started 07 years ago, I always thought traffic = income, of course, this is true, I think so now. But now I feel that I need to improve and improve, mainly in the flow of professional awareness. Draw conclusions, flow = income, professional flow = large income, why produce such thinking, mainly depends on my two site contrast and produce. Below I will two site development history and income process to do a certain statement, hope to give the webmaster inspiration:

07 years to start making Souyi health network, after 1 and a half years now PR5, Baidu search recorded 300 thousand, IP2 million, this station is complete a comprehensive medical health portal website. From the flow rate, not high, nor low, from the professional point of view, seems to be a very professional medical health Web site, but from the actual keyword observation, but not. The keyword source of the website is very scattered,


station has more than 5000 words a day, and there is no core keywords, so ZhengZhan flow is high, but the professional is very poor, the income is not optimistic. Until now, very few companies or individuals took the initiative to find me on the advertising (of course, I think this also has management factors in it, the site’s mismanagement leads to poor keywords ranking).

until October 2008, I and my friends two new design: Souyi antivirus this website, this website now has about 4 months, in 3, the income of the site has more than Souyi health network, why? Souyi antivirus relative to the health network, the number of less than 10000 points 1. but the optimization and the chain better, website development keywords, relatively good such as: Baidu and GG: "antivirus software", the top 5, "free antivirus software", Baidu ranked second, "the latest anti-virus software" Baidu "antivirus" Baidu ranked first, ranked fifth. These signs indicate that the website is very professional, and the overall site optimization and content goals are very clear.


that are antecedents related antecedents of anti-virus software, anti-virus software is to search for all relevant content and target, so, when the flow exceeds 5000 when I began to arrangement of advertising, advertising is divided into: googleadsense advertising, Baidu website and advertising popups advertising Cooperation (domestic not too quantity of advertising) three GG advertising, needless to say, although the price is very low, basically is 0.01 dollars a click, but on a very high, high to what extent it, oh, do not say, you have to guess. Baidu advertising alliance, I just placed a pass: Kingsoft download CPA advertising, downloads advertisements about how much? Anyway, one day more than 60 blocks, ha ha. GG is around $25 a day, and the popups are probably around 20> a day

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