, the sky is loud. I’m on my way. I’m here again. Where’s the scream?. Ow ~~~~

, "find one of your favorite, loving, loving, dear people to say goodbye to you,.."." this is the song that has been popular in recent days, even though Singles Day is over. Our aim is to make money do webmaster bachelor! I wish you a webmaster here next year to have on Valentine’s day, this is happy to see you smile, not just strange, you do not laugh, let me give you a smile, ha ha…..

dinner on a bowl of instant noodles, real life force, and so I have money in the future, I buy a house of instant noodles, I eat a bag is still a bag, ha ha, first let you happy, smile, ten young. Well below.

, first of all, tell me about my experience. My two websites have recently been given to K by Baidu. Feeling is: I and my girlfriend for two years, and finally she ran with other people, and for a long time, I have to give someone else for two years, ah. I have thought about hanging with the noodles, vitamin Dutch act, parachute jumping, is not dead, ants still live, and be brave to live?. We must have met the same number of people as we have, and who knows our feelings. Q-how can worry about, like a river flows to the East is pure! The station was K live, live is meaningful, meaning is alive.

we are usually brave enough to face the big crises of life, but we are depressed by the little things. The face of small difficulties, it should be more to face, perseverance is victory. If the king did not adhere to it, there would be no Admin5 today; if Robin Li did not adhere to it, there would be no Baidu today. Their insistence has created the myth of their success, and their names are admired by millions, but who knows the bitter story behind them?.

in the face of difficulties should not bow to the old people, One aims for the far-off future. God will help me! As long as we can hold on to it, we are the second king and the second Robin Li. I’ll give you a cure for worries. This method is very simple, anyone can use, give those sad people a little more hope, but also give yourself a little encouragement.

The first step in

is to first analyze the situation without fear and sincerity, and then figure out what is the worst case that could happen after the failure. My hard work site is K, but I won’t die, so thousands of dollars will be wasted.

the second step is to identify the worst possible situation and allow yourself to accept it when necessary. I said to myself, this failure, in my life is a great blemish, I might give up this website, even so, I can change a website, this failure is a good lesson, I must strive to do it.

third steps, from then on, I calmly put my time and essence

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