open the computer ", you will see many [] website forum, irrigation related columns inside you is concerned? In the BD inside to check that irrigation is" no practical significance of reading: hydrology". The word "irrigation" is relatively derogatory. Irrigation behavior is not liked by everyone. But why are there so many people like watering,


irrigation column, Chen Zhongping think is the site [BBS] inside a club, friends can speak in it [first is not illegal]. There should be a watering column, regardless of any web site [forum]. This is like we go to school, no matter what professional students, there will be physical education and music classes, the purpose of this is to let students have a buffer and rest place, so as to be more conducive to learning. Our website [Forum] is the same, if blindly in the forum to talk about professional knowledge, it is very boring, it is also estimated that many tourists and members will be lost. Remember, Jiang Likun teacher said, even if a professional forum, but also need irrigation.

Chen Zhongping in a push forum moderator, also had a period of time, the amount of post every day in 100 or so, then the hair is of high quality post? No, irrigation posts a lot of Chen Zhongping’s thoughts, is to let the forum friends learning network promotion in a relaxed atmosphere.

irrigation is also necessary to use their brains, the hair is not good, it becomes vulgar. At the beginning, Chen Zhongping irrigation is also very bad, but Jiang Likun teacher pointed out in time, irrigation also want to think more. How to bring you knowledge, happiness, but also to drive the forum active. In this concept under the guidance of Chen Zhongping considers how irrigation. At the beginning, is the joke, sometimes is a word, for example; cold cold how to do? A dream last night? Good smoke? This problem is simple, also the highest in the back 8 times, the average recovery is 5, because it is easy to arouse people’s interest in chitchat.

, after a few days of this kind of content, feel the lack of weight. Chen Zhongping began to search online, to see how irrigation levels. While wandering around the Internet, something is always attracted to me. When Chen Zhongping is browsing, he thinks, "why don’t you put the content in the forum for irrigation?". So, to the news of their own interests, health knowledge, good article, happy humor and so on, go to the Forum irrigation area. Chen Zhongping worried that the water will not have an effect, so pay special attention to reply a post, the highest return is 11 times, most of the content has been a reply, the average recovery is 5 times, and some also ask, how did you find how much you


some friends might ask. What kind of irrigation posts do you like? This doesn’t have a specific standard, because everyone’s opinion is different, and the situation is different for each website. For example, I sent the "good smoking" this, reply a lot

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