recently, I’m going to register at at the Webmaster Station, but it’s Limited – – the registrant needs to provide an invitation code. Suddenly, I found myself rejected.

through understanding, just know, with the station development, the PR value was high by some station Adsense on, and they are crazy in the above irrigation, and even braved the title of danger, advertising paste. News shows, stationmaster station current member is too much, almost saturated. Adsense station current user base is relatively fixed, it seems that the opportunity to use the invitation code has matured. Thus, in order to maintain the legitimate interests of existing members, like to denounce spam, the introduction of the registration invitation code restrictions.

I began to regret why I didn’t remember the previously registered account. Recently, one of my friends asked me if I wanted an outdated account, and told me that the date of registration was a few years ago, and so on. At this point, we understand this truth:

wine is the sweet smell of Chen, and the wine in seventeenth Century must be more expensive than in twentieth Century. Again, this rule applies to the Internet, too,

, for example, just QQ when you apply for a 6 bit number, did not feel what, to 04 years, some people began to spend money to buy a 6 bit number, because it seems to be a symbol of early contact network in other words, it is proved that the seniority. It will help you. For example, talk about business, and the other person who sees you as a six person will think you are experienced, and what you say will be very convincing, so that you can be proactive.

some people write blogs from 04 years of writing (I speak a little late), and then with you registered blog is not a minority. However, there are not many people who can write blogs with the same account until today. If you persist today, if your blog content is not very bad, then you will more or less attract some fans in the circle. I contacted the Internet from 03 years ago, registered a lot of accounts, blog, China, CSDN, and I bought space domain name, and finally on blogbus, every time I change blog, I threw my blog. One day, I was looking for information, and I stumbled on an article I wrote a long time ago. I was really touched by it. As if before casually threw a seed in the ground, N years later, here again, it has become a towering tree. Surprise? Joy? Sigh? Sad? I think these complicated feelings, readers should have met too.

03 years, I was in college, some students get personal home page, I feel fresh, but I do not want to. 04 years of graduation, see colleagues around, busy building websites, busy communities, I do not agree, and even do not understand why they are so confused, and not to focus on the technical skills. One day, my friend sent me a web site, PR 5, and visited more than ten thousand. In addition to the necessary promotion, he has persisted in updating data, maintaining some functions, and having nothing to do to send a post to the forum or pass through

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