today, I’ve been in the station for three years by Baidu K, and in 2005, almost nothing was said about the K station. That’s when the station was finally K.

, of course, the content of the post is more than that. I’m talking about the problem of my station being K. I want to give you an analysis of Baidu League K number., this station is at the end of 2005 or early 2006 to do the station, he station when I know that time is to buy traffic in the vanguard chain often see him one day to buy hundreds of thousands of pieces, of course, later his station was Baidu K, K is a very long time, until the new year before Baidu amnesty N old movie station, including do very early anyway, many movie stations have been lifted but it is strange but is now K, and even a K page is not; but 77y8 and several other stations because some time ago transformation for video station. But Baidu is "taboo" video station, so is K, another reason is 77y8 too much in order to search and "intentionally" generate a lot of page’s sake, with my point of view, 77y8 is now a garbage station, so K is the expected thing, because why bb60 not the video station as a website Baidu could not put too much advertising, but not acquisition station, but their server’s Bobo movie station, why is K? If that is because bb60 webmaster using the same data has several stations, the K should K the station he should not. Even bb60 K? Are you surprised? I was very strange, if the search engine for the Internet search experience, there is no reason to believe that he and a number of cheating, collecting station K


but now the situation is that Baidu has been at K since 2006. As far as I know, bb60 is done because the reason Baidu theme is K, why do you say that, because bb60 recently did Baidu theme promotion, at that time his station is to be included, received a large number of pages, but Baidu theme promotion probably not a month, his station was K the page is not left, but he also put Baidu theme promotion, and then withdraw, until today, still left a page. What’s the actual situation,


your station is the type of entertainment station, and a lot of traffic from Baidu search, and you do Baidu theme promotion, then I ask you, your station is Baidu K? At least according to my observation, this station 10 has at least 9 K, please note that is a lot of traffic from Baidu, if you itself is not a few IP, and Baidu IP are very few, except I’ve posted about a Baidu theme promotion station K posts, of course they official repeatedly stressed that also help them, this is Yuemiaoyuehei, have you seen long hair post said, since the station was GG Google by K, but there is no right, over and over again the master said the Baidu theme promotion, the station was K post, it is just a coincidence? "

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