web site to fly, the human factor is very important, that is to say, the webmaster of the website is very important, perhaps is some webmaster ordinary small habit, doomed it can not become a successful webmaster. The following are the 10 most common problems that are most easily committed by webmasters. It is these habitual mistakes that bind up the wings of the web, and what we need to do is to get rid of these problems and let the website continue to fly.

some webmaster’s Web site, the content is really multifarious, all inclusive, but only have no own characteristics. What lively, what, the station has no definite positioning and purpose. My proposal, a careful analysis of Internet users, changes in demand and demand as the basis for positioning, with the field of the first or only as a positioning target, so as to achieve rapid lead. Personal website similar content is too much, you copy my, I copy you, each site is deja vu, see what the site development is good, simply copy a, something new, original things too little. My advice, as much as possible to publish the original content, to do your web site, your content is unique in the network, personal website is to highlight the personality, can be unique, the best. In this way, Internet users will frequently visit your website. Open a website, dazzling advertisements everywhere, looking for valuable content to half strength, even will appear, click on the ads to download and so on, some netizens to deceive. The webmaster may earn a little money, but for the long-term development of the site is extremely unfavorable, some differentsomething did two days, not a few people have access, impatient everywhere posted ads, also no construction, first posted ads, is a quick performance.

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music website visits, like a swarm of bees to get music website; see movie website to make money, and to get the film like a swarm of bees and web site, web site, download station and so on, basically concentrated in this category, the homogenization of superabundant, differentiation, entertainment sites can be expected to be disaster caused by flooding water, a large number of similar content the site will have fallen. I suggest that our personal webmaster instead of wasting time doing, rather than take the time to consider the positioning of the site, analysis of the needs of users, to identify gaps in the market, highlighting their advantages, integrate their resources, build their own characteristics, shaping the website brand, to attract high-quality customer service, loyal users to win, the success of their own


some stations clearly can carry out some of the line of business, in order to maintain the website operation is proud, now many personal website owners to be honest do website in the loss, although not much money, but to use a lot of energy you, will affect your income in other areas. My suggestion is that if your website has not made money for you, you can do some offline business with the help of the website, such as web design. There are owners love playing edge ball, * * infringe intellectual property rights and other types of sites, if large-scale rectification, perhaps is doomed. I suggest that long walk along the river, there is no wet shoes, and if the site wants to develop in the long run, do not enter the minefield. < >

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