lead: Zhang Xiaolong: Foxmail founder, founder of WeChat, has developed domestic e-mail client – Foxmail, joined Tencent Inc after the development of Tencent, WeChat, known as the "father of WeChat"


Zhang Xiaolong: founder of Foxmail, founder of WeChat, senior vice president of Tencent Inc. He graduated from the Department of telecommunications of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively. Has developed domestic e-mail client – Foxmail, joined the Tencent Inc, the development of Tencent, WeChat, known as "the father of WeChat", was "Wall Street journal" as "2012 Chinese innovation figures."". Mainly responsible for the management of the Guangzhou R & D Department of Tencent Inc, and participate in the management and review of the major innovation projects of Tencent Inc.

today, in the wake of WeChat’s commercial value, Zhang Xiaolong chose to walk out of loneliness. He came to the forefront of the business and took the road that Ma Huateng had taken.

everyone loves Zhang Xiaolong. As the founder of WeChat, he had created the commercial value of this product (the latest WeChat valuation is $64 billion) no less than any business leader, is more important than the latter, the image of a simple multi Zhang Xiaolong.

, a dark skinned, golf loving, middle-aged man with a Audi car, plays the role of an artist most of the time. He sees the product as his own work of art. During the past 17 years, Zhang Xiaolong continued to self – iterate and upgrade.

Years ago

was sold to 12 million yuan Foxmail rather than on the success of his product, rather than commercial failure, compared to this money, more worthy of pity that he missed a great business opportunity. This is Zhang Xiaolong 1. The key words are products and techniques. In the early days of WeChat, he upgraded his tools to a platform that transformed the simple needs of service users into guiding their emotions and completing second upgrades.

now Zhang Xiaolong is in his 2 to 3 version of the moment, only the completion of third commercial jump, he can really dominate their own destiny and WeChat.

lonely artist,

loneliness is the nature and fate of all artists. They are only good at communicating with the world and users through their works.

in the fall of 1998, Zhou Hongyi was introduced and met Zhang Xiaolong in Guangzhou for the first time. He saw the little programmer in the industry who was crammed into a small office with more than a dozen people, surrounded by smoke. See Zhou Hongyi, Zhang Xiaolong put out the hand smoke, walked blankly at him.

Foxmail developed by Zhang Xiaolong has 2 million users, is the largest user share software. In those days, Zhou Hongyi was only a deputy director of the founder software research and development center. After that, he occasionally >

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