January 4th news, according to China’s YAHOO public relations director Tong Wang confirmed that China’s YAHOO will officially give up the development of 3721 and YAHOO assistant business development. Tong Wang said that China’s YAHOO’s "core business" in the future will be the e-commerce of life services". In the future, access to 3721.com and YAHOO aides and other pages will be directly jump to China’s YAHOO home page. At the same time, Tong Wang to Tencent science and technology confirmed that 3721 and YAHOO assistants will not be handed over to other departments of Alibaba in the future, which is equivalent to completely shelved. At present, the Chinese YAHOO’s home page has no YAHOO assistant or 3721 page entrance. And 3721 Internet assistants and network real name plug-ins have been unable to download from the official website.

actually 3721 was not called 3721, but even in the days when he was called YAHOO’s assistant, one could not forget that he had been called 3721, although he had changed a lot.

now, even the YAHOO assistant is gone. 3721 is really gone. I think an era is over.

use 3721 to represent an era of 3721 might be flattering, but it does represent a primary network era disorderly development of an era — an out of order, and no order. Many people have accumulated capital by that time, just like the primitive accumulation of capitalism. It can be said that the era of 3721 is the era of primitive accumulation of network capital, the use of network fanaticism, the use of loopholes in the law, the use of people’s childish. Now, 3721 is gone, an era is over. No sad at this time, only joy.

suddenly remembered Zhou Hongwei, Zhou Hongwei’s 360 security guard, like the transit of japan. 3721 Zhou Hongwei, Zhou Hongwei defeated Zhou Hongwei; the achievements of the 3721, Zhou Hongwei also buried 3721. It feels wonderful. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or an inevitability. I sometimes wonder, "what would happen to today if Zhou Hongwei didn’t raise the banner against rogue software,?"


world hypothesis, 3721 Internet destined to leave the stage, leaving a lot of right and wrong and pull clear of debt, such as the registration of the real name network customers.

I suddenly have an idea, the software is gone rogue, anti rogue software will be useful? Ha ha, of course, this is only my hypothesis.

3721 is gone, an era is over, and our tomorrow will be beautiful.


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