Hello, everybody! I’m a very good station owner. I’m not very good at it. Really do stand time only half a year, in the first half of the site is only to find a free web site, top over half a year, because the time problem does not want to waste resources. The second half of 2010 New Year’s day my station started, I was the first to introduce their friends to the site, they will tell the registration shopping back now on this point they pass ten on my site, ten 100 plus their own propaganda soon flow to the stable. Why do I have to open this feature because I say I am not a literary man, only know do the bitterness of mutual benefit so think of this point to increase the function to increase website traffic, now IP only in 1500-2000, but the site is only three heart laughed, because there is full registration membership. Here I introduce my three point leveraging:

borrows one: returns the present

this is very simple, people want to buy cheap and good goods, and now bargaining on Taobao is difficult, but also very complicated. So many Taobao buyers come back now to save money by shopping registered to this point of purchasing buyers is love. Why don’t I say more?. Go. In this way, the site traffic is also a little more stable.

leveraging two: promotion of money, mutual benefit,

said above, I am a master of no literary talent, the promotion of the matter to the registered members, and they want to make money part-time. I want to do in the station as long as registered members to send a PID address of their own page, this page features a very complete search bar, classification, book stores, so this article has, give members a good guarantee, as long as people succeed in his address he will make money shopping. By means of external force, this will not only guarantee new flow, but also stabilize flow, kill two birds with one stone. (add: I was impressed by a few members, see their address daily traffic, respectively, 200, 350, 400 or so, they make money than I do, ha ha)

leveraging three: included store function

well, obviously this is done for the owner, so also attract more than one diamond to register the seller, and I also open the article function, so that shopkeepers have more than one place to advertise. I remember a selling cosmetics shop owner issued an original soft Wen, on this article in my station click rate of more than 800, I believe he achieved his purpose.

above is www.yamama.cn webmaster do station and do station, not after summing up experience and perfect website function to achieve "borrow" flow method. We hope to help. This article starts A5, if must reprint, please indicate: This article originates from wants the mother shopping guide net.

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