portal, sounds so atmospheric, can immediately think of a lot of columns, a lot of content, a lot of advertising, earn a lot of money. In fact, I have done the portal, really do, the threshold is very low, because now the flooding source program, ubiquitous portal website source, free of charge, the charges, but the charge is so only tens of dollars, monthly wages for thousands of friends is simply eat barbecue money. Yes, do portal threshold is very low, it is low, easy to set up, it can be said that with 4 hours almost opened a portal, a new website cover and contain everything was born. Speaking of this, many friends can not wait to let me say, but. Yes, there must be. But that’s the threshold. It’s over there. Then there’s a big wall 10 meters high waiting for you to climb. It is well known that websites need to be promoted, and it is difficult to popularize. Although there are many convenient tools, these tools can bring you convenience and can cause irreparable damage to you. For example, large-scale promotion by mass tools, the moment will make a lot of people have you know this website, but you will soon discover that the search engine has abandoned you, you Links the target station abandoned you, because if they continue to interconnect and you are in danger to him drop right. This method is out of the question. So how do you climb up and cross the wall? The following conditions need to be met.


this is an old topic, and can not do without the team, especially the portal is the most important. Of course, some people love contests say someone he would do portal success, if so true I Speechless, I say here is most. Set up the team and a clear division of labor, each member should focus on implementation of a specific work, such as promotion need a person, need two people and technology updates, the line needs a person, need a person need a PR, logistics and so on these necessary allocation.


This one needs

website updates patiently to do, because this is particularly critical, saying that content is king. This is the truth, if indeed the visitors come to see you absolutely empty this huge website, it is just a visit and have.


a good site will have interactive columns, portals need this kind of column more. Now the government is very strict supervision of community, improve this part of the threshold, many owners are worried about their own forum will be closed, I also said this is not good, the policy is a change of the day, who are not allowed to say. Here, I’ll give you a little idea, that is, with the SNS interactive community of friends to do, at least now there is no policy provisions on this project. There are games, there are friends, interactive is relatively strong, it is worth considering.



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