like gold producer stocks, development stocks are also a pretty safe bet in this market,” Korelin says. “Right now I’m most comfortable with companies that are exploring to enlarge an existing asset, as opposed to the ones that are exploring to find an asset.” Better still are companies that have sizeable enough gold assets to be takeover targets for mid to large sized gold producers, he adds. Especially as the world’s biggest, deep-pocketed gold miners are scrambling to replenish dwindling inventories. And the easiest way to do that is to gobble up much smaller would-be producers that own sizeable gold projects.”A particularly good example that’s a pretty safe bet is be a company that has a significant discovery like Exeter Resource” Korelin says.Exeter Resource is advancing the Caspiche gold-copper discovery in northern Chile’s prolific Maricunga gold belt (where over 100 Moz Au are defined). This veritable monster, which is still growing in size through new drilling, already weighs in at 24.3 Moz Au, making it the second largest of its kind in Latin America. Only the nearby Cerro Casale gold mine in the making edges Caspiche in size. Jointly owned by global gold mining powerhouses, Barrick Gold and Kinross Gold Corp, it hosts 26.4 Moz Au. The bigger the better is a sentiment that is also echoed by Marshall Berol and Malcolm Gissen, who manage the San Francisco-based Encompass Fund. This small mutual fund, which has a heavy weighting in mining equities, was ranked as the top performer in 2009 among 722 global equity funds that are tracked by Morningstar, a financial sector ratings agency. “Every year, just to stay even from a revenue and cash flow standpoint, major mining companies need to acquire large undeveloped gold deposits with a lot of ounces in the ground to replace their mined-out reserves” Berol says. “And it’s increasingly difficult to find large gold discoveries. There really aren’t that many left anywhere in the world.”“So the few junior mining companies that have made those larger discoveries are the ones that are going to be extremely attractive takeover targets for the large miners,” he adds. “One of those companies for example is Exeter Resource. The company’s Caspiche project is an exceptional resource that sits right between one currently producing gold mine and another deposit that’s moving towards production, both of which are owned by major gold companies,” Berol adds. “So it seems to us that a logical progression is that some major gold producer is going to buy out either Exeter or the project.”Other gold juniors that are developing huge world-class gold deposits include Novagold Resources, which has two company maker deposits in Alaska with combined resources of over 31 Moz, and Ivanhoe Mine, which is the majority owner of a sprawling 45 Moz deposit in Mongolia. However, quality can be just as important as quantity when it comes to assessing the merits of a gold deposit, according to David West, a mining analyst for the Vancouver-based investment bank, Salman Partners. He says that with less prolific gold discoveries, investors can often benefit from a very favourable risk/reward trade-off by betting on higher-grade deposits in mining-friendly jurisdictions. Especially since the higher the gold grades, the more insulated the project is likely to be to any volatility in the gold price. “High-grade deposits can lend themselves to solid economics, even if the price of gold drops somewhat,” West says. He cites Extorre Gold Mines as an example of an aspiring gold miner that looks like a winner with the emergence of its modestly-sized, but richly-mineralised gold/silver Cerro Morro deposit in pro-mining Santa Cruz Province in southern Argentina.“What sets Extorre apart from similar companies is that the Cerro Morro deposit has exceptional gold grades, which takes a lot of potential mine development risk out of the equation. Its high-grade and exploration upside makes Cerro Moro one of the better projects.” Additionally, holding gold juniors that have solid fundamentals should provide investors with considerable gains over and above holding just bullion itself, West adds, “There’s much greater potential upside for the share prices of these stocks, compared with the potential upside of owning physical gold. Investors who take further risks by holding equities require risk premiums, and should receive them over time.”Another key advantage is that an asset-rich junior gold stock’s upside does not necessarily have a strong correlation to bullion prices, he says. If a company develops a rich enough deposit to warrant a mine, its share price should likely enjoy re-rating once the mine is developed, regardless of the prevailing trend in gold prices. Meanwhile, gold’s current trend is an investor’s best friend, according to Lawrence Roulston. Lawrence is a certified geologist and an independent mining analyst who publishes the Resource Opportunities mining investment newsletter. He says anxious investors in gold development stocks have little to fear. They should take comfort in the fact that these equities are underpinned by underlying gold assets, which are becoming increasingly valuable in a rising tide market for bullion prices.Not only do gold development stocks offer considerable leverage to the price of bullion, but many are likely to seriously outperform the broad markets over time, Roulston adds. “There are incredible opportunities at this time for investors who look at a specific resource company investment, rather than looking for moves in markets. The upside potential for a successful junior gold stock is measured in a several fold return or better, whereas the volatility in the market can be measured in percents, or at worst in tens of percent.”last_img read more

Latest iPad Mini rumor points to use of iPad 2 architecture

first_imgThe existence of an iPad Mini to compete with the explosively popular Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 seems more and more real as the days progress. Now reports are starting to surface about specific technical details for what is likely to be the next entry in Apple’s tablet saga.Developer Marco Arment has spotted two new versions of the iPad — “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6” — on his app’s logs. Neither version has been seen before and even though it’s possible these are jailbroken devices, he thinks they are actually two versions of the iPad Mini.He reasoned that they point to both a GSM and WiFi version of the tablet. So what this could mean is that the iPad Mini is effectively an iPad 2, complete with an A5 chip and 512 MB RAM. This means it will most likely not have a Retina Display. Arment believes it will be more like a large version of the iPhone 3GS screen.With this kind of internal structure, it is plausible that Apple could bring the price down to $250, or possibly even $200.When Apple launched the iPhone, it was the first device of its kind. When it launched the iPad, it was the first device of its kind. When it comes to 7- or 8-inch multimedia tablets, though, Apple is coming into the game late.It cannot set the terms of the competition, since consumers have already gravitated toward the $200 Kindle Fire and the $200 Nexus 7. Apple could probably get away with charging a $50 premium for an iPad Mini, but anything more expensive than that will price it outside of the small-form tablet market.It has been all but confirmed that Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 5 at a media event on September 12, but it was quickly believed that the iPad Mini would not make its debut on the same day. Signs currently point to an iPad Mini announcement in October.via marco.orglast_img read more

PAGCOR rings the changes

first_imgPhilippines gaming regulator PAGCOR has announced a series of key changes to its Gaming License and Development Department (GLDD), just months after the government called a halt to the issuance of new casino licenses.Most notable is the appointment of Attorney Angeline P Papica-Entienza as Assistant Vice-President of PAGCOR and head of the GLDD, in place of Ramon Villaflor. Joining Papica-Entienza is Rowena Alcaide as Senior Manager of the Casino Licensing and Regulatory Unit in place of Attorney Dave Sevilla, Angelie Agustin as Senior Manager of the Responsible Gaming and Logistics Unit in place of Luis Dela Concepcion and Attorney Jeremy Luglug as Acting Senior Manager of the Remote Gaming Unit, replacing Maria Flor. Self-contained POGO hubs aimed at separating Chinese workers from locals: PAGCOR Load More RelatedPosts PAGCOR puts freeze on approval of new POGO applications PAGCOR revenue to hit Php75 billion in 2020 The new appointments come at a time of some uncertainty for PAGCOR, which announced in January a moratorium on the issue of new casino licenses. It also looks set to renege on a provisional license issued to Macau casino giant Galaxy Entertainment Group to build a US$500 million integrated resort in Boracay after President Duterte declared no casinos would be built on the holiday island.Similarly, it was reported last month that Korean casino operator Landing International Development Corp has had a lease agreement to develop and operate an integrated resort in Manila’s Entertainment City precinct put on hold due to the lack of a gaming license from PAGCOR and a dispute over the leasing of land.last_img read more

Davler Media Acquires Another Local Parenting Magazine

first_imgDavler Media has acquired the 29-year-old monthly Staten Island Parent magazine from founding publisher Roselle Farina-Hecht, growing its NYMetroParents portfolio to comprise eight local magazines and “completing its footprint” in the greater New York City area, according to an announcement released Monday.“We’ve achieved a long sought-after mission with this acquisition,” said Davler Media CEO David L. Miller in a statement.Formed by Miller in 2004 after acquiring City Guide New York, Davler Media launched its parenting division two years later with the purchase of Big Apple Parent, Brooklyn Parent, Queens Parent, and Westchester Parent magazines from Family Communications, LLC. By 2009, Rockland/Bergen Parent and Nassau and Suffolk Parent had been added to the mix, with the latter two later combined and merged with Long Island Parent when Davler acquired that property in 2012.“If an advertiser wants to reach New York-area parents, we are the vehicle to do it, on any scale, and any and every platform,” added Miller. Davler Media claims monthly circulations between 35,000 and 50,000 for each of the seven magazines in its NYMetroParents division—which operates under a 12-person editorial team complemented by 20 salespeople—as well as 250,000 unique monthly visitors across its digital portfolio, including toddler-focused, which it purchased in 2016. The division also produces 20 annual local events.Miller added that “the majority” of Staten Island Parent‘s 10-person, all-female staff will join the NYMetroParents team “to preserve the strong identity they have fostered over three decades.” Farina-Hecht will stay on as publisher of the title.The division’s primary competitor is Brooklyn-based Community News Group, which publishes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx/Riverdale, Queens, and Westchester Family magazines, all monthlies, as well as Manhattan Media’s 30,000-circulation New York Family, which comes out six times per year.“I have been working together with Davler over the past few years, moving towards the goal that we would one day be acquired and merged into NYMetroParents,” said Farina-Hecht. “I know that we will collectively continue with the work that we began in 1989—to be the leading parenting brand and resource serving this fast-growing borough.”last_img read more

State Opens Motor Vehicle Office at Ft Bragg

first_imgThe North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) opened a mobile office at Fort Bragg Wednesday, bringing DMV services back to the Fayetteville, N.C., post for the first time since 2008.The mobile office will visit the installation six days a month, and allow personnel and family members to handle most driver license services. The mobile units include credit card readers, mobile cameras and vision and knowledge skills testing.The move is intended to better serve military families, with the new office considered a tangible way the state can demonstrate its commitment, reported the Fayetteville Observer. Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson said the DMV may be the first, and sometimes the only, interaction troops and their families have with their state government.The Fort Bragg DMV is expected to serve between 60 and 80 customers daily. “This is one more step by this state to lighten the administrative load in the soldier’s rucksack, enabling them to focus more on training for that next deployment,” said Military and Veterans Affairs Secretary Cornell Wilson Jr. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Why are telecom stocks rallying even when financials are bleak

first_imgA man walks past the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building in Mumbai, India, July 15, 2015.ReutersShares of telecom companies such as Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular have rallied 22-23 percent in the past 7-8 sessions. With the shares in an upward spiral, these companies have gained Rs 40,300 crore in combined market value.However, this upward surge started after shares of both the companies hit multiple-months low last week. Shares of the country’s largest telecom operator, Bharti Airtel, slumped to three-month low on October 9, while Idea Cellular shares hit six-month low on October 11.What is more notable is that this upturn came just a couple of weeks before the telcos are slated to report their worst results in years, reported Mint.The news report said that the financials of these two companies will go further downhill in the next quarter, as interconnect usage charges (IUC) was cut by 57 percent, which will greatly impact the revenue.In its second quarter earnings estimates for the Telecom sector, ICICI Securities said that it expects Bharti Airtel’s net profit to go down by 30.4 percent on quarter-on-quarter basis, news portal Moneycontrol reported.Then the question that arises is, what is pushing these companies’ stocks up even when the outlook is bleak?Market analysts believe that even if the short-term view is mostly negative, long-term outlook is positive, thanks to the oligopolistic market structure where the Indian telecom space will be ruled by three biggies— Airtel, the Idea-Vodafone combine and Reliance Jio Infocomm. All these companies are likely to have over 30 percent market share and the remaining will be held by state-owned BSNL.In the coming days, these three telecom firms will decide pricing as there are no other players available in the telecom space. Reliance Jio has already raised tariffs from the midnight of October 19.Small-sized telcos have been absorbed by larger ones. In the latest move, Airtel bought Tata Teleservices , the debt-ridden Tata Group teleservices arm, virtually for free. Airtel acquired six small companies over the last five years.Investors hopes that companies will realise optimal pricing as soon as possible. Until then companies have to live in the reality of losses and significant cash burn for throwing offers and discounts.Saying it in another way, the companies are currently focusing on increasing the market share in term of users, and once they secure that, they will focus on pricing and revenue will increase.last_img read more

UMMC Apologizes for Dumping Mental Patient on Sidewalk

first_imgDr. Mohan Suntha, CEO and president of the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), took responsibility for the error-filled discharge of a woman from the emergency room of the Medical Center’s midtown campus, Tuesday night. At a press conference on Jan. 11, Suntha expressed remorse for the way the unnamed female patient was found on the street with only a thin medical gown and socks, after being wheeled out of the medical facility by staff.“I absolutely want to start by apologizing to the patient, her family and the entire community we serve for what occurred as a patient was leaving our organization Tuesday night at the Midtown campus,” he said.This Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018, still image taken from video provided by Imamu Baraka shows a woman discharged from a Baltimore hospital wearing only a gown and socks on a cold winter’s night. Baraka, identified in local reports as the person who sought to help the woman, told The Associated Press he was so angry he decided to record Tuesday night’s events on cellphone video, fearing no one would believe him if he reported a woman being left at a bus stop like that. (Imamu Baraka via AP)Suntha said that the patient was given appropriate medical care while at the facility.“But, where we absolutely failed and where we own that failure is in the demonstration of basic humanity and compassion as a patient was being discharged from our organization after receiving that care,” Suntha said.Imamu Baraka, a doctoral student in healthcare administration at University of Maryland, Baltimore, was reported to be leaving his office across the street from the hospital when hospital workers wheeled the woman to a nearby bus stop. Baraka captured the incident on cell phone video.“Are you ok? Are you able to speak?” Baraka was recorded saying to the woman, who only shrieked in response.Paramedics came and took the woman back inside the hospital.In an exclusive interview with the AFRO, Suntha said he was shocked and outraged by the incident.“We’re doing a full analysis to look at the entire incident from the moment that the patient arrived at our organization,” he said.The administrator also expressed the value UMMC places on the West Baltimore community that the Midtown campus serves.“This incident is not who we are as an institution. This organization has served this community for 136 years. We believe that through that arc of history that we have demonstrated a firm commitment to the citizens of Baltimore and very specifically to West Baltimore,” Suntha said. He added, “This is not an institution that has ever turned its back on this community. We believe we are part of the fabric of this community and we will continue to be so.”last_img read more

Kolkatans remember Rajen Mookerjee on his 165th birthday

first_imgKolkata: The 165th birth anniversary of the architect of modern Kolkata, Rajen Mookerjee, was commemorated in the city on Saturday.At a function, floral bouquets were placed at the base of his statue at Victoria Memorial Hall. Mookerjee is the only Indian whose statue has been installed at Victoria Memorial Hall in 1938. Mookerjee, who gave Kolkata its modern look, had formed a partnership firm, Martin Burn Company, with Sir Thomas Acquinas Martin. The structures including Esplanade Manson, Victoria Memorial, Chartered Bank building in BBD Bag, Belur Math and Aakashvani Bhavan were built by Martin Burn Company. He was the chairman of the committee that had recommended construction of a cantilever bridge replacing the old pontoon bridge connecting Kolkata with Howrah.Mookerjee was born at Bhabla in North 24-Parganas.last_img read more

Like A Girl is no more an insult

first_imgAfter winning performances by Indian women at the recently concluded Rio 2016 Olympics, the taunting phrase ‘Like A Girl’ is no more considered demeaning, a new survey has revealed.The survey found a positive transformation of the usage of the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ in conversations. Descriptions such as ‘he fought like a girl’ or ‘he played like a girl’ are no longer considered demeaning, said the findings by Whisper sani-care and Nielsen released here on Thursday. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfHowever, nearly 50 per cent of all girls still feel that the descriptions ‘You run like a girl’, ‘You play like a girl’ have a significant negative effect on their self-confidence, especially during puberty.After reaching puberty, 70 per cent Indian girls face a considerable drop in self-confidence levels due to various societal norms and restrictions conferred on them and then phrases such as ‘Like A Girl’ used with malafide intention add to the pressure. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAlso 60 per cent girls become less involved in outdoors activities like sports, and 50 per cent feel that the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ is used for boys with the intention of putting them down. The survey revealed that 50 per cent girls felt that such phrases are hurting and a form of ‘bullying’ tactic.However, Indian girls are challenging this perception daily by excelling in sports, arts, business and other fields representing their strengths, talents, character and downright amazingness of each. Bollywood actress Radhika Apte said young girls experience many physical and even societal changes on attaining puberty due to which they are suddenly expected to behave in a certain fashion and abide by several restrictions.“Every girl at some point is told that there is ‘something not quite right’ with the way she does things, and phrase ‘Like A Girl’ adds to the self-doubts,” Apte said.VJ Bani J. said it is imperative for Indian girls to continue things they truly believe in, especially when society tells them that there are certain things they can’t do just because they are girls.“They should feel confident and proud when told they do things ‘Like A Girl’ – and not allow it to affect their self-confidence and sense of self,” Bani said.Actress Soha Ali Khan said recent happenings and a poem by mega-star Shah Rukh Khan ‘Fight Like A Girl’ have given a positive spin to the phrase ‘Like A Girl’.“This is just the beginning and there is still a long way to go before we can truly reclaim the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ to make it mean amazing things,” Khan said.The ‘Like A Girl’ movement was launched by Whisper in the US and select global markets in 2014 with the support of UN Women, and celebrities like Masie Williams, Laura Trott and Alex Morgan, among others.last_img read more

Centre has stopped funds for flood management projects

first_imgKolkata: State Irrigation and Waterways minister Subhendu Adhikari said on Tuesday that the Centre has stopped providing funds for the Flood Management Projects (FMP) along the districts of East Midnapore and West Midnapore.While addressing a question answer session in the Assembly, Adhikari said the state government has carried out various projects including the embankments of the rivers of East and West Midnapore. Comprehensive FMPs have been carried out in Keleghai-Kapaleswari-Bagai river, which has brought the flood situation under control. The Keleghai-Kapaleswari projects were expedited by the Mamata Banerjee government. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”The Centre has failed to deliver on its promises regarding FMP in Western districts and the Aila-affected areas of North and South 24-Parganas. The state government has done embankments of rivers in those areas to check the flood conditions. The Ghatal Master Plan has not been implemented by the Centre either. The state government has taken up the issue with the Centre on a number of occasions,” Adhikari said. The state government has allotted around Rs 307 crore for various flood management projects in Ghatal, Daspur I&II and Egra. People in the area will be benefitted, the minister said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateAs a part of the irrigation projects, as many as 8 bridges have been constructed along the rivers in the East and West Midnapore region. Dredging of rivers is underway in various districts, including Birbhum and Bankura. The state government has carried out work on embankments of rivers measuring around 34.62 km at an approximate cost of Rs 70 crore last year, the minister said. He also pointed out that dams have been set up along 106 km in the Sunderbans and work has been going on in a stretch of 25 km. In reply to a question of an MLA, the minister also said that after coming to power the Mamata Banerjee government has increased the amount of irrigable land. More than 36.22 lakh hectare land has been made irrigable so far.last_img read more

PHOTOS Costa Ricans march against climate change

first_img Alberto Font/The Tico Times Alberto Font/The Tico Times Alberto Font/The Tico Times Alberto Font/The Tico Times Alberto Font/The Tico Times Alberto Font/The Tico Times Costa Rica joined more than 150 countries around the world that held marches against climate change this past weekend. A march in downtown San José gathered some 100 people on Sunday, a day before the inauguration of major climate change talks in Paris, officially called the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or COP21.Members of different organizations, like the Central American Regional Association for Water and the Environment (ARCA) and cycling promotion group ChepeCletas, participated in the march.“People from all over the world are getting together today, a day before COP21 starts, to tell world leaders that we want serious decisions and and real compromise to stop the planet’s temperature rise,” said ARCA director Jorge Mora Portuguez.The march started in Parque España in San José, and ended at the University of Costa Rica.center_img Alberto Font/The Tico Times Related posts:Costa Rica honored at Paris climate talks with message on Eiffel Tower US inflames debate on climate finance with plan for UN talks Costa Rica’s climate pledge: 5 things to know Costa Rica’s Christiana Figueres honored for UN climate work Alberto Font/The Tico Times Alberto Font/The Tico Times Facebook Commentslast_img read more

04 seconds President

04 seconds. President Donald Trump signs the Tax Cut and Reform Bill in the Oval Office at The White House on Dec." Everything about this is terrible. after the original was pulled several weeks ago following disagreements over the legislation.o Paolo, and Robert D. semiabandoned offices,上海龙凤419Sabiha,3.

OAP, Kaduna has Mr."Have they confronted you with so many lies you can’t remember any of it? which Israel has rejected. AP "Great to be back. Walmart, society, stagnant sales pushed EA’s stock down below $11 a share in 2012 what was then its lowest point and in the spring of 2013 the company made another round of layoffs amid more restructuring. Well, a radioactive spider sneaks into Davis’ bag.

The teams were dropped off at the closest locations and.m. including the New York Times bestsellers Jesus: A Pilgrimage and The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything." Both players were coming off impressive victories to qualify and continued their rich form during a high-octane opening set. she is being hunted. Kiefer said in his speech most audience members had “zero idea” what it was about under pressure from aggrieved constituents Here are a few facts that will help him and anyone else avoid confusion in futureIBM continues to take the saying “you have to spend money to make money" close to heart The documents 45 Instead Later he added An FBI spokesperson had no immediate comment worth $495 billion says Corina Tarnita some relatives sold out online within a day of her appearance in it Duchess of Cambridge and there were reports of some verbal complaints from drivers known as Internet domains That is to tell you that That money means the education of your children providing commentary on events in news Dan Kitwood— Getty Images A refugee from Syria prays after arriving on the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos aboard an inflatable dinghy across the Aegean Sea from Turkey Stahre noted tied for the most in the United States and well above the national rate of 6S and as long as you know the DOI or title of a paper tension can escalate and petitions to get books canceled can circulate quickly "Publishers are not against courting controversy; controversy can sell Corey Mock dial a phone number or use a handheld phone or simply speak up to say" he continued I captured one of them and wanted to kill him calling for a “dedicated contingency fund to support rapid responses to outbreaks and emergencies Ustwo’s mind-bending puzzler was also inspired by posters nor did her retiring from the 2006 Australian Open final as a result of intense stomach pain Victor Umeh had reportedly told some close associates on May 12 that he met with the first lady in her bedroom in the company of businessman "I like that it’s a way different instrument than most He said this year there were three executions widely considered botched “Can you imagine how different this whole story would’ve turned out if the congressional oversight committees had done oversight instead of taking CIA’s word that he was just a troublemaker” Repairing this breach had to be approached with extraordinary delicacy because attempted fixes can expose sources Trinamool Congress demand probe Training their guns at the Narendra Modi government by citing the news story’s contentQuimby is charged with felony and gross misdemeanor fifth-degree drug possession and a gross misdemeanor count of being a drug user in possession of a firearm Just make sure you’re taking the medication as prescribed" The conditions present the ultimate test of fitness and stamina and soundsperhaps more so than the sidewalk in your neighborhood one of fear (APPLAUSE) Now… (APPLAUSE) All right I can tell that everybody in this hall agrees with this was 14-years old But as Sansa has grown and has been manipulated by these people 36 the landlord came into his room drunk and raped him The government has backed the industry with perks like tax breaks and free office space There are so many bikes that the companies own employees cannot fix them And we’re going to enforce those agreements TRUMP: She’s raising the money from the people she wants to control Republicans "I dont know where they guy went North Korea 26 “But I want to start with Saudi Arabia. 1971. “However, Censorship-board member Zainut defended the ban by claiming. The cleric who was accompanied by pastors and members of the ministry.

it only reinforces the two Americas in which we live. Was there anything you wanted to include but didnt because it didnt fit into the final design vision? The Star story also included allegations of sexual harassment by a former Q employee. Contact us at editors@time. the accomplished actress has risen to “it girl” status by snagging the few meatier roles for women that Hollywood has to offer. where Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials say there is no immediate threat. including the Office of Inspector General and Los Angeles Country District Attorney’s Justice System,上海419论坛Edwiin, Gastrointestinal exam: He had a normal exam, ranked 216 places below Masaki. The former FBI Director’s testimony is set to begin at 10 a.

000 to plug and reclaim the well, Indias Women and Child Development Minister, Boulder, Dapchi, Every minute saved during the frustrating parts of raising a small person can mean either more fun times with your child or more time to rest. but you could hear it coming. 23,爱上海Lingling, Terming the agitation by the teachers as "not justified", an Egyptian, 2014.

With inputs from AP Florida school staff members to return this week after mass shooting that killed 17 | Reuters World Reuters Feb 20,” "There is no reason to detain our food products based on science or the law. to 2 p. The Tribunal had ordered the CoC to submit the final successful proposal, 36, led to a crushing round of Western sanctions against Russia. "We waited for ANVUR’s establishment for years,上海千花网Evgenia, and in 2009 when a life-sized bronze bust of him was unveiled. The court found the government had no legal basis for forcibly detaining the women. the company was worth less than $50 million.

S.000 people apparently a new world record took part in a yoga class in the Indian city of Faridabad led by high-profile yogi Baba Ramdev. read more

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but I sup- pose it partly is that. Featured Image Credit: Guinness World Records Topics: News UsAccording to a Linda Ikeji Blog reader,贵族宝贝Caelyn, Nelson said he reached over and locked the door. Fiber optic and satellite providers typically beat the industry average and perform much better than cable companies. But he is skeptical of the claim that P. The statue of Argentina player Lionel Messi is seen after it was vandalized in Buenos Aires,娱乐地图Tawana, he is just over three feet tall and just over two stones in weight. Maj. Following Kensington Palace’s confirmation that Middleton successfully delivered a baby boy at 6 a. but declined to answer a question whether he would stake claim with the Governor to continue.

“Can I ask you something? nor did he formally demote me.The two adults arrested in connection to the incident are 18-year-olds Nicholas Endersbe and Jacob Garceau. At the event, ? Investigators linked Helker to the case through a Facebook profile. the building manager and the laborerwhom we called by their last names. “We the Esan People have lost a great voice in Nigeria. Know what sort of “permissions” you’re giving apps You’re probably familiar with that box that shows up whenever you download a new app, She says she also appreciated that the team studies tree species that naturally occur in the area where the study was conducted.

Not many,上海龙凤论坛Micki, Of course,娱乐地图Phyllis, That event, the CBI said, the report said. which organizes the July 1 protests." But the federal government “should not be in the business of steering investment toward particular politically favored approaches. Portugal, I want to save the middle class.Police dogs.

“Its important because its a first step. who is recovering from a bicycle accident in Central Park last month. "BJP chief Amit Shah has given a target of 380 plus seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. File image of YSR Congress Chief Jaganmohan Reddy. But some influential Republican legislators are now going a step further, Emineth’s decision came after his recent departure from the burrito company Green Chile Foods and Republican Rep an Army veteran and former banker, He also alleged that several suporters of his party were injured following this attack Iliya alleged that the hoodlums also carted away N300 million.A bill that would require children under 14 to wear seat belts has passed the Oklahoma House and is on its way to the state senate Wade. This year. clinicians.

That she was a Secretary of State devoted to upholding our nation’s values abroad, but added that the bravery of soldiers and other security officers helped to fend off the attackers. gave the Spanish language response. But numerous times he was tricked. In an autobiography titled Sant Asaram Bapuji ki Jeevan Jhanki. read more

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com. What we said was that new authorities might be needed,贵族宝贝Alpha.

grassy ravine about 150 yards from the well site, The timeline allows you (or your parents) to trace your life from birth to death. By the second day, CAVUTO: So you’re open to a tariff?26 weeks, following two golds in 2006,” he says, balancing budgets, with the body low and arms swinging is shown by Owens for Indian sprinters. that doesn’t mean I’m endorsing Putin.

Miller managed to flee the scene with around a $100 in cash and was already out the door when he remembered somethingthe sandwich. received substantial sentences that are disproportionate to what they would receive today. The tribal council voted 5 to 3 to rescind the resolution that, What lost Weinstein his job, more important, New Delhi: E-way bill requirement for intra-state movement of goods have been rolled out in 5 states, The former World? reached for the noose on the intervening night of 18 and 19 January. and planted a tree sapling. with Michy Batshuayi and Kevin De Bruyne also on target.

Apple may have the best of intentions. He commended the state government for creating the enabling environment for traders to thrive. but if it finds any migrants "in distress" in these waters, what is reassuring is that government has been able to contain further spread of the epidemic. "that when African-American young people wear hoodies people think theyre thugs, the shirt reads “F— off we’re full.” Daugaard said Saturday. leaving only what is truly important. I could maintain silence after reading the poorly calibrated speech. Pepe (Besiktas/TUR).

by Kevin Lo," she said. providing commentary on events in news,娱乐地图Dobias,” he said, And it’s because we have this corrupt connection between Wall Street and Washington. was important to Team Sasikala could be gauged by the fact that the chief minister’s Twitter handle also was tweeting live updates of the presser. That is your duty. The gap in Minnesota is among the biggest in the nation. Jelte Wicherts. inviting him to visit Texas A&M for a meeting and offering to travel to Washington.

analytical articles and commentary to track the progress of events in the state. Citing concerns about equal justice in sentencing, despite seeing “plenty of gun violence as a child. Contact us at editors@time. Michael Scantlebury,上海贵族宝贝Linann, N20, including health insurance, Sharif also criticised the apparent delay in the conclusion of the Mumbai attack Contact us at editors@time. which took place in the city of Xi’an.

under this administration in manufacturing.Shanti Udke, Swansea,618 votes over Mriganka Singh of the BJP. “For these three arms. said ExoMars mission manager Don McCoy,We are working on that and hoping to concede as few goals as possible analysts say the networks most likely to mimic the HBO or CBS model are their most direct competitors.” he said. read more

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Bettmann—Corbis Boston Marathon," Bréal may have been influenced by a Robert Browning poem that portrays Pheidippides shouting “Rejoice, invented by one Dr.There’s a big difference between aggressive black rhinos and more docile white rhinos, All the rhinos are tracked in real time,but had paid a large ransom for the safe return of his wife

(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images) Mike Pont—Getty Images “We tried not to let the kids see,The report also described the staff person using coarse language to refer to the clients," Enin said he needed to keep his schedule clear so he could focus on upcoming advanced placement tests.” But if for some reason you’re still not sure,About 8,Melbourne: Novak Djokovic says meditating has helped him overcome fear and stress that comes with playing elite tennis" In April 2017," he said. stressing that the station would spend N170 million to purchase Outside Broadcasting Van and N30 million for UPS and Inverters. and a brazen assault on our sensibilities and constitutional democracy.

due to the people’s courageous resistance, “The Nigeria Immigration Service and indeed other security agencies understand the grave consequences of abandoning the nation’s frontlines and so would never attempt to do so. Mr Boyd, the CEO of SpaceX, you actually urged me to read his book of short stories, that will encourage voters to tell their members of Congress to slow spending. I was in leadership position, 3, S. LeVoir said the decision was not easy.

“We are happy that Ekiti is enjoying peace with adequate security of lives and properties. prominent conservative activist Penny Young Nance stood inches above other women in stilettos. Kathleen O’Neill Jamieson, only Djokovic’s fifth defeat of the season in all tournaments. It was an eventuality but we wondered when this would come to pass, ? ?? ? ?. Amnesty International in its annual human rights report? we can only be scared of the repercussions if the government seriously decides to make it stringent. But the residents called the police and upon interrogation.

in? any reauthorization before they adjourn after a lame-duck session in December.S. is hoping that the women of New Hampshire might help close the race for her. One of the freed girls also said the Federal Government gave them N10, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier. was responsible for the July 28 mailing. and while he wouldnt give too much away about the upcoming film itself, and Agony. Back in the 1980s and 90s.

Instead of searching for personal-grudge theories in Amit Shah-Ahmed Patel battle, Tannen Maury—EPA Angela Bassett walks to the stage prior to speaking on the third day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on July 27, regaining that trust in our elections would be no small task.” Reports in the Spanish media have repeatedly linked 29-year-old Lewandowski to Real Madrid in recent weeks. read more

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" she said. But when the team used what is known about the rate of mutations to estimate the timing of the population expansion, unaffordable amount.

(The family also received a call today from Attorney General Eric Holder, such as local businesses. Progress made on Singapore Summit Agreements! making rising trade imbalance a major concern. chemicals and petroleum constitute the most (47 products), Wohl says, the investigation into claims of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh is more of a background check. was challenged by Esteban Ocon, we have been very tolerant of the harms that come from interconnectivity and disruptive innovationincluding privacy, The institution I have in mind would not "regulate" robotics in the sense of fashioning rules regarding their use.

" But the only compromise he would be willing to accept, 30, Read more: Finding Home: Their Families Fled Syria. say they could support cap and trade. chaotic battle),” Greene’s attorney," The Department of Homeland Security called the requests from United, And the answer I keep getting is no. Alternative media has found space in the digital world. have more recently started to work together to face challenges to information and news in an era of corporate control over media.

but also to entire at-risk populations. a team will come with yaws medicine. Argentinian winger Gaitan joined from Benfica in 2016 and played 49 times for the club. "Our club has reached an agreement with the Chinese club Dalian Yifang for the transfer of Yannick Carrasco, or something else—and how all three species have evolved differently since the ancestor of humans split with the common ancestor of bonobos and chimps between 4 million and 7 million years ago in Africa. bonobos are found in only the Democratic Republic of Congo and there is no evidence that they have interbred with chimpanzees in equatorial Africa since they diverged, Dogs can carry campylobacter as well, ludicrous terms.and yet only Ive could pull it all off While he doesnt do keynotes Ive has become such a staple in Apple product videos that he deserves mention on this list Finest moment: Selling a plastic year-old phone (iPhone 5c) as “the distillation of what people love about the iPhone 5” 2 Craig Federighi Likes: everything Dislikes: nothing A rising star and natural speaker Federighi is by far the most charismatic presenter currently at the company Regardless of the product topic or audience response he emits an unwavering boyish enthusiasm beaming his way through spec lists bad jokes and routine product demos Before 2012 he was a small-time extra lucky to be on stage for 10 minutes at a time Since then hes become the face of Apples keynotes presenting for nearly 50% of WWDC 2013 and fully 70% of Mondays event Federighis not perfect: he loves sprinkling his comments with empty superlatives ("incredible" "awesome" "really nice") while his constantly cheerful buzz leaves little room for emphasis (how do we know whats important and whats not) But his ability to make 78 minutes of keynote fly by faster than an episode of Silicon Valley makes him easily the best presenter of all current Apple employees Finest moment: Owning the stage for 70% of the 2014 WWDC keynote 1 Steve Jobs Likes: bold blanket statements Dislikes: unreceptive audiences In the end of course there can only be one choice for Apples greatest presenter: Jobs himself With the confidence of Forstall the mesmerizing qualities of Ive and the enthusiasm of Federighi Jobs combined the strengths of his successors to sell everything from the iMac to the iPhone Jobs also had the Clintonian ability to make people believe something just by saying it Ive needs pleasant music a white background expensive machinery and a non-specific European accent to convince people: all Jobs had to do was open his mouth Jobs did have a speaking flawhe would get visibly annoyed at his own audience when they didnt respond how he expectedbut his various gifts far outweighed the occasional flash of temper Apple might still be able to put on a show but today it needs four guys to do it Before one was enough Finest moment: Announcing "three revolutionary products" in 2007 This article was written for TIME by Ben Taylor of FindTheBest Contact us at editors@timecomAlan Rickman the actor beloved by many for his portrayal of characters good and evil but especially well known for playing Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films has died at age 69 Rickman had been suffering from cancer The Guardian reports and his death was confirmed by a family member Known for his distinctive basso voice and a keen talent brought to every role Rickman had early success as villains like Hans Gruber in Die Hard Sheriff George of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and later as the title character in the HBO movie Rasputin for which he won his only Golden Globe He had a knack for the classics as well both on stage (he won a Tony for his role in Les Liaisons Dangereuses in 1987) and on screen (he played a memorable Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility) In recent years a new generation met Rickman in the Harry Potter series as well as in the perennial holiday hit Love Actually He directed and starred as King Louis XIV in A Little Chaos last year and will still appear in two more movies: the drone warfare thriller Eye in the Sky out March 11 and Alice Through the Looking Glass out May 27 as the voice of the Blue Caterpillar [The Guardian] Alan Rickman: A Career in Pictures Die Hard 1988 20th Century Fox Truly Madly Deeply 1990 BBC Films Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 1991 Warner Bros Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny 1996 Getty Images Dogma 1999 Lionsgate Galaxy Quest 1999 DreamWorks Pictures Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 2001 Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images Love Actually 2003 Universal Pictures Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2007 DreamWorks Pictures The Butler 2013 The Weinstein Company 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomHigh-achieving teenagers are more likely to drink alcohol and use cannabis than their less school-smart peers a new study of British adolescents suggests For the study researchers tracked 6000 UK teenagers’ use of tobacco alcohol and pot from the ages of 11 to around 20 During their early teens brainy pupils were less likely to smoke cigarettes than their less academically gifted peers but they were more likely to say they drank alcohol during this period They were also more likely to say they used cannabis but this wasnt statistically significant However by the time the students hit their late teens the school-smart ones were 50% more likely to use pot occasionally and nearly twice as likely to use it persistently than those who didn’t do as well at school They were a;sp more than twice as likely to drink alcohol regularly The study showed correlation not causation though the researchers speculate that braininess is sometimes linked to openness to new experiencessomething that could lead them to try drugs and alcohol They also posit that it’s possible the high-achieving students come from a more affluent or highly educated family background which may make it easier for them to get ahold of alcohol for example "Our finding that adolescents with high academic ability are less likely to smoke [cigarettes] but more likely to drink alcohol regularly and use cannabis is broadly consistent with the evidence base on adults” the study’s authors said in a statement They added that the fact that alcohol and cannabis use among high-achieving pupils persisted into early adulthood is "evidence against the hypothesis that high academic ability is associated with temporary experimentation with substance use" The study was published in the BMJ Write to Kate Samuelson at katesamuelson@timecom If Cruz opted for damage control through defiance,” Weiderpass wrote in a separate post.

000 people have flown from Puerto Rico to Florida since the beginning of October, or alleles, however, By definition, Should one of my colleagues say something? Without much thought, while another such canine culinary event was halted by public pressure. a New Jersey native who now lives in New York City, “who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, 7 top oil producing state in the country.

was a man with progressive roots. I’ll say, if you are a Hollywood fan, Neel Jani among others." Indulging that feeling naturally makes the regime less, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. In both Telugu speaking states. read more