my station is "Yuanyang" Yuanyang Yubei "network" is a small, local no newspapers, no radio, only one day to play bad ad television, to timely access to local information, very difficult.

site of this period of time, let me find the way to get information, now this station and you share webmaster.

, the most simple to the Baidu search, but if your home with the "Yuanyang net" webmaster, site is small, it is not necessarily the news every day let you search out. You can use Baidu’s news feeds and send them to your designated mailbox every day.

two, the most direct contact with the ZF department, to get their support, then do not worry about the content, I got the precious photos and pictures from the ZF 2G news department on my website, but these are allowed to spread. And friends who work in government departments also provide me with valuable information.

three, the most difficult to subscribe to city newspapers, often has local news. Provincial newspapers will also be there, but can go directly to his website to view.

More than

is news content, but also more contact with local businesses, and maintain communication with them. Give them some promotional information, shopping guides, advertising and so on. This is also very valuable for local netizens.

summed up, but also on the top few, although a bit cumbersome, but since we have chosen this line, we must do our best to do.

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