In the classic

interactive design, About Face, Alan Cooper divides users into three categories: novices, intermediates, and experts. He pointed out that in the software field, most users will end up in the intermediate stage.


In the

software field, most users will stay in the middle stage,

who does the Internet product design for? Novice, intermediate user, or expert?

we keep looking for the information we need on different websites every day. We don’t know how many pages have been opened. While each page may be a novice time is very short. About 3 visits, you can reach the intermediate level. Perhaps you never need to step up to the level of expertise – to understand how the site works and to use engineer advanced features. In this way, Internet products rarely contain expert users. So, should we focus on novice or intermediate users,


a point of view: the Internet should design

for novice users

people visit web sites to determine the number of novices.

users visit a web site for three main purposes [Note 1):

1, they’re looking for something,

2, they want to finish a task,

3, because they still have 5 minutes to go from the next meeting, they want to spend some time on the Internet,

most of the time, we happen to find information through various channels (such as search engines) (similar to 1 or 2). Even a common website, if not found, will be ruthlessly closed. Maybe it’s a long time since I went to this website. For example, one day I’m looking for someone, and then one day I’m trying to find * * * (maybe on the same website, maybe different websites), and it’s a few months from now. So, for this website, I have been in the new stage.

and many web site creators mistakenly believe that users are mostly people who want to kill time (see scenario 3). They think visitors will have 2 hours or more to stay on the site until they become intermediates, not just 5 minutes.

for the website, hoping to impress people, is not impossible to include all the information and Internet for all purposes (because you are not Google, even Google also need to search the magic). What are the main things people can do if they don’t understand the website in a matter of seconds? Are there things they’re looking for? It’s likely to jump right away.

this determines that the site builder will try to satisfy the potential user (novice) who wants to complete the action. Only help them succeed, it means the success of the site.


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