believes many webmasters have done many types of stations, portals, news, entertainment, pictures, movies, music. All shapes and sizes, big and small. Do Google Adsense day to earn one hundred knife, do Baidu money (but I haven’t done three or four years of Baidu, didn’t cheat my account closed, re register said not welcome my account, a sweat!), do union money, remember when Baidu cheating, remember to download when do stand flow, remember to download site to download the software bundled when N plugin, remember. A lot of money opportunities have become the past, of course, also create a lot of garbage station to make money, and then turn around to operate a formal website of the webmaster group.

the past is past, the opportunity missed will not come again.

simple Wangzhuan, like farmers rely on search engines, love you, your flow, advertising will earn some. Now Baidu has not so easy to give you traffic, so only by the flow of earn money is very difficult to remember behind the fish swimming once refused in 2006 or 2007 Guangzhou party is said to fall! When do not understand.

I bought a car, you get married will generally borrow the car, now no longer to smoke after sugar, but directly give money, 200 blocks, 300 blocks of the county, if you find a style and color in the married couple more love. After two times the bride, I will have to do a Linyi car rental idea, so in the online orders, and then find the car at the time, riders got the money, on behalf of the Linyi car rental charge 10% service charge. Generally married to find 6-10 cars, to remove their cars, do not accept the introduction fee, each time you can charge about 150-500 of the introduction fee. The cost depends on the number of vehicles and the length of the distance. The longest time we have is to run 200 kilometers and charge the cost of a 400 car. In this way, the 7 cars can charge about 300 at a time. Basically, you can pick up more than three new people each month.

With the

pull the bride’s increase in the number, the other person, too, a brand of car is difficult to meet the needs of many consumers, we must wonder what car I bought, but my car is not good, the Czech Republic, red! When I bought it on the more than 120 thousand, I established myself a Linyi Junjie Club (, also established a QQ group, group of more than 120 riders now. I began to look for other friends in the real car, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Passat / Lincoln, car to car rental, leave your phone, when someone contact, according to time, distance and charge, the same every time we charge a 10% fee. Mercedes Benz, BMW, basically every time we go out thousands of, we can also charge about 100 yuan. This will certainly be calculated by itself, of course, the price is also based on the level of local consumption

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