recently read a drama, inside the president’s haircut is similar to the Mediterranean, but also because of his lack of hair can not cover the whole head, so has been very tangled, feel very inconvenient to attend formal occasions, go to a number of hair shop are not satisfied, and ultimately a stylist through create new styles method to let him face their own shortcomings the president, and in the few head long silk is the wind blows very elegant hair cut, leaving only two hair on the temples, the president saw fix hair long breath, like a huge stone heart finally put down, then the president will no longer have to carefully guard against his young mentality is exposed to wind and rain. A lot of.

in real life, a lot of things end well, also depends on a mentality, only a positive attitude can bring positive forces. Seem to do stationmaster, how to do a successful stationmaster, also be decided by own state of mind completely.

first: face up to your shortcomings.

China webmaster 10 million, but with the rise of new station is corresponding to the old station of decline. Apart from these 2, there are many not bad on a small site operation. Website profit hardships, the number of users in jeopardy, abandoned it again feel pity, so just one day a day, will do. In fact, this will be the psychological is the beginning of the failure, there is a proverb is wrong, it’s out on the results. If the best situation ever occurs, then everything else will be made. Otherwise, if you are going to do it now, then it’s not the best and most appropriate choice. First of all, to face up to your shortcomings, that is a new and good start.

second: communication is the most effective way to solve problems.

only the most aware of their own shortcomings, and face the problems of his time for a long time often slack, will not find a solution, just like a bird in a cage to soar but can not escape from the nearest cage, you need is another bird or bird is a lot of work together to help. From another perspective, even if you can’t leave the cage, but if the outside world can learn from other birds in the mouth, also must be better than blindly stay in the cage, limited outlook self pity is strong. Face up to your shortcomings and communicate with each other and ask for help, you will also have a broader heart and sky.

third: maximize your strengths.

is the president of a haircut again at diplomatic occasions saw envoys won’t know he had that very tangled hair cover, as long as the president maintained on both sides of the hair, make them look thick honey, who can imagine that he was the "green" hair. And as one can not put their own website operation perfect webmaster, your website may have several kinds of situation: less quantity, quality, quantity, quality, quantity, quality less.

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