, when popular SNS sites worldwide, the number of Facebook users is still rising, the domestic social networking sites are facing many difficulties. First of all, the domestic SNS website is becoming more and more quiet, the number of users in most websites has plummeted, and people who have been stealing food in the middle of the night have gradually lost their keen interest. The mood of boredom has swept through the SNS website. In early April, Facebook into China’s news, China local SNS game developers under pressure, began to flee. Either change careers, or enter Japan, Taiwan and other neighboring markets.

and the most serious dilemma is that SNS faces barriers to entry. Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of culture for SNS game market a series of study and research, its main purpose is to set up the access threshold for the SNS website. Game SNS website listed operation must be approved, Banqi intellectual property certificate, the Ministry of culture and the General Administration of press and publication of the license number of the "three cards".

"three certificates" Banqi should also cost a lot of money, but this is only the beginning. Because SNS website game operation still should have 10 million registered capital. The latter, of course, is one of SNS’s biggest web pages. Stakeholder groups this Kanrang domestic web game operators also frequently complain.

thousand oak group CEO Chen Yizhou believes that the development of SNS games to reach tens of millions of yuan of registered funds, can only force small development enterprises to turn around for overseas SNS platform for development. Some web game developers also express their views: "10 million yuan capital threshold is too high, so that some small developers will be excluded.". It would be better to speed up the approval process or to open an approval channel for SNS games. Because SNS game content is simple, the number of enterprises, the development cycle is relatively short, can not wait for long queues."

social games also have the advantages of web games and sociability, and on the basis of a huge user base, is likely to usher in the next round of high-speed growth. High speed growth of profit model also allows some SNS game developers eager to show the mentality of instant success, and some games suspected of yellow, violence and other issues surfaced simultaneously. Because of this, let the national press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of culture seize the handle. Because, according to industry sources, the national press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of Culture issued a record approval system is motivated by the healthy development of the industry.

therefore, after some SNS game development enterprises complain, only "obey"". Since the end of last year, a number of SNS websites and research and development enterprises have been put on record in the press and publication administration, and in the 3-4 month of this year, a "tide of filing" has been formed". This at the end of last year, the Ministry of industry crackdown on yellow site, requiring all domestic computer operating sites need to re record exactly the same, based on this, China Connaught network also launched a related filing topic. Because according to this year’s filing regulations, then operating BBS filing to obtain ICP certificate, the prerequisite is that the registered capital of 100>

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