entrepreneurship is now a hot topic. Sometimes chatting and chatting, suddenly, a buddy rushed into the face excitedly, it must have been engaged in the tide of entrepreneurship.

during this time, my most important job is to chat with all the entrepreneurs, some of them have been successful, and some are still running on the road to entrepreneurship.

listen to these bosses, one by one talking about the story and recommendations in entrepreneurship, but also a very interesting thing. These days, turning over the interviews and looking back on the way they have traveled, some of them are very useful. Today, simply tidy up and give some reference to the excited buddies.

TOM net, CEO, Wang Leilei,

interviewed Wang Leilei several times while ENET was a reporter. The boss is good, often outspoken some company secrets, their PR are anxious around the fire. It is the reporter Zhao outspoken love. Later to Sina, worried about some possible competitive relations, but less interviews. But at the sight of him, still very happy to think little of say. On that day, I carefully put forward the idea of an interview, he was pleased to say, "come on, don’t worry about what, you are Sina, I’m TOM, we are all working.". Want to talk about everything, pick him a paragraph that day:

I think that if you make a company for money, you can not succeed in making a company as soon as possible. You can say that the probability of success is zero. Internet Co is the first to be enthusiastic, passionate and interested in doing things successfully. So I think the most important thing is to get down to the fast big business you are interested in, this is very important, but not how to make money fast gas money, how to sell their own profit. Nowadays, many young people who are on the Internet do not want to sell their companies to make money. This is a bad phenomenon.

I heard a friend say, Internet start-up will decide your fate, you made a new Internet Co, two weeks team determines your character, the Internet Co culture and the ability of future development. So the blood of each new Internet Co is determined within two weeks, and your team’s structure determines your pedigree and future odds.

I think money cannot do without the support of partners, like China saying, "go out on a friend", both the Internet and wireless Internet, there is an ecological value chain, have different partners, different win-win mode, promote the industrial chain development. So I think, in the field of the Internet, partners are very important. In particular, you are the Internet, but you have to rely on traditional media, the traditional model of development. Like Jay Chou, if Jay Chou isn’t red, can his text messages make money,


air network chairman and CEO Zhou Yunfan

Zhou Yunfan, you don’t have to introduce too much. This big boy and Wang Leilei, Wang Yan them >

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