half a year ago. I still read the school. My classmates and friends every day in the net bar. Playing games. Arcade game. At that time I like a hooligan. Every day in the Internet bar all night. With the students playing the CS. cafes clan. It is for this CS hurt me a lot of time and effort learning achievement. Low. Every day without the day. Classes are not started. It has been thinking about how to sleep. But now I have. I found the goal. Is a part-time job – moderator

Half a year ago.

inadvertently opened the stationmaster net page. Found something inside is very rich. It is grass roots. Many large expert to write their own Wangzhuan experience, also very realistic. At that time I remember a 280 thousand domain name transaction. When seeing this deal. My heart is very excited. To find their own direction. That was a great master of.

admin5.com. every day from now on. Also see an always appear in stationmaster net author " graph king ". When I saw the name. So much. Looks like a grassroots big boss. His article, very real writing ability is very strong. From that time I search his information. Admin5 know the original stationmaster net is graph king created. Many people say that graph king are generous.

when curiosity. Let me add graph king on QQ. Know. Graph king first conversation. I say " in? " graph king did not think; half a minute to map. The king immediately reply to me. My heart was a happy matter. A great man to I QQ back information. At that time is also very exciting. And then take the time to talk to graph king. For example. Type.

webmaster Wangzhuan

second days, and found the stationmaster net Trading Forum bbs.admin5.com. found inside the commercial value is very high. The content is of great value. At the time of love on the domain name domain name. A domain area of more than ten dollars to buy hundreds of dollars to sell. The price of acridine. Than you ten thousand flow. When making every day in the global.

ForumRemember when

took a fancy to a domain name. Feel the value of his investment. Then when just wanted to buy him, when finding no money. I day. When is particularly urgent. If the domain name to buy. Later in the QQ shopping for a long time. Friends the QQ users online. It was certainly wouldn’t lend me the money. When he saw the king of figure QQ online. My heart just want to find a graph king to borrow fifty dollars to buy this domain name. After a few minutes. Psychological friction decided to issue a special special feel shy words. " graph king, can to borrow fifty dollars to me, I want to buy a domain name. To buy ". After a minute. No information. Two minutes not to." alas. It is not successful. The domain name investment " QQ did not expect it to ring. A look back is graph king >

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