of the same type of commercial website, ranking why conversion rate is worse than you let you catch this down? Talking about everything from basic website structure, a real marketing website is not bound to the Baidu rankings, not even ranked as long as the introduction of traffic can still change. The above is only a brief description, below to see how to really build a successful marketing website.

first of all, we need to understand the significance of Internet marketing, the Internet is a special group, unlike entity stores, you sell things, naturally someone will buy. The Internet has a large amount of information, convenient and quick to query, and the user comes for one purpose: finding the answer. When looking for a standard answer, a website can provide better service, such as better applicability, availability, reliability and so on, then you can stand out and make the user feel good, resulting in marketing nature. Then, a marketing type website must integrate these 7 elements into the website, thus let the website have the marketing nature.

marketing web site 1: accessibility, availability, reliability,

can access, as web site can be opened normally as the premise, but also can open the hardware necessary, in the case of a higher increase open speed and make the user feel smooth access point that is open is a marketing site must have. As for how to speed up access to the site, not here to discuss, A5 forum has a lot of such articles, we can learn from reference.

content availability, in the speed access state, the user is eager to find the answer to the problem, the existence of the site is to satisfy the user’s query, in other words, to meet the basic needs of users. The answer must be authoritative and reliable to meet at the same time it relates to the reliability, reliable content that users believe that the first threshold of the site, if the site is a lot of content are useless garbage information, even before the two points to the extreme is also unable to retain users, not to mention marketing, this is very important, but how many SEOER do I? Understand the content is now a large number of SEO random copy reproduced, purely to do the content included regardless of the user, this kind of website is not too far away from death.

marketing website two points: ease of inquiry, desire, applicability,

for small sites, the core content is not much, important information directly displayed on the home page, there is no easy to check the problem, usually this problem exists in the medium and large sites. The user clicks on the link in the Baidu website, found that the site link is complex, the content is full of advertising website, allowing users to occupy the screen at a loss, this kind of website is clearly not in line with the easy to check.

so the desire of the reproduction and health, large and medium-sized site because the content is too much so according to the needs of users of content of the desire to divide the region more eager to the contents of the said more love and more important so users need to be very prominent position allowing users to see.

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