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online show is beginning to evolve.

, when I heard that I wanted to get involved in the offline KTV business, I wasn’t surprised, because its predecessor, 9158, had actually opened a KTV store in Hangzhou last year.

9158, one of the two leading the performing arts online involved in the line can be regarded as a thinking, and also a giant YY is walking a road seems different, a different starting point for both sides, but has gradually started performing online derived from the three party.

the woods are big. What birds have

?Before YY went public, the online show market has been underwater, just like last year’s 500WAN listing, when many Internet lottery companies surfaced in


YY after the listing, the first surfaced is the leading actor online 9158, after the birth of video, 6 rooms and so forth, 56, cool, 6 and other video sites have begun to gradually step in.

therefore, the industry can be basically divided into two categories, one is to take root in this field at first, and the other is the transformation of video sites.

, according to a report by the Chinese Ministry of culture, the online entertainment market in 2013 was 3 billion 670 million yuan, equivalent to 84% of the online music market. In 2015, the online entertainment market could reach 8 billion 500 million yuan.


market is small, but the pie, in addition to the two categories above, more and more irregular small team began to get involved.

based online performance industry chain also began to slowly appear a variety of problems.

previously, Sohu video has been involved in this business, but Zhang Zhaoyang halt, think this business has certain risks, and Sohu video brand disadvantage.

chopper is innocent, used to kill, never wrong kitchen knife.

knife theory applies to the online entertainment industry now, one is performing this mode online no wrong, just some small team that lost in the profits; on the other hand, some of the big online entertainment company itself may set up multiple checkpoints, but on this platform artists in the lost profits.

Marx in "Das Kapital" wrote "when 10% of the profits, they will be ready to; when 50% of the profits, they will rush into danger; when 100% of the profits, they dare to trample on all human laws; when 300% of the profits, the risk they take on."

Debate on the pattern of

9158 — community transformation

industry began to encourage diversity, as the industry leading enterprises, the 9158 is often invoked. < >

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