personal webmaster day is gradually increasing, the site type is gradually expanding, from the beginning of news information to the current group buying, micro-blog, Taobao, SEO website and so on. In just a few years time, the Internet has developed into an important platform for many industries to promote online, this thunderbolt is not as fast as the development of the mask, it is amazing. And in this era of brutal competition, if we do not step up and improve themselves, will soon be eliminated by society. Especially those who are engaged in SEO, how to make their website emerge in an endless stream of Internet times, this is the urgent problem to solve.

similarly, as the webmaster I also hope that their site can stand "no upside down", so summed up the following several methods, hope to discuss with fellow walkers.

to the site location, let the website style show ingenuity

before the website construction, we should have a comprehensive survey of the industry’s market in advance to understand the needs of users. After that, we should compare with our counterparts’ websites to avoid the "plagiarism" phenomenon. Once the site’s location is fixed, we can start building. It should be noted, one can attract a large number of users to access the site should be in all aspects (including website theme, module setting, website content and style) do show ingenuity, with "readability", to give visitors a good first impression. In addition, take care of the details of your site, such as adding RRS subscriptions, site maps, and so on. Although the function is very small, but the user’s experience is very good effect, which can bring great traffic to our website.

cleverly sets up the layout of the site

there is no doubt that a successful website must have a reasonable layout. The reasonable layout of the structure and level of the website is helpful to spider crawling, content crawling and search engine’s favor. Especially in the density of keyword settings, module layout, column development is more important. If we want to build a soccer tournament and related websites, so our website should be divided into before analysis, experts predict, handicap analysis, the focus of the news, events, video recommended wonderful goal column.

to ensure the quality of the chain, to build a stable link network

, a home of Yu Xiao’s Web site, is bound to spread through a large number of high quality chains to enhance exposure. But the promotion of the chain to pay attention to skills, high quality of the chain can play an efficient role. We can choose in some of the higher weight BBS published soft text, such as A5 webmaster station. This is currently one of the most prosperous webmaster BBS, reprint quantity is great, this website keyword optimization also has great help. And the exchange of links is also very critical, generally we choose the industry relatively strong correlation, the weight of the other website than we slightly higher

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