from March this year, Wang launched the United States Mission network so far, China’s group buying sites reached more than 1200. Therefore, some people call it "online group buying" and have entered the era of "thousand regiments war". The famous group purchase website has beauty group, glutinous rice nets, handle network, Groupon, F, full network, 24 coupons, Wo Wo Group, Tencent, net love a band "QQ" group, ah ah group, full network, Sohu love group, cool group, fast hold net etc.. Now these well-known group buying websites have entered the PK hot stage, so more small and medium group buying websites in this environment should be how to survive


is currently on the market there are a lot of people said that this issue, the author thinks that in fact in small group purchase website to survive is nothing more than three points, one is the breakdown of its own characteristics, two is to fix customer, three is to fix the business. Here, buy website decision makers must understand that you are small and medium, you can not stutter next fat, you need to do is to locate, so that in some way, to be prominent. In fact, a large group buying site can not be exhaustive.

How does

shape its own identity? These are a process of segmentation.

1. Subdividing the population. Usually groups of people buying at the age of 18-42 network groups, they engage in different occupations, some do reporters, some work people, and as we do for the webmaster. Your group buys a website, the crowd meets one of them.

two, the industry refinement. Such as cosmetics, mobile phones, game consoles and so on, these industries can be refined. Webmaster circle a famous webmaster would engage in a mobile phone network settimio machine, every group purchase are hot.

three, regional refinement. Can not do the whole country, you can do provinces, provinces can not do, you can go to the city. The author here is more inclined to urbanization of group buying. Good site characteristics after subdivision of group purchase, so how small and medium sized group purchase website to fix consumers? From the consumer’s standpoint is nothing but why should I go after I group purchase group purchase? I

how to get consumer rights protection?

(1) why should consumers buy


this is mainly for price factors. According to the survey, the purchase price is generally only about 50 percent off of the traditional commodities, some even lower, greatly feedback consumers. By participating in online group buying, we can effectively reduce transaction costs, so as to guarantee the quality of products and services, we can buy our favorite products below the market minimum retail price. For example, the United States Mission network has bought CGV Star Studios, double movie tickets package, the original price of 296 yuan, the United States Group discounted to 42 yuan, undoubtedly attracted consumers.

on the other hand, group buying also meets the personal needs of consumers. In the traditional consumption model, due to the huge cost of search, some personalized consumer behavior can not be carried out. For example, some people like a particular cell phone, but it is too expensive to buy it by yourself. But now >

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