students, recently, a micro business selling, micro marketing, micro business business overdraft trust relationship with the CCTV and other media comments as one falls, another rises, the reports tracking, derivative of the "negative" image in the minds of users more and more, the derivative of misunderstanding and surge. The following I would like to correct the misunderstanding of micro business what?.


misunderstanding 1: Micro quotient is equal to pyramid selling

micro business is pyramid selling, or that micro dealers are disguised pyramid schemes. There are few people who hold this view. Major forums, media communities have similar revelations. I do not deny that there are some micro business under the name of doing marketing sales activities. But the real micro operators will never step on the red line according to the State Council in 2005 promulgated the "regulations prohibit pyramid schemes", the definition of marketing is "asking the staff to pay the fee or to subscribe goods in the form of pay cost, obtain the entrants development of other people to join the qualification, to seek illegal interests". In the early days, there were indeed some micro business acquaintances using the "circle of friends" to sell products in the name of developing offline. But with the rise of the platform, the transaction system and rights of the perfect function, by cheating circle of friends, trust relationship has begun to exit.

misunderstanding two: Micro quotient is WeChat electricity supplier

a lot of people will be judged as micro business sellers circle of friends, purchasing. If the micro agreed for the narrow and broad terms, so sellers circle of friends and micro business marketing, purchasing can be defined as the derivative of narrow sense, while the micro business as a new business form, and that the derivative is the future of mobile social electricity supplier, so the idea of people is the generalized micro business. In addition, the form of micro business is also different, there are individual micro business, community micro business, brand micro dealer also has platform micro quotient. The primitive accumulation of the circle of friends sellers, just purchasing derivative, with WeChat on the circle of friends and friends, sharing and reporting rules induced attention, micro business circle of friends has to end.

misunderstanding three: micro business is mobile social electricity supplier

from the ideal state, micro business should be mobile social electricity supplier. But at present, many micro business platform is almost lack of social attributes, so that there are "WeChat products, Taobao manufacturing" name. Traditional electricity supplier businesses and consumers just buy and sell the relationship between, and with social networking, especially the mobile Internet, micro dealer can be both buyers and sellers. Social business is the development trend in the future, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, WeChat, MSI V stores are trying this new direction.

misunderstanding four: micro business is everyone entrepreneurship

today, the development of micro business is becoming more like Taobao, as for the achievement of electronic business platform like Taobao. The author thinks that it has not been possible to Taobao, thanks to the success of "day, Austria, and then, the Internet for Chinese is still a fashionable people of all the new things are showing surprise, especially by" face to face "to" > shopping.

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