China now Internet users reached more than 300 million people, after the Internet more and more people. Now more and more enterprises, individuals and the state, the government began to pay attention to the development of e-commerce, e-commerce for the dissemination of information more quickly, at the same time it is also more convenient, in terms of capital investment is also very small. Business age, we chose e-commerce to develop entrepreneurship, so choose the right, Ali, Taobao, and build their own mall.


network develops very fast, more and more people doing business on the Internet, no matter what search on the internet station basically can search to the station on the car you want, choose to build their own enterprise station, open Sina, Baidu and NetEase, SOOHO, Alibaba blog, also take the same Taobao when ah. Because of the increasingly fierce competition in e-commerce, it is a good time for China’s e-commerce development, so the car has adopted a variety of ways to do it, in order to lay a good foundation. At the same time, I am constantly learning the knowledge. Hope to communicate with you later, I would like to talk about now, I’m right, Ali, blog promotion summary.

car chose Alibaba blog, because Alibaba blog is a businessman, entrepreneur, and learning e-commerce together, at the same time his station was googel supporters are friendly.

1: Ali, right. What time does the blog start?.

1: Title Innovation and creativity, at the same time, content should be readable and high quality, at the same time for Ali bar inside the crowd write blog. Because he doesn’t like other Sina, Baidu and other entertainment, gossip of nature.

2: Alibaba blog periodically write in at least once a week, two articles, best not too long time to update a blog is a month in the update a blog, because it would lead to some friends, your blog is empty, next to lose confidence, at the same time weeks don’t write too many articles, unless you are writing high quality articles. Otherwise, do not paste information on the Internet to the blog, such paste is also tantamount to chaos.

3: original or false original article related products, let googel to you, so no matter. Come to visit your blog, as long as the googel visitors will know your product, because you are the information flow of the product positioning, this kind of method is not a lot of information on the needle write a blog, or original information is less.

second: Alibaba blog interactive message: now Alibaba blog written by more and more people, more and more difficult to really want to write the blog to write business is not easy, so I built the best message and Bo interactive communication, do not send the advertisement at the same time it is best not to hair generation website, the message content is not easy too long. To friendship and friends exchange, because Alibaba inside are busy people.

third: Ali: blog friends: every day or every week

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