Many webmaster or

website editor, have a lot of updates in every day, in the face of site content updates and editors are often upset many webmaster, how to edit the content site for visitors to pay, how to carry out the deep processing of the article for visitors to pay into the station editor on the topic. This article through the verb, prepositions, modifiers, three kinds of thinking thinking, positioning the outline of the article, using suspense, metaphor, exaggeration, define the title, easy access to deep processing, easy to let visitors pay.

verbs, prepositions, modifiers,

this article directly to "how to use Baidu know to build enterprise efficient network marketing" case explained, this article is the author in 2011-08-14 15:40 respectively in the webmaster’s home and A5 for contribution.

, let’s take a look at the title of this SEO soft, "how to make use of Baidu to build an efficient network marketing

"The key to see how

is a preposition, use a verb, noun or noun for fixed Baidu know, to create a verb, noun or enterprise fixed term, belong to a kind of conversion rate (can be said that the rate of return on investment, can also be said to reflect the effect brought by the network Marketing). Belong to a special term.

just from the title "know how to use Baidu to create efficient enterprise network marketing channel readers reading the important use of the desire to" use "making the" efficient "enterprise network marketing to modified vocabulary.

headlines benefit from the "use", "build", "efficient" quickly to provide visitors with a suspense, practical skills, technical articles, actionable, manageable content of technical content.

whether light processing, deep processing, original, comprehensive, soft text type chapter. Verbs, prepositions, and modifiers are the most attractive outlets for a reader to buy a reading list.

three kinds of carrier thinking positioning article outline

then goes back to defining the title, triggering "about how to use Baidu to know how to build an efficient web marketing business"

simply alludes to the three browsing groups

from this title

is a rookie type, completely unknown, Baidu knows what, Baidu knows what can be done, Baidu knows strengths and weaknesses.

two is Baidu know what it is, and know how to do Baidu know marketing or other extension of the procedures, the need for a reasonable plan and can effectively monitor the operation of the whole evaluation system.

three is the highest for the rules of the game makers, that is the Baidu team, Baidu is known as Baidu itself one of the most vitality products represent, Baidu know is part of an open, interactive information platform, if you do not set the rules of the game, all Baidu >.

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