society is growing faster and faster, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to promote their own business on the internet. Most of these enterprises are invited to understand the operation of a network management to lead, then how to do it, today about his own experience:

1 site location: when we choose a business, need a lot of attention to the understanding of the business and industry information, more conducive to the spread of the Internet, the audience is easy to do, such as Chengdu, septic tanks Qingtao, such as photography, these are people living services. Many potential customers. Then we spread it, and the natural benefits are better.

2 planning operations management, when we decide to start a company for promotion, we must first establish a web site. So we need a plan, how to design a website, how to configure the personnel, how to form, short-term and long-term need to reach what goal, need a written things as the action guide, then start recruiting, configuration, personally feel that the small and medium-sized enterprise is generally 1 to 2 technicians, 4 extension 1, the station editor, if necessary, can also recruit a SEO specialist, and operation management, about 10 people in general. Of course, according to the company’s situation, some companies are customer service systems and network systems or bundled with the market system, the number of people more.

3: because the Internet work personnel management more complicated, more things, so check the work is a problem, personal suggestions can be given according to the performance appraisal of the website ranking, you can also upload the log every day, every day to publish promotional information written to the log in, is a good choice, of course, every management method managers are not the same, according to the method of management of their own good.

4 conversion, many do website ranking, can be transformed into low, so we have to do a Baidu user experience, I am more affinity suggested interface, more cooperation successful cases of enterprises, which can greatly to transformation, and a little, one can take the initiative to invite the customer service system compared to the customers and direct communication. Greatly submit conversion effect

management in many aspects, here just published little of their own experiences, I hope you generous with your criticism.

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