looked at the friend of the title and thought I was flattering, so don’t read it.

a thing accepted by the people, there are two points, one is to comply with current events, in line with the development trend of things, and the other is to bring benefits to people, will be accepted. Webmaster nets today, no doubt tested these two points.

stationmaster net can develop today, I believe it is not luck, also be not accidental, but stationmaster net personnel all joint efforts result. Take this submission for it, I started a few days ago, try to get a manuscript to delivery to a dozen owners of such websites, until today, did not find a site audit, even more directly to delete, and I sent to the webmaster online the same information, network owners within 1 hours of the audit. However, even more ridiculous is that some webmaster information websites but Adsense online information of them all copied to their station, and refused to review the submissions, they don’t know is sad or our friends poor, like this, I really can not imagine what they stand when they grow up, what you like just pick up the copycat, daily news in stationmaster net behind. Maybe someone retorted that it was their freedom, they loved to publish, they did not want to publish, they didn’t publish, and if they took it as the reason why they didn’t publish it, I could only say nothing.

here I don’t belittle other webmaster information websites mean, maybe they think the web interface and content as well as the webmaster and network can catch up with stationmaster net, perhaps to sponsor advertising, mixed IDC but I, I still want to ask, this suit can not a big? Support your webmaster friends and the original information, you can stand up development? The site open to see who? From the user’s website, I think it will only be a backwater.

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