"body" winning burst of red, really just because it depicts a universe of social science fiction, a powerful and unconstrained style? The most attractive place, often is that he used the most lustrous and dazzling way out of the earth carefully conceal mentioning the truth.

, Everyone, is, an, Island (everyone is an island)

Liu Cixin says that science fiction and the Internet industry are interlinked. Three most should be overwhelmed with admiration for the four cosmic axiom:

1, survival is the first requirement of civilization;

2, civilization continues to grow and expand, but the total amount of matter in the universe remains unchanged;

3, the chain of suspicion, the different civilizations in the universe will suspect that the other side will destroy himself by various means;

4, technology explosion, any small small civilization, in the cosmic scale, will soon be able to surpass themselves through the big bang technology.

it is these four cosmic axioms that perfectly constitute the laws of the dark forest: in the universe, once found other civilizations exist, they choose to destroy this civilization at once.

in the Internet industry, there is no lack of a wide range of industry exchanges, there are a large number of alliances exist, but still can not dispel the dark forest brought about by a series of impact:

1, large and small enterprises, survival is the first goal and need of their existence;

2, the market is very large, but there are always upper limit, below the upper limit, regardless of big brother or start-up companies should do their best to fight for a limited market, the more approach, the greater the death;

3, the channel is flat, open again, still can not eliminate the information asymmetry caused by suspicion and panic, electric businessman has been living in "he is at a disadvantage" in a lingering fear. Therefore, any Internet companies are in the state of crazy acceleration, into the "prisoner’s dilemma", the unconscious competition for the industry more intense;

4, even in the near monopoly position, like Ali, Jingdong like big brother nor capricious, because any new projects are likely to "explosive", and quickly occupied the market in case of No. Look at 20 years ago business, yesterday left a few bloom? Today chiefs have traversed the road, tomorrow star who will have embarked on the journey of


in this dark Internet forest, there is a complex world of animals. Ali cat, Jingdong dog, Baidu bear, Tencent penguin…… They live next door to each other, but they don’t know where the other person is. They are strong and intelligent, but their hidden bane, composed of the seemingly prosperous and lively, but in perfect silence "dark forest". Who is not God, who can not see each other, no one knows where he is.

O2O, the capital market bubble hot things so that the electricity supplier mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, too busy to attend to all forest > seemingly noisy.

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