recently asked some of the Internet Co and investment firms in the community O2O industry to be asked several common questions:

Why hasn’t O2O industry emerged in the



various community O2O services APP emerge in endlessly, but what is the reason for the high mortality rate?

?How exactly should

community O2O operate?


for this reason, I answer a few questions that we are all concerned about.

first, why hasn’t the community O2O industry come out yet?

we must first understand what is the community O2O, community O2O model in the field of traditional O2O is very special, it is more like a combination of traditional B2C business and O2O, here I first called BS2C, B, S is the business service, C is a user.

to understand the community O2O solution, you must understand the pain points of community users.

let’s take a look at several APP Internet products are now more popular and some characteristics of the pain points, known as relatively successful with the taxi drops (now drops travel) and beauty group, they are all vertical segments of the industry, it is not difficult to see that the general O2O industry are cultivating the vertical segments, they do a service is often used to solve a pain point, such as taxi drops to solve people’s travel demand, changed the people’s travel habits, while the United States is to solve people’s entertainment needs, he changed people’s life and entertainment habits.

is our community O2O but the whole scene needs of people in the community which is not a single service, but also by the basic necessities, and composite demand and individual demands together, including in this scene: Property payment, shopping, fresh distribution, home appliance repair, housekeeping services, car washing, pet, a social circle and a series of vertical segments, these vertical segments are low consumption relatively labor-intensive form.

traditional Internet Co even if only a single industry needs huge capital investment and operation team, even if the investment grade father Ma Yun nouveau riche will not dare to touch, why? Because Ma Yun’s father to the money, can not create a traditional business, including the last mile logistics distribution company, Real Estate Company, Property Management Company Electronic Science and technology, social network company, the company set a platform to do community O2O.

The problem of

‘s online platform has not been resolved, and it will soon be faced with offline problems. Offline publicity is the first threshold of property services companies, of course, if you are tyrant level community O2O platform, you can choose Focus Media such television elevator wide

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