through the Internet in China nearly 20 years of groundless talk, especially the development of electronic commerce in the past ten years, has been the upcoming cloud computing and networking, the Internet is a huge gold deposit has almost become a social justice. According to the internet authority CNNIC "thirty-second China Internet Statistics Report", the latest data show that in June 2013 the number of Chinese netizens reached 591 million, and the number of websites reached 2 million 940 thousand in 2013. It can be said that now is the era of universal access to the Internet, almost every young people know how to get information on the internet. In the above mentioned 2 million 940 thousand website, the founder’s original intention in addition to their own interest or want to play a game of experience, a large part is to Denver in the Internet; many even if not for money, but for a period of time after their experience and see others succeed in the Internet, will make money the webmaster circle idea; there is a saying: "do not want to make money is not a good webmaster webmaster".

, today I share with you this article about profit operation class inspiration, in fact, I audit an open source program community on the operation of a class, in fact, lectures, but also the third party. And I as the old users of this program and senior developers, but also a thought to understand operation webmaster, actually this lesson for me but not essential, with a good heart will also attend the school, is also learning how to teach others. Which impressed me most is the interaction of many aspects of the class says his site is not how much profit is mainly because no money, no technology, no channels, no resources and so on, of course the lecturer answer is not particularly in use, of course lectures are small grassroots webmaster, many are novice.

The problem of

that the author today is mainly from the class students reflect to share with you what do you think of grassroots profit, from technology, capital, planning, channels and resources etc. to discuss respectively.


first, technology. Although now a common site is not the core technology, because the Internet is now among the various open source program is too much, so that a just understand the Internet if he does not know web development can also be an independent site. But if you really want your site to run and expect it to make money, you have to have your own features, and you have to do it at least two times, and even use the framework to write your own programs. For a person or a small group that may not put these words too much work subcontracted to the third party to do so, for the grassroots in terms of technology is indeed a problem, so it is necessary for grassroots grassroots team or the necessary technical reserves. But at the same time I also remind you that in the process of operation of the site do not overly indulge in technology, I have seen many new Adsense or even engage in a few years the webmaster, playing for a few years the site did not play what kind of reason is a lot; all day in how to get tangled template >

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