private hospital network marketing, search engine marketing is the inevitable choice of the road, many private hospital marketing strategy is to quick and high returns; then the search engine marketing has become the first choice in the hospital network marketing, compared with other forms of advertising, search engine marketing with low cost and low investment, private hospitals are not any give it a fragrant steamed bun. Today, the private hospital of search engine marketing is becoming increasingly fierce in competition, the network environment has become increasingly complex, especially after Baidu phoenix nest plan to carry out a comprehensive private hospital, search engine marketing how sustainable development? How to effectively carry out the search engine marketing the author expounds some of the private hospitals.

1, good search engine optimization is necessary

do a good job of the hospital website search engine optimization of natural ranking, is from the hospital network marketing long-term interests of the inevitable measures, do a good job of the hospital website search engine optimization, the author lists a few suggestions:


1, to a large number of medical service, we do search engine optimization goal is to reflect the core keywords we serve to get good rankings, but also to a large number of long tail keywords to bring flow. And as a medical service industry, just plain long tail keywords easier to target customers search. So we need to continue to develop new long tail keywords to participate in search engine optimization.

2, the daily amount on time to update the original articles, medical industry articles are similar, false original article is effective post editing method, usually in a text through effective processing, can also search engine recognition, while the amount of write some original articles, ensure the site content fresh and rich.

3, the use of free information release platform to obtain a large amount of the chain, the medical industry advertising is essential, with links in advertising at the same time, let the domain to obtain a large number of the chain, Baidu relatively pay attention to the number of links.

The website

4. private hospitals with each other, exchange Links, private hospitals make full use of the medical website alliance, medical site QQ group platform, with the same industry of the hospital website Links exchange, was associated with the theme of the site Links, Google on the related website chain evaluation is relatively high.

two, participation in search engine bidding is the need for competition breakout

is a search engine for private hospital network marketing expense, one of the largest, the most expensive keywords in Baidu for most of the medical related, I know the most expensive "painless" price in some areas reached more than sixty yuan. In the fierce competition in the medical industry, the bidding is a good way of network marketing breakthrough, private hospitals are not bad money, do the bidding on the way to do it. At this stage, Baidu Phoenix Nest / Google Adwords bidding for private hospitals qualification audit is more and more strict, and shielding a lot of keywords can’t participate in bidding, this to private >

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