8 years approaching near the end, I believe that this year, there are also lost, the success of the webmaster make persistent efforts, the failure of the webmaster summed up the failure, continue to work hard. 08 years after the snowstorm, the earthquake, the Beijing Olympic Games, the financial tsunami, although these experiences, but the network development is still very fast, the webmaster group is more and more prosperous, large and small sites throughout the world network. The rise of Content Alliance stations also brings a new upsurge.

The term

station, the network is also not strange, I myself am a webmaster, at the end of 07 began to do a trainee webmaster, I was to do with my friends really utterly ignorant of, (net: I felt very painful) to engage with the website, with his learning step by step. To date, should be about 1 years, I think it’s basically ten hours a day, with a new website with a new blog, to the webmaster nets, Adsense stand, stand behind the site of the previous learning experience, are doing more tired than cow, believe that the webmaster have the same feeling with me, too tired to dry, now it is rewarding, at least some basic knowledge, understand the network domain name, space, has the understanding, also has a clue on the website. By the end of 08 this year, I’ve been thinking about how to innovate, how to transition, and make the best websites with the least amount of labor.

do tired, hard work, and all day at the computer, watching propaganda website, maintains a website, webmaster, have not found, although a harvest, but on the other hand, weilibiweibi, spent most of the time, but also the lack of communication with the outside world, gradually becomes the network of the puppet (oh, exaggerated). Believe that the webmaster, most of the site, is to make money, but think about it, in the money at the same time, if found himself less of what, I did a year webmaster, gradually have to wake up, do not indulge, now want to understand innovation.

in my opinion, with the development of the site, there must be many webmaster pay attention to this point, in short, we strive to seek innovative ways to do the new era of webmaster.

do need is perseverance, recoge, only to pay only the return, a step by step and do stand, innovation, believe that success will come, I wish the webmaster flow rising


above is some of my personal ideas and opinions, purely communication

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