[core tips] want to maximize access to the value of fan economy, we must have to take care of the house, especially to resist the temptation of short-term benefits.

editor’s note: 1 years ago, the first time Lv Jinjie met in the Tencent open platform conference, when he was operating on Tencent open platform happy Amoy, an electricity supplier shopping guide platform. Not long ago I was "along the way you are", "happy camp", "you" and other platforms continue to see clearly the street brand appearance, I did not expect the 85 after the young man has been successfully transformed. After a long period of time, he who does not accept any media interview, and the protection of the delicate and low-key street this brand, this year he left the Tencent open platform to do their own independent APP clear street, in Yiwu for half a year, do a Taobao crown seller.

Lv Jinjie has gone through the Internet Chinese 3 important transformation period from the individual station, campus network and open platform to the mobile Internet, he began to continue to start from the first wave of social Chinese is undergraduate, application developers, the first batch of large fans, is also the first to do a number of people in a mother Taobao guest.

has accumulated 4, 50 million users from personal webmaster era 2 million UV to the campus network era, to Tencent QQ space of 50 million fans, then to 1 years for delicate Street accumulated 40 million users, the "+" financial mathematics professional young entrepreneurs have a unique thinking of user operation. This article is clear street CEO, Lv Jinjie’s own user thinking.

personal Adsense era: read flow logic, pry into product thinking.

I was born in 1986 and went to college in 2003. I started the Internet business in college in 2004. At this time of entrepreneurship, mostly do personal grassroots webmaster. From undergraduate to research one, I did 4 years personal adsense.

personal webmaster period exercise experience is, a web site, from domain name, virtual host, CMS, code to operation and maintenance, SEO, make money, all of these processes have to do it by yourself.

personal webmaster no product thinking, but also because of the flow distribution mechanism, determines the individual owners "speculation" in the pursuit of the main flow. In order to make it easy for Baidu to search you, a person even has to do more than a dozen to dozens of websites, forming a station group. I’ve done Olympic propaganda, Chinese English websites, movie websites, and all kinds of content. From QQ group, Baidu Post Bar attracted more traffic. Do dozens of websites every day, totaling 2 million UV.

The biggest flaw in the process of

is that you can’t focus on the user because you need to spend 95% of your energy on the details and steps, and the real product may have only 5% of the effort involved. At that time, 300 thousand of the individual owners, the success of today’s transition to a small number

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