the current global financial crisis, everyone felt so bad. China’s Internet business, I believe the feelings will not be shallow. In this winter, what kind of business will freeze to death, I do not want to go to the market segments what to predict, because I firmly believe that there is no money making business, only the people who do not make money. But what kind of living state enterprises, will face the survival test, I was a little feeling. Let’s hope the companies that agree with one of the six items mentioned below should be careful.

, a big eater, but only the working people. Whether in the Internet or in the new media field, there are many industries that need to rely on capital to accumulate advantages, such as network video, outdoor advertising. These industries need a lot of money as a prerequisite for development. Once the funds are out of stock and the extensive profit model makes the scale returns difficult to appear in a short time, the enterprise will be in extreme tension. This is why, at this time, everyone said in unison that the network video industry will soon be eliminated.

two, usually eat snacks, people who can not eat dinner. For most emerging market Internet Co, because customers have not formed a fixed consumer habits, the new business just early adopters, and early adopters tend to drip not smooth on the formation of new business psychological gap, a not tasted. Do the business of the company, it is hard for a long time. Some networks, new marketing methods, and SNS are still in this phase. If these companies do not have regular regular income, it is difficult to adhere to the day of victory.

three, when we do not concentrate on eating, but where people shout and wrangle. For some emerging markets, it is better to do well than to say well. But some enterprises love loud flicker, afraid that others don’t know what it is doing, while its competitors, although silent, but struggled in the dark, to strengthen the core competence, expanding customer. As a result, the market was already cut off when the crowd shouted down to find the market.

four, when eating, always want to grab other people’s food. When the market is not very prosperous, the enterprise that often wants to grab other people’s land is likely to return empty handed. Blog when hot, do blog, video hot when big video, online game hot when online games, SNS hot time and hurry to get SNS, the final possible result is which is not good.

five, a man who is used to extravagance. The international media industry has a spell, usually be busy at putting up installations media group, the new rising business fell. In the Internet industry, this phenomenon is not uncommon, because many innovative companies in the VC, very easy to get the money, do not know what his name is what, within the company are everywhere, such as the "total" winter come, VC is no longer a mother and become a father, his good days also come to an end.

six, when eating, the tongue often fights with the teeth. The management scholars of the world have studied it, and the Chinese have a special title

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