A5 business department recently launched two special A5 http://s.admin5.net/zt/fz/ and A5 Amoy clothing special guest special skin http://s.admin5.net/zt/hf/. The two topic summarizes some guest promotion skills and common case analysis. Do not know whether we have seen a lot of content is above some of the Tao guest operating method. And part of the method is that we operate the experiment, and the effect of the method.

For example,

content on QQ marketing special A5 Tao skin care, the river is in accordance with the procedures, apply for a small 2-3 or directly to Taobao to buy some sun, the price is very cheap. Then I usually go with some groups, and is the mother, mother, 80 90, emotion group, leisure group, local friends and so on, in addition to some Chinese cabbage group, seckill group, favorable group and so on, every day a group of small 2 -3 on the line, and then inside lurking, group name the must be in accordance with the provisions of the amendment, and then go to the group to take a bubble, or one or two days after being kicked. For example when I was in emotion group or group leisure product promotion, I will tell the members of this group is my own Taobao store, doing activities now I hope you support impulse, general manager, or members will ask what is the product, then put out when I receive chain promotion, so try at that time is a single transaction, also do not know who to buy. Another example mentioned in the topic, here is not launched, we can go to see the topic.

below, this is I in other Chinese cabbage group inside the advertisement, although finally kicked me out, but at that time really clinch a deal two or three pages order

another example is the use of Baidu products how to do promotion, the river is also practical. I was in the Baidu Post Bar promotion Po guangkelong store products, in skin care, beauty and other related Post Bar inside links, but also were indeed. Of course, when I was in the link is also main gag is also deleted, a post, but now find the skills reply post, how do I send guest links in Baidu Post Bar, I remember in the A5 section of a Taobao customer inside the post screenshots reply.

Creek summed up a point, only their own operations, in order to find out where the difficulties, in order to sum up experience. For example, we can learn some ways every Thursday at the A5 Taobao public lecture, but how much do we really do?

more practical experience, welcome to see

A5 guest clothing special http://s.admin5.net/zt/fz/

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