every moment of life is facing the choice to buy fuel from employment. Smart people see the opportunity, invented a network to help you choose a variety of life service model, a time to provide a "life search service" site, "wind and water", should be gathered. Today, the service website has become an important way for people to obtain information of the network era of life, according to the characteristics of each site is different, how should we choose? The author’s own experience, one by one analysis of the distinctive two life service website – woman _ channel, brand mall woman, I hope readers can according to the actual situation yourself, find a good helper of life.

brand, www.pp168.com

advantages: information throughout, covering the country and all aspects of life services. More users, more popular.

deficiency: too much information, no optimization, uneven quality.

brand, whether it is individual or enterprise, can speak freely on the brand bar, selling their own brands and services".

brand is established earlier, faster development, larger scale of life service web site, any enterprise and individual can access and publish information on this platform (must be legitimate). Because the threshold is low, easy to operate, so that the brand bar in a very short period of time gathered a large number of people. The author a few days ago on the brand bar made a search for merchants post, less than 15 minutes to call someone, you can see the amount of view. In addition, the amount of information on the brand bar is also very rich, the men’s clothing brand as an example, the relevant information has more than 14000, users can fully understand the brand information.

again, the threshold is low in the characteristics of the brand to bring traffic and popularity at the same time, but also inevitably brought about a complex information, good and bad problems. We choose businesses, in general, that is, choose ten or twenty for comparison, in the face of more than 14000 messages, but do not know how to start.

brand is aware of this problem, recently another living mall site – Women Channel reached a strategic cooperation, provided by the woman girl community, to provide more quality information for users.

woman _ woman channel www.21nrw.com


advantage: to provide "women’s community" service, each of the content of the information rich, practical, high gold content.

deficiency: history is short, popularity needs to be improved.

if the brand is a "collection", the woman channel can be more like a supermarket.

woman and other life channel biggest mall site is different, it has a rich experience of the editorial team, it provides to the user is through the editorial team of artificial preferred information, rather than a simple classification of information. >

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