SEO union meeting in Ningbo in July 10th, the vast number of Ningbo webmaster put forward an important idea: "resource integration."". What is the resource integration? Resource integration theoretical understanding is: through the organization and coordination, the internal functions and external enterprises separated from each other, both to participate in a common mission and have independent economic interests of the partners are integrated into a system for customer service, 1+1 > 2; effect. The brief is complementary resources exchange, get what we need and lack of resources, from the hands of others in exchange, we will own hands to each other by using resource sharing, allowing both sides to take complementary to complete their projects faster and better, so as to reach a win-win situation.

, for example, I now have a barrel filled with water, but because of the lack of a long plate, there is a gap, the water has to flow out, and now my neighbor he happens to have a long board can be provided to me, but in exchange, I will the bucket of water poured half of his goldfish the tank, to ensure his goldfish can freely walk, so that I can be better fitted barrels of water, while his goldfish will not be because of a lack of water and dry. This is what shooting two birds with one stone is a kind of resource integration.

"integration of resources" is that many webmasters are lack of awareness, many owners of us have excellent SEO skills, but for a long time, the majority of owners are caught in a ranking and traffic "trap", focusing on the technology above, only behind closed doors, feel technical and personal ability can make up everything. We missed a wooden board, a lot of people are just trying their recycling a piece of board, and not willing to use their own resources to exchange a piece of plate from others, so a person always bustling about to tired, but can not achieve the desired effect.

so willow and everyone today to talk about the integration of resources, resources integration mode and how to integrate, let the webmaster can skillfully integrated resources, good integration, leveraging the power to make money easier.

resources are integrated in a variety of patterns. This resource can be capital, can be physical, can be virtual wealth, can be ideas, ideas, etc.. Let’s briefly talk about several integration patterns:

(1) capital integration

now the Internet is very competitive, and in order to compete in the hands of the Israeli army breakout, you need to have strong capital strength and excellent project and business model. The majority of grassroots webmaster has good technology and projects, but no capital will be able to find the capital integration, and a lot of money a lot of capital on hand, but not a good project to invest, also need to integrate the project, so the capital, has a good project and business model, will be able to do a good job.

recently, Tencent’s investment in Kingsoft has been a good project between capital integration

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