Oh, today on a night, I every day is night, a bit like nonsense, nothing to look at the site, the flow of hundreds of websites, a picture stand, a forum, a software download, have classified information, music, entertainment, games, basically put about site classification have a look, after reading the first feeling I have is the same content, templates, and even some stations can be accurate to a word on the same.


is useful to you, although my site number and station similar, I believe we all know this is free but CMS article management content of this point, I do not say one hundred percent different, should also be said that eighty percent is not the same, so don’t say too much nonsense, to discuss about the site. What is the important content or appearance, first talk about the content, the content is a core part of the station, a station is rich in content, is beneficial in various aspects, but to the rich rich, can not rely on others, most still rely on their own.

think, if each station is by gathering station content or other people’s content, what the network world, into a pile of trash, a good kind of garbage, as long as people open the browser to see a place, to know what is the following, so we do have meaning? I am also a rookie to, can not be said to be the speech, personal views of knowledge. The next appearance, right template, beautiful appearance is very able to attract people’s attention, but don’t forget to insert the flowers in this beautiful vase and water, so the vase to show his true beauty, see talent will remember your appearance again this visit to your station and if you can’t give your website beautiful appearance, also don’t go, too complicated, but affect the quality of your site, then only give him beautiful flowers and plenty of moisture, do simple and full website, so that people come to your station, although not he attracted with beautiful appearance, but people see the content on your site, at a glance, don’t spend too much time to sort out your site’s content, to his feeling is very good, so that people will remember your station. Do SEO should also understand, next time he will come again, ha ha, said here, to sleep, and is an all night ah, hey, tired, mentally too tired,


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