today in the group and everyone casually talk about the garbage station, so now summarize the group wrote, think about, do it yourself, writing experience, hope to part of the webmaster play a role!


soft text, in fact, very good for PR, where the benefits


soft links within although the weight brings to you is not necessarily a lot, but it is a pure "profit", because only the others to link to you, and you don’t need to link to others! Plus an article Many a little make a mickle., a link, it was reprinted 10 times, to give you 10 free Links, of course, this link can not be compared with the Links, but you can’t neglect the soft power of the link.

here said Wen, estimates that many webmaster think it is difficult, after all you have never to write soft Wen, watching others write how well, and this is their turn, the feeling is still very depressed. Then you can ask a friend to help you write and write, the appropriate into your website address, if you can link in the keyword plus, it will be better, of course, stationmaster net is prohibited to bring external links, link soft released to the webmaster jiubeng on. If you don’t even have a friend, then you can only ask a writer for help. As for a writer, you don’t want to talk about it.

optimization is the premise of the content on the basis of good content promotion to more people is necessary, but some of the garbage station to do a lot of optimization, do promotion, it is itself in making mistakes! Unless your SEO level is very strong, make sure that Baidu doesn’t K your stand, otherwise don’t read a few articles on the so-called SEO, SEO simple but so simple that.

for the garbage station, I understand that garbage stations can also be specialized stations.

movie website is actually a professional type, well done, that is, the film site category of professional stations. That’s true for every website. Why do you have to treat these as garbage stations?

station garbage or not, in the webmaster, want to let him into a garbage station, then he is garbage station, Adsense attentively under the premise, master certain skills, then this is a professional station,


is the most simple truth, QQ space module I do, and free QCC, did not send a publicity in a forum post, not in Post Bar, had sent a AD, but has not done any answer in reply! But IP still in the Everfount what many people will increase! In this way, he is so hard, why not flow, it is because you have no master and not to seriously do content, the time is wasted in the publicity.

do now know propaganda station, then the real content to do there? Since the content is less and less, we do content, so people naturally love our website, a user, retain a user, I do not believe in others than you can by IP website users !

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