Why should

compare medical websites and enterprise websites? First of all, because I’m currently doing these 2 types of websites, Shanghai 411 painless network and a bearing enterprise website. The next is to write these 2 sites, in several marketing methods can be adopted, each has several.

mail: mail promotion, the enterprise website is the most appropriate, as long as you have a lot of mail address and business contact, then you can do, but also let go to do. But medical websites don’t work, and no one wants to get information from a hospital.

soft Wen: soft Wen promotion is actually a very good method, if the soft written good words, but also enhance the enterprise and hospital popularity, start brand, and so on. So soft text, these 2 sites are available, my website www.411renliu.com/, this web site is mainly for painless word, so soft every day is essential.

community: community forums, blogs, enterprise websites are all going to be done, especially some B2B sites are bound to do. In this way, not only to enhance their own enterprise website, but also a more way to expose their own products, improve sales. Import bearings network such as Anhui will need more participation. But medical websites are selective, and at least B2B sites don’t have the option of releasing information, and those administrators automatically delete your information, or don’t waste time.

CPS CPI: this type of marketing to the station is feasible, medical site is not feasible, so this method is very effective to the enterprise website, get into do bait for promotion of your site and enterprise brand.

bidding: Baidu bidding, Google bidding can do, and if you have a lot of money, want to have effect in a short time, then you can choose competitive ranking, the effect immediately there.

keywords ranking: keywords ranking, general enterprise website, medical website, portal website is feasible. And the effect is obvious. I won’t say any more about that.

marketing methods are still many, the above mentioned here first, but from the above point of view, as if the enterprise website is limited compared to less. In fact, medical websites have other ways. My website www.411renliu.com/ was originally built when the idea is different: others because they have to do some words to do such a web site, and my site is because some words have established a brand. (Shanghai 411 analgesia stream of people net)

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