network for several years, a few years ago the network is indeed very good, but in the past two years to do quite unsatisfactory, Frederick network dispatched ten sins, for your reference.

a crime template and CSS do not meet the W3C standard, resulting in a lot of non IE browser on the phenomenon of dislocation.

two crime editor and JS file does not meet the W3C standard, such as fixfox browser, there is no way to edit the post.

three sins dropped. I’m afraid a lot of people will say this at this time, so the reason for the drop line, but why discuz rarely happen, don’t cover up your mistakes. Courseware download Forum previously used mobile network often drop line, never dropped after using discuz.

four sins special storage format is simply screwed up is used in projects, special 1| 2| 3 this form, so if we delete one topic, belong to behind the topic card all ran to the front of a project to go inside, I said you can’t use a table to store special topics.

five crime selling paste, special form of paste settings, really admire, actually use [usemoney=*] to sell content, [/usemoney] to sell paste, you think the forum is a programmer.

six sins can not filter complex content format, such as copied from word, or copied from other complex on the web, I have tested the whole of a web page is copied to the post box, and then open the post after the publication of IIS Guadiao, not to mention if a sale stickers set in the middle, the server immediately 100% CPU estimation.

seven sins buy sell storage method, storage method with the same subject, actually the user name of a stack up, and not think about when people buy a lot of time posting even open a drop-down menu contains all the buyers are not to mention the death card browser, then a list of name resolution a required server resources.

Storage method of

eight sins certified member of a certified member of the District, the same storage method with the topic, and then put it into the cache, when compared to the current user access to judge, but sometimes the background or foreground add name cache does not necessarily update the time, let alone a certified member of many. Still, you can’t store it with a special data table.

nine sins   update too frequently, and can not move, the entire program form are all updated, please first bug solved, say again, OK,.

ten sins, gas, old fans, fans, this we all idols are passive net gas, you say you still toss about

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