some time ago, a reader ran to my website to leave a message for ". This year, he wanted to make money through his blog, and he was also drunk. ", this sentence has touched me a great deal. If he tells me in a serious way that " doesn’t make money, ", I might be able to talk to him, but the reader’s tone really makes me uncomfortable. The subtext is that blogs don’t just have no commercial value, even if talking about blog values is ridiculous and impossible to discuss. WeChat in the mobile Internet era as the mainstream, the blog seems dead. So, is blogging really going to die without any commercial value,



most blogs are dead." "There are lots of idiots on the blog. Fools shouldn’t write."." "Now, there needs to be a better system to distinguish between fools and wise men." This is the Jason Calacanis for Jason Calacanis’s blog, entrepreneur and publisher, dare say. Perhaps this is just his statements of a school when we saw in 2013, however China empty user data, the blog has been in decline. Yes, whether we like it or not, we must admit that the era of vast blogs is still the past. Accompanied by the leading mobile network social networks. Blog is too heavy and too deep, in the eye of the economic trend, inevitably lonely.

if blogs and individual owners rely on ad clicks to earn revenue in traditional ways, then the value of blogs is really small. Maybe we should take a long-term view, broaden our horizons, and understand the value of blogs from other perspectives. Blogs, in my eyes, have at least the following values,

The commercial value of

blog and the way out under the new situation

1, blog combined with WeChat public number


personal blog will undoubtedly bring a strong support to the public. WeChat is powerful, but it loses its depth and is insulated from the usual search engine. WeChat circle of friends and QQ space, there are massive articles. But based on competition from Baidu and Tencent as well as technical issues, these articles are only circulated within the Tencent system. This is like a sea, vast and boundless, but less water of external source. WeChat users, even if the quality of higher articles, it is impossible to bring a bit of traffic from the search engine. For many players without financial strength, developing a fan with blogs is a long-term and stable method. For example, personal blogs, moonlight blogs, and Lu Songsong blogs now have a much lower level of difficulty than average users.

2, blog combines mail subscription,

perhaps, in some people’s eyes, email subscription marketing is also an outdated way. Personally, in today’s IM and SNS interactive marketing is full of today, mail marketing can still get

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