finds the value of a game

understand SEO webmaster friends all know, in the search engine, "small game" value and bubble Tong, Liuhe color, dance team, Lianliankan and other popular words are in the same grade. At present, Baidu although the small game, small movies, Liuhe color, exposed, candid camera and other words omitted in the list, but the "little game" has indeed become the most popular hot words in search engines. Although behind every popular vocabulary there are a number of typical sites, but in China really do own game site just a few small games (, 4399 games (, China games (, 456 games (, F133 ( small game), 3839 games ( etc..

according to the domestic Internet users search habits, "small game" a day also has a large number of spontaneous flow, many online friends will intentionally or unintentionally landing to "" this low-key site. Understand the "small game" website, although many people, but really understand webmaster Guo Haibin friend is less.

The year of

, many webmaster do site navigation like, Guo Haibin himself has done some very soon, however, he is prone to imitate or reform cannot fast striking on the Internet, often become self defeating handan. We are in the herd, to imitate hao123 for search engine with traffic, Guo Haibin is keen to feel that the popular vocabulary has the value of the flow in the search engine, as not too many webmaster resources, Guo Haibin chose to leveraging the search engine traffic route station.

in the face of various traffic temptation, decided to do the Guo Haibin website devoted to the analysis of a large number of search engines popular vocabulary, including "small game" and "small film", "small video" and "novel" and a series of words, combined with the characteristics of Chinese internet entertainment, Guo Haibin chose to do their own the love game "". Choose a goal, say yes, and for that reason, Guo Haibin is determined to spend money on the domain name

at that time, spent a lot of money to buy such a long three spell domain name, so many people surprised, but Guo Haibin domain name has its own understanding. Game site facing users often do not have a strong Internet application skills are not very high brand loyalty, want to play games for domestic users, was the first domain, in addition, also accounted for an absolute advantage in Chinese search engine ranking.


discovered the value of the game, Guo Haibin quickly built into a well-known professional tour in the country

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