more than one hundred words, ranging from a few words, the record is just a trivial life or is the subject of ridicule, but there are tens of millions of active users, over hundreds of millions of celebrities and popular grassroots bloggers fans, micro-blog hot can say many in the industry are almost including CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, the Sohu surprise. The micro blog in 2010 even elected well-known magazine "Southern People Weekly" person of the year, micro-blog this new communication tools, social tools are becoming more and more accepted by the public, the number of micro-blog users was unbelievable speed growth to a……

however, when you make your forwarding a hilarious piece or a set people thinking philosophy of life, you will realize that you have to help others to complete a part of micro-blog marketing, you play in the meager as well as some use micro-blog this platform to seek profits for marketing practitioners in micro-blog plaything. According to media reports, including the "joke" (the number of fans 3091529), "the best quotation" (the number of fans 2057299), "fashion classic" (fans of 1619518), a number of sina micro-blog ranking the highest in the roots of micro-blog are controlled by the Cai Wensheng smart mind Fujian, though in an interview with reporters, he denied the fact that even tried to distance himself from the relationship between the micro-blog marketing, but through the "joke" the first popular grassroots meager owner Yin Guangxu interview, we is not hard to find Cai Wensheng with others elusive power in the micro-blog arena in marketing, according to industry sources, controlled by Cai Wensheng’s micro-blog account has more than twenty million fans, the number of fans even accounted for more than eight users of micro-blog Sina One proportion, the profit earned by Cai Wensheng through micro-blog marketing, is equally unimaginable. But, in Cai Wensheng through the micro-blog marketing big fishing fishing, a day at the same time, many grassroots writers, micro-blog original intellectual property has been greatly damaged, their original text was repeatedly these so-called micro-blog promotion operators are shameless plagiarism, even some writers due out this micro-blog downhearted an undercurrent of rivers and lakes, ordinary users of micro-blog also had to face every day with implicit advertising micro-blog promotion, even many users do not realize that they have become a part of others for profit in the process of.

of course, the electric business district ( that we accuse and criticize Cai Wensheng through the manipulation of so-called "grassroots Hot Blog" in order to realize the control of micro-blog users as a means to seek profits at the same time, can also find many worthy of our network of entrepreneurs thinking, lessons from his success.

1, keen insight,

Unlimited business opportunities

Cai Wensheng at the beginning of the rise of micro-blog to realize this new social platform contains, he acquired the micro-blog account to have hundreds of thousands of fans spent only fifty thousand or so, and now with the micro-blog fire.

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