himself is a just started webmaster, just more than 10 days ago, I don’t know what is SEO, what is soft text, everything, all about the basic knowledge of the website, I don’t know. Including now is just a little bit of fur. Ashamed to say, although also have access to the Internet ten years, but I only know to chat, watch movies, to say that when the network real to me is practical, sometimes want to check what information, or want to know what knowledge, go to Baidu to search for GOOGLE. Say to know to do website, also can be a career, this is just half a month ago thing.

opened a small store a year ago and was feeling sluggish and closed in March. The wife home in Yunnan, my wife in Zhejiang, a year back to a home is not easy, after all, so far, in March the shop to others, went to Yunnan for two months and his wife returned home, it was the end of May. Have a little worry, I am a man, always take a home overhead ah, if not to the economic source, how can this day go on, but now the business is really not so good to do, a good project, there must be investment two. Looking for a job? Mandaijie undergraduate or graduate students are looking for a job, I am just a college graduate who can easily find what hunfan work? I am pleased that his wife was pregnant suddenly, although for me is more responsibility, but after all I can do is father and happy. Since there was no way out, I had to stay at home for a while.

at the beginning of June, by chance, I see the online recruitment typist, requirement is not restricted to area, typing on the line every day, wages are very attractive, that excited ah (now feel funny), thought their typing speed is also OK, maybe at home can do thing. The decision immediately in the online application, but then I thought, with my Internet so many years of experience, many swindlers, so online dragons and fishes jumbled together, in the Baidu search ", " typist + liar; this search does not matter, a feeling that I immediately fell to the bottom, just know that it is a lie. But after that, I’m not willing to go over it and check to see if there’s anything really online and a computer that can make money. Soon, I know that by understanding, " said; Wangzhuan ". Once again to know there are a lot of people doing what to pull off the assembly line, do Wangzhuan investigation, but through understanding, I once again disappointed, I know that too little money can really is too little, are actually doing a free volunteer for others.

But because of the

" for a few days to know Wangzhuan this content; Adsense " two words naturally run into my eyes. Looking at so many people in the discussion on the website, for their own dreams and hard work, I know this time I did not find the false information, that is, do the webmaster, may not really be able to make a career, but if done correctly, can really is a. Right on >

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