How quickly was

‘s new store indexed by Baidu and Google?

novice, a very garbage way, is to submit Baidu and google. That’s what the book says. The book says it’s right, but it works very slowly. Just like books teach us to make money. I most despise, but also feel the least promising is reading every day bookworm.

then I’ll tell you what skills are. What is a strong attack?.

any new domain name, I in 2 days, will certainly make this domain name to search the forefront rapidly.

1. login URL station. Which URL station, I will not say, go to find their own. I always say, I’ve been a fool. Find him 100 Web sites, many of which are submitted directly through the kind of,,,…… There should be no less than 50. If you have submitted, your weight is too high to be reached. In a few days to the industry first.

2 blog.

Sina blog:

Sohu blog:



Sadie blog:

and dispatch blog:

Baidu space:


Tom blog:

Tianya blog:

NetEase blog:

Phoenix blog:

China Blog:

Google blog:


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